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    Scottish BE Peeps - Auchinleck cancelled :(

    Really really disappointing for everyone but especially the organisers. Don't know when, if ever we are going to get the horse above Intro at this stage!! Does anyone know of any other competitions this weekend in central scotland/borders region - eventing/SJ/dressage even!!!
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    What is a TCN class in British Eventing??

    Thanks K!!! Of course you knew!! Doesn't seem to be very easy to find in the rule book though. It is getting more and more complicated with regard to eligibility and qualifications - or maybe I am just getting too old to keep up with it all!:o:)
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    What is a TCN class in British Eventing??

    just as title really - can't seem to find it in the rule book?? Just being lazy as I am sure someone on here will save me the search - thank you!!!:)
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    Burghley x-c scores today

    Thanks!! Have watched some rounds and it seems to be riding quite well despite all the retirals and eliminations. However some big names out including Clayton and Mary King. Also quite a few that have completed in 2010 and 2011 so definitely not a walk in the park! Just wish we could watch...
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    Burghley x-c scores today

    Sorry - make that 8 out of 14!!:rolleyes:
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    Burghley x-c scores today

    Well can only see live scores - but must be challenging!!! Anyone know what happened to Oli T, WF-P, Emily L etc?? Only 8 out of 13 starters have got round so far!:confused:
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    Burgham - course inspection

    ''Does anyone else find it a bit of pain in the what-not having so many websites where you 'might' find announcements of inspections etc.'' __________________ I agree with this - no idea where to look first so have multi -multiple tabs open trying to keep up to date.:( Could be a more...
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    Burgham - course inspection

    Oops - sorry - didn't realise you were not an eventer!!:o
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    Burgham - course inspection

    Facebook /Tanya Adamson, and now on BDWP Burgham page
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    Burgham - course inspection

    Friday 'off' (but might run Monday), Sat and Sun going ahead!! They must have read my post above!!:rolleyes:
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    Burgham - course inspection

    Well whoever is saying it , it probably isn't verified, and in my opinion, it shouldn't be the case. The facts are that the Saturday and Sunday are the 'proper' event as scheduled. The Friday was added on as a very kind gesture to BE and competitors because Aske had to cancel. Therefore...
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    Anyone going to Burgham?

    Any update from those in the area?? Weather forecast was dire for the Alnwick area and for Lothians and borders, but we are East Lothian and the rain has been off for a while, so am hoping the forecast was wrong!!!
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    Swollen legs? Virus? Steriod Injections (also in Vet)

    Hi We have had this happen - and it was eventually diagnosed as Lymphangitis caused by an insect bite!! That was a few years ago and the bite itself was on the side of the horse, just behind the girth. It took a few days after we saw the bite for the legs to swell, and it started with the...
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    Arena Hire in East Lothian?

    PM me - I can maybe help with our arena near Haddington - and have other contacts who could maybe help.:)
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    Cumwhinton Horse Trials 2012

    Great news!!! Now ............ all we need is goodish weather to make sure it can go ahead!!!:rolleyes::D
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    Watching Kentucky 2012

    Thanks K - should I try a different IP address then? not very good at this!!
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    Watching Kentucky 2012

    help !!! - have gone through the Foxyproxy thing, but still says 'not authorised for GB'. :eek: What am I doing wrong? After I have loaded it all and then pressed closed - instructions then say open website. Does that mean Usef Network, or FEI TV - and should it be on the same...
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    Badminton and rain.....

    I am going this year - and the only other time I have been was the year Ian Stark and Jaybee won - late 90's??? It absolutely tipped it down from the start of Dressage to the end of the Show jumping.:):mad: We were staying in a VERY small B & B having driven from Scotland. No drying...
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    Grand National so many failed to finish!

    I SSSOOO agree with you!! I do think it is the number of runners that is the problem IMHO - the horses (and riders) get anxious by being crowded, and there are some very tight turns and very large fences!!! Am no expert , being an eventer at heart, but how many of our Badminton riders would...
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    Scottish guys - Duns Castle HT/Team XC

    Thanks FJ - Will hopefully be there with the old and new one!!! See you there. Was great to see you at the weekend!:)
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    Olympia- red button....

    ''If you have internet coverage from bbc website , do as I have and run it thru pc into tv-costs nothing!!'' That is if you have enough Broadband speed to run it continuously on the internet!!! We don't have that OR Sky!!! GRRRR. I wish they would SAY that it is not 'freeview' red button...
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    Playback Sports - any contact?

    Thanks Scotslad. Well - am very unimpressed. I haven't had any response to my emails and messages. If they have so many orders surely it makes good business sense to get in some more help to process them quickly. As it is, there will be a lot of disgruntled people who won't give them a good...
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    Survey - Tendon and Ligament Injuries

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    Playback Sports - any contact?

    I am trying to get hold of them too with no luck! Does anyone know if they were the company doing DVD's at Blair this year? Had hoped to get video for daughter for Xmas - doesn't look hopeful:( If it wasn't Playback at Blair, does anyone know who it was? Many thanks
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    Albion K2 Jump Saddle

    I noticed there is one on Horsequest - Black . Go to saddlery, about 2/3rds of the way down the list of jump saddles. Or type ref No 40478 into the search box!:) Not sure about the width - says it is D width?:confused:
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    Hopalong and FigJam's day of firsts!

    WOW FJ!!!! You and Hopalong are looking fabby!!! Good to see you back out competing - and SOOOO successfully!!!!!. Life has been very dull without your reports! Looks like you are going to take the dressage world by storm this season!! Do hope you are heading towards the eventing next...
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    The Monart Sale - event horses

    Having picked up the Gorsebridge sale catalogue at an event last week I would say there was much more of interest there the following week. Wish I could go!!! Some seriously nice eventers on offer - but haven't the money to spend anyway.:mad::(:D...
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    Tim Stockdale - fall and fracture

    What a terrible thing to happen. I have a lot of admiration for Tim Stockdale, and do hope that he recovers quickly and that it is not as serious as it may sound. Best wishes Tim
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    apache sauce

    She wasn't held on course with Apache Sauce. Fence four was very technical with an upright brush, doubling back 180degrees to a very narrow brush corner. There was a longer route which most took, but Mary tried the short route, and it didn't happen for her. She retired straight away. :(...
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    Field mats in gateways / pathways

    If your gateway is in the corner of a field, try putting a 'right angle' of electric fence round the gate. Keeps the horses away from the gate, and they tend to spread out around the two sides when waiting to be fed/come in. We usually start with about 15m x 15m of fence. Then if they poach...