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    Advice - should I have to pay?

    I sent my horse on full working livery, he is nappy and rears and wanted the professional to push some buttons and then I go back to him for lessons on how to deal with it. I said to him - I don't expect you to hand him back to me cured, I just want advice on how to deal with him. Without...
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    Any Viszla experts on here...?!

    Looking to get a Viszla so looking for advice. Very forward planning, not looking for right now but later in the year, maybe next year. ..! We are looking for a KC reg bitch, who is from a strong working line as she will be worked and I would love to do FT with her but also want to do some...
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    How do I stop her grazing?!!!!

    HELP!!! I have a small breeds lurcher, she has a good appetite for a lurcher. She grazes, I mean she eats anything and everything that her little snout comes across. poo (any kind, not fussy) edible stuff, non edible stuff, so far (furiously touches wood) nothing major or dangerous, no...
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    For all of you struggling with ulcers...

    I just have to write a massive thumbs up post about Protexin Acid ease!!!! I'm a bit fan of the normal protexin and it works really well for my boy (ex racer, bought from the tack at 6, now 10. Events) recently I have been playing around with some of the supplements on the market for actually...
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    Bareback saddle pads? Thoughts?!

    Does anybody have/use one? I have been thinking of getting one with mixed reviews...? And are they only any good for hacking in or do you school in them? I have a good saddle that fits but I would like to improve my seat, horse is abit untrustworthy to work without stirrups for any period of...
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    Meet Tink the naughty lurcher puppy! And give me lurcher tips!!

    Meet Tink my naughty lurcher puppy!! She is everything I don't like in a puppy, independent, chases cats, car sick, has more of a screw you (if anything) response when you call her as opposed to the usual puppy type this is more more minute...version Anyway. This is her...
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    Decanter baby update

    My Decanter baby is now 8 weeks old!! 😮She has a name (Didi) has a posh name - either Divine Debutante or Divine Intervention depending in which one is available. She is an angel..!! We had a little trip to three counties show and she barely put a hoof wrong all day!! She came home...
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    Question - Protexin Pro-Kolin for foals

    I have ordered one on eBay and it has come, on the weight guidelines it says indicated species - dog (sounds self explanatory!) but it is an asterisk rather than a notice as such, have I got the wrong one or is it just with reference to the weight/amount guidelines?! It also says companion...
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    My gorgeous Decanter baby :))

    My mare delivered a GORGEOUS palomino filly last night! Absolutely over the moon, she is exactly what I ordered!! Has a thin white stripe and a splodge of white on her thigh!! - very blingy!! Can't link pics on my phone so hoping the link to the album works...
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    Fussy eater/weight gain/feeding oil

    I have a fussy eater, currently on one Stubbs scoop bailey cond nuts, 1/2 Stubbs scoop Alfa A oil and protexin (for 2 months) 2x daily He won't eat a wet feed such as A&P c&c or fast fibre (including sugar beet!!) Considering feeding him oil, 1)which one? 2) could it affect his weight...
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    Stupid question!! Horse walkers and the rain

    Do you put rugs on your horses when you put them on it in the rain?! I know it's a silly question but I have never used one in the rain before....! :O If it affects the answers it isn't covered and is post and rail on the outside, well maintained ie I wouldn't imagine a rug getting caught...
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    Self indulgent cool cat post..!

    Now that there is a safe place for a cat lady to post thought I would share my cat and his tricks!! :D We'r working on fetch but not getting very far with that...! What else can I teach him?!
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    Because I reckon there are some sneaky cat people in here...

    Check out my clever cat!! :) Hopefully will make you smile!!
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    Reviews of Wahl 'Avalon' clippers

    Hi all! I used some of these a couple of weeks ago and thought they clipped amazingly well, seemed really powerful compared to mine. How do they hold up to work? I have liveryman harmony clippers at the moment which I LOVE but bless them they are starting to give out and can't clip...
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    First off, I want to apologies as I can't get pics!!! On my phone and don't have access to a comp! Sorry guys!!! Next I have to apologies that I never introduced Daisy formally! Anyway, mum bought herself a little treat in the form of a mini wire haired dachshund a couple of months ago, has...
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    Stallion suggestions :)

    This is the wife - last year - couple of years ago - 15.3/16h, TB By Duca Di Busted - pedigree HERE She can be sharp so calm temprement is necessary and would like to improve her movement. Looking for - 16.1-16.3 sport horse, Pref 50%TB. must be proven in competition or progeny...
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    If gun dog training had a bible..?

    What would it be?!! (Genius Christmas present idea but don't know which to get) :)
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    RSPCA/news story why are the RSPCA so far from what they are MEANT to be doing?!! I agree with the majority of the comments on there that although it was really stupid, (!!!!) the woman had...
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    Nice article about the new forest round up
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    Jump trainer 30 min drive from Hartpury College, Glos.

    I need a jump trainer within 30 mins of Hartpury college. recommendations please!!!
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    Hit me with your best cures for horses that WILL.NOT.DRINK at competitions

    My horse will not drink at competitions. Im careful with his electrolytes and he SEEMS to manage (but how do you know when you dont know what he's like hydrated?!:confused:) I wet his hay/lage and give him a sloppy feed or two to get what little water I CAN get in at the comp. This weekend a...
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    recommend me a budget friendly bridle

    Ideally in order of importance - padded headpiece Black Grackle noseband less than £50 :)
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    a ho hum Burnham Beeches

    better sit down, its a long one!!! Well, due to go Burnham Beeches BE100 on Sunday, lorry broke down on Saturday close to home, got repaired then it miraculously fixed itself on the way home and recovery man had to undo temporary repair...which meant theoretically the lorry was no longer...
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    A friendly game of 'who can find the worst dog ad'

    browsing for my next imaginary dog I have stumbled upon some beauties today so thought I would share them!! this one smells like trouble... and this one...I dont know whether to...
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    tips for dressage writing :)

    any of you dressage writing moguls?! doing my first stint and have never done it before, have ridden above the level Im writing for and have ridden the test Im writing for so I will understand what they are talking about but could do with some insiders tips! :)
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    Ticket collection

    Hi All, Can anybody find any info about ticket collection at Greenwich? ie - times the ticket collection place is open & where it is.
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    Laws on qualifications to teach?

    Are there any laws surrounding qualifications to teach (riding) and insurance?
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    ideas wanted for making a bit of 'pocket money'

    I have eBayd everything short of the cat, so to save him from a bubblewrap fate please could you give me some ideas for making some pocket money?! :) already work full time, open to all suggestions :D
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    when do I get my entries refunded?

    as the title. When will I get my money back? what are other people's experiences?
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    rider fitness - do you/how do you fit it in?

    as title, those with 9-5's and a horse on the side do you manage to fit in personal fitness? if so what do you do/how often/when etc Im keen to get fit but at the moment about 4 weeks have passed where Iv thought 'Il start next week' next week comes and Im just as busy as last week!! :(:eek...