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    Allergic reaction

    Does this sound like an adder bite? Horse presented with mass swelling- face was the same width all the way down, could hardly open his eyes, lots of swelling around chin grove area and muzzle. Two hot mass swellings behind forearm, swollen sheath and a large swelling under belly. Generally a...
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    Barefoot- best time of year to transition

    I'm finally biting the bullet- when is the best time of the year to transition from shod to barefoot? I'm thinking September/early October time when the ground is still fairly firm but with some give in it - We're in the West of Scotland so we're pretty much always wet! Basically mine has been...
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    Would you stay at a yard if

    …it suited your horse’s needs in terms of turnout but had a plethora of other issues? Without writing war a peace, I knew this yard was quite a difficult yard mentally to cope with before I went to it. As an ‘older me’ I thought I would manage it. Which I can, in terms of direct actions and...
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    A fitted hi vis tabard with pockets

    Looking for gold dust it seems. Can any one recommend one please. The main thing is pockets as I need to keep car fob and phone on me. The one I have is padded and far too warm just now! I really like the look of the fitted Equisafety ones but unfortunately I’m not a fan of the ‘polite’ at...
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    Casual Dressage - clothes

    Just checking I’m thinking along the right lines here! A neighbouring yard is running a small dressage event. They are realtively ‘old fashioned’ and Bhs approved, also on various judges panels. On asking the dress code, they said casual but correct. Horse is to be in the correct tack. So...
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    Thorowgood/k&m saddles or something else

    What are your personal thoughts and experiences with either Thorowgood or Kent & Masters saddles? Particularly the dressage models. I first tried a Thorowgood back around the mid 2000’s when they first brought them out and really disliked them. I felt tipped forward and really far off the...
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    Smelly haylage

    Probably a bit of a trivial problem... I’m not bothered by horse ‘smells’ or farmy ‘smells’ and I’m in no way precious about anything like that at all, however I have came across a rather frustrating issue. One of the horse’s in the barn area where my horse is stabled is the only one in our...
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    Trailer maintenance price

    Before I send a message, can anyone with a trailer tell me how much you pay or would expect to pay for a general once over of a trailer to check everything’s okay and then greasing of the bearings. Trailer is a fairly knew ifor williams (new style). Sorry being a bit vague, just feel I’ve been...
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    Where do you go for a canter?

    It seems as though we are coming across less and less places to canter, whether that be because land has been taken over or people are just ruining it, I don’t know. But where do you go for a canter? Obviously not in the throws of Winter with wet ground but when the ground is suitable? Not quite...
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    General query about yard service

    Just a general musing here really and wondered what other places do. If you’re on a medium-sized(approx 20/25 horses) yard which has services and has an employee to fulfill services what happens during public and bank holidays? Do you still get services provided by a stand in? If not, do you...
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    Buying safety wear

    Surely if you were to buy a new riding hat it should come in some kind of box or bag? Not just handed over as it is. Or have we done away with that much packaging that this no longer happens? It’s been a while since I’ve bought a new riding hat but I’m a bit perplexed and in two minds as to my...
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    Isabelle Werth Dressage Saddle

    Has anyone ridden in these? What are your thoughts? I have ridden in a new style Wintec and found it very sore(!) and I wondered if these are the same tree as Wintec or slightly different. I’ve had a google search and they seem to be a bit like marmite.
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    A bit of a silly question- hoof boots

    I think the answer to this is yes however I thought I should ask here as there is always a fountain of knowledge on this forum. My horse is only shod in front, barefoot behind. He manages very well this way however I occasionally ride on very stoney tracks with large stones. Could he wear hoof...
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    Freelance insurance

    As we are in the culture now of ‘where there’s blame, there’s a claim’ I’m wondering what sort of insurance a freelancer would require? Many moons ago I used to care for a friend’s horses on her private yard. No riding, purely yard duties and bring in/turn out general check overs. I’m now going...
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    Fairfax bridles

    Does anyone have one of these? They’re extortionate! I’m not adverse to paying good money for good quality but every time that I’ve seen one, they just don’t seem to suit the head of the horse it’s on. I have a saddle fitter on faceache who posts them when she’s ‘fitted’ them and I’ve not seen...
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    Boxing Day/New Year Sales

    If anyone hears of or knows of any good sales? I’m in need of a 200g liner to fit a Horsewear rug A new girth, nothing overly fancy but good quality A pair of riding boots for every day riding. Again not extortionate as I wouldn’t want to wear them! But good enough quality to last.
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    Tell me about straw beds...

    Have i lost my mind even considering swapping to straw?! I love wood pellets. But I like a big bed so equally I love shavings. This year though finances have been a bit tight and i could do with making a saving somewhere. Our lot are now only out 4 hours per day so a lot of time is spent in the...
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    Length of turnout time

    As poll title. Please only respond if you are on DiY, Assisted/Part or Full livery. How much turnout does your horse get per day at this time of year? Thank you
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    Mane regrowth

    So done to death I'm sure but what does everyone recommend for mane regrowth? I've addressed diet- he was insulin resistant and what I thought was sweet itch was probably due to having excess sugars in his body. So the diet has been addressed for almost 2 years. Hoof quality, etc all fab but he...
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    Hay and insects

    I don’t really know what to title this as I don’t know what they are. Very very small white insects of some sort, as small as a grain of salt are residing on my hay 🤮. I probably wouldn’t have noticed if I didn’t have the misfortune of wearing a very bright LeD head torch the other night whilst...
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    What is a ‘bad’ arena?

    As per title, what is a bad or unsuitable arena in terms of surface? I’m trying to hire out a local arena as I feel my Yard’s arena is unsuitable for most but interested to hear thoughts here to see whether I’m being unreasonable. It is roughly around 15-20years old so i appreciate its at the...
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    Mud spray

    I’m not sure if I’m imagining this but I’m sure there’s a product out there that you spray on to clean legs and it sort of repels/prevents the mud from sticking to the leg. Or if it does stick it brushes off easily. Does anyone know what it is? For some reason I think it may be a brown label...
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    Liner systems

    Now that I’m in absolute love with Amigo rugs, I’m thinking of selling all my others and going down the liner system route. Can anyone tell me exactly how they attach to the rug? Is it only a loop at either side of the neck? And then a chest fastening. Are PE, Rambo etc liners all the same fit...
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    Covid and Show rules

    I’m really struggling to get my head around what can and can’t be done for shows in Scotland due to Covid-19. Probably as I’ve not really followed it that closely as I had never had any plans of going out this year. However there seems to be some crossed opinions and I’d like to know what is and...
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    How many of you DON’T vaccinate?

    I’m getting a bit of cold feet. I’ve vaccinated every year since my guy was 3. He’s now 18. We done it purely as it was the ‘done’ thing at the livery yard and we had to to be able to compete at area level. He is an EmS laminitic and came down with the worst laminitis 2 years ago. Recently I’ve...
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    Making your own chaff

    Okay so I appreciate I may have gone completely off my rocker. However. I have just had a hay analysis done on my lovely meadow hay which has came back with probably the best results I could’ve asked for. So. I feed simple systems chaffs which are basically just chopped Timothy grass/alfalfa...
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    Does anyone supplement with lysine on it’s own and what brand of it do you feed? I’ve just had a hay analysis back and it’s extremely low in lysine(perfect in every other way!)
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    Can you be registered with more than 1 vet practise?

    As the title really. It's been something I wondered for a while. I moved yard so my current vet practise is roughly about 30/40minutes away now, and my 'favourite' vet that basically saved my horse has moved down to the other side of the country (how dare he!) However it is solely an equine...
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    Anyone else’s changing their coat?!

    👀dare I ask? July has been pretty meh for us, the majority of it has been wet and overcast days. It would seem our summer is April/ May! I’m not ready for winter woolies yet though 😩
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    Reporting a farrier

    I’m interested to hear your thoughts on this and whether anyone has ever reported a farrier before. I thought about it at the time but there was just too much going on at the time and it was touch and go for my guy. After showing photos to a very highly thought of and knowledgeable lady and a...