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    Zoe Davidson. So humbled and so proud.

    If you had to go , go with a double .RIP
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    Well done Tweseldown

    So Tweseldown held their BE event. We ran today and in many ways it was an improvement on the general BE norm. The holding ring before the show jump warm up .WHY has no one done this before . It worked so well. I went in duely wearing my gloves ,with an added splash of disinfectant and set poles...
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    OK so my supplier tells me that black haylage is OK .

    Not my supplier ,but my friends. The haylage was rank! I took a look ,having made a few hundred tonnes of the stuff in the past. The moisture content was through the roof and the lower surface of the bale had soil contamination . Clearly the stuff had been baled and then caught in a thunderstorm...
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    Why you shouldnt wear noise cancelling headphones on a Bridlepath.

    So there we were having what passes for a quiet hack with Bob notacob . As with all irish Draughts ,Bob is delusional and prone to whims and flights of fancy. At the time in question he was full steam ahead believeing he was the uss Iowa , most powerful battleship ever built. Suddenly a figure...
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    Bad thing turned into a great thing today!

    Today I went to the Frensham Sponsored ride. When I arrived at the secretarys tent I suddenly realised I had lost the money for Diesel (full tanks worth in a 7.5 tonner , you can guess I was upset)Whilst I was franticly checking my pockets a message came over the tannoy . Some money has been...
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    BE world in shock

    :) The ladies on the XC warm up at Chilham not only had the riders in their allocated order ,but also on their times(to the minute) this afternoon. Wow well done ladies .
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    Horses with eye cataracts .

    Any experiences and views on treatment Please? PS dont panic its not Bob,just another rather nice horse.