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    Sold horse trailer

    What are the problems with it? Things like that are sold as seen. I presume they gave it a good going over themselves?
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    Burghley is cancelled

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    Tail Guard

    Have you tried travelling without? My mare would rub her tail on the back bar so the tail guard or bandage would slip down. Exposing a lovely loo brush look at the top. I tried travelling without anything and she didn't rub. I worked out she was rubbing her tail in an attempt to remove the...
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    CheVal Liberte Minimax Trailer?

    That comment was from 6 years ago now so more than likely things have changed.
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    I think it's purely down to everywhere being run on minimal staff due to Covid. Everything is delayed as a consequence.
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    Kerbweight Vs towing capacity

    I tow my Cheval Liberte trailer with a Kuga. Trailer weight is 860kg. My horse is 570kg so a bit under what you would be towing. I find the Kuga a great car to tow with, never had any problems.
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    Riding after hysterectomy

    Sorry to resurrect your old thread. I'm wondering how your hysterectomy went? I'm about to have the same myself. Hope your recovery was straight forward and you were back riding promptly.
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    Best plastic mounting block

    I have a set of caravan steps which I place on the trailer ramp when mounting. It then becomes the equivalent of 3 steps...
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    Selling a trailer

    Sell it as it is. I sold my old "2003" model Cheval a few years ago on Ebay. Started bids at 200 quid and had a lot of interest. It needed 2 new panels, gas struts and quite a few other bits. I advertised it with all the repairs that were needed and actually stated that I felt it wasn't fit...
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    What Disinfectants Do People Use?

    I use this neat in a spray bottle. Smells lovely.
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    Question for those who borrow transport...

    I would never lend my trailer to anyone. Not after I saw a horse kick the granny out of one at a show. Someone on my yard was recently put out as I refused to let them borrow it just to practice loading their fruit loop horse. I'd only ever transport someone's horse in an emergency or the odd...
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    ‘Novice’ getting first horse!

    You sound like you're going in with your eyes wide open. As you have the support network and will be on full livery I would take the plunge. There's never really a "right time" to buy a horse. I take it you have been doing things like mucking out and grooming at the riding school? Turning out...
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    Head shaking at end of a hack

    My mare does this when she has sweat around her ears or a sweaty face. Could it be that?
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    Bedsoft Shavings

    I use the Bedsoft Bio. (pink bag) Fab Stuff! Moved to a new yard and they don't allow straw bed and personally hate shavings. It's very absorbant, so easy to muck out. I semi deep litter for approximately two weeks. Wouldn't use anything else now.
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    Travelling question

    Funny this should come up as I'm currently discussing with friends about towing over the QE2 bridge into Kent and back through the tunnel. Ive got no issues towing anywhere but the thought of that bridge and that tunnel scare the hell out of me. Completely irrational but I'm glad it's not just me!
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    Managing a straw bed

    I used to semi deep litter my mare on straw every winter. Absolutely loved it! Remove the dung, leave the wet and keep topping up with clean straw. I'd get through the same amount of straw as anyone else on my yard who took wet out every day. It'll end up as a thick compact matress. If you do...
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    Kent and masters saddles.

    I have one. Though I've had it 8 years from new. Lovely fit on my mare. I had the gullet changed a couple of times as she's changed shape over the years. I also find it very comfortable. We mainly do fun rides and hacks so can be in the saddle for up to three hours at a time.
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    Sycamore - any data about seedling size?

    You can get them tested.
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    Rockley Rehab Reunion Ridgeway Ride Report

    Just fabulous! Really lovely.
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    Towing Vehicle Advice

    I have a Ford Kuga AWD Auto and bought it for towing and as an everyday car. I tow a Cheval Liberte double trailer at 870kg One horse weighing 570kg. Plus tack etc. It tows very well, don't even notice the difference to when I'm not towing. Very pleased with my set up, so much so...
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    Horse has really bad dandruff!

    I personally think rugging him in a medium weight full neck 24/7 is the problem. Especially as he isn't clipped! I would try without rug for a while.
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    anyone else moved to winter turnout (on a livery yard)

    Not yet! You have my sympathies however. We get the odd whinger at our yard, moaning about the "lack of grass" and then mud when we get wet weather! Our winter turnout is basically a mud paddock so there's no grass there anyway. I do wish people would keep their mouths shut sometimes! It does...
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    Reins with loops on?

    Do you mean Alice Reins?
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    Pleasure ride - Would you go?

    I would take him without a doubt. 11 miles is nothing in the grand scheme of things, so long as you're not trying the gallop the whole way. Is the person going on the ride? Some people really underestimate "fitness".
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    Car shopping.. Ford kuga? Towing

    I have a 64 Kuga and tow my 16hh in a Cheval trailer which is lightweight. Absolutely love the car. This is actually my second Kuga, the previous one was a manual. I find the current one, an auto, much smoother and easier when towing. I hardly notice the difference when I'm towing and when...
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    What do I do about dirtbikes on Bridlepath?

    Oh I certainly have had experience of this! I live opposite a Country Park and there were often dirt bikes being ridden all over the paths and fields. Completely trashing the ground not to mention the noise from these bikes was horrendous. So much so that it began to really get to me, making me...
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    Cheval Liberte trailers? (Yes, another trailer thread from me)

    I have a Cheval and I love it! I needed a lightweight trailer as I have a Ford Kuga so this was my reason for specifically going after a Cheval. They do seem to be like hens teeth second hand. So nice to tow. Horse travels very well, better than in my previous Richardson trailer. As for...
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    A very special baby budgie

    What a lovely story. I love budgies. How cute they are, especially the baby.
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    Horse ate whole lickit, should i be worried

    My mare gets through one of those things in five minutes. She only gets one as a very occasional treat. She'll be getting a banana one on Christmas morning. Really don't know why I'm bothering as it won't keep her occupied for long! I'M yet to meet anyone who says their horse just licks at them...
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    Trailer problems

    My mare was rather stressy when travelling when I first got my previous trailer, a Richardson. She would call out, particularly when I'd stopped at lights or junctions. She was also a bit sweaty when we got to our destination. I tried my friends trailer, a Cheval, and she was fine! We narrowed...