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  1. Winters100

    Old girl has Cushings:(

    My poor old lady has been diagnosed with Cushings today:( Interestingly she did not have symptoms other than a slightly longer coat than the others, has always been alert and forward going, but due to her age, we have for the last few years tested each Autumn, and this year it is positive...
  2. Winters100

    Inflamed pancreas

    Hi, Has anyone had any experience of this in dogs? My 12 year old large mix (leonberger/ bernese mountain dog / german shepherd????) has refused to eat for the last 2 days, and this is the diagnosis. It seems really odd as, if I understand correctly, it would normally be associated with an...
  3. Winters100

    Strange comment from an instructor

    I have been cleaning tack all evening, and it reminded me of a strange comment that I heard last time I was in the UK. I took a friend's daughter to a local riding school for her first lesson. The place was fine, nothing amazing, but perfectly nice little ponies for a beginner. I was leading...
  4. Winters100

    Would you take offence at this?

    Just wondering how everyone else would view this situation. Today a fellow livery (actually new to our yard and a first time owner) told me that my horses are "too skinny". I totally disagree, they are fit, have access to hay 24 hours, and actually quite big feeds, but they do work, and I...
  5. Winters100

    ocular squamous cell carcinoma

    Anyone got any experience with this? One of mine looks like he might have it, have to wait for the opthamologist next week, but the vet says that it looks like it could be this. Would be good to hear of anyone whose horse has been through this surgery.
  6. Winters100

    Poor little shetland living all alone:(

    I am in the UK at the moment, and yesterday went for a walk as I was out of quarantine. I came across a lovely little shetty, his conditions were good, nice field, shelter, clean water, but he is living all alone. I know the owners from 30 years ago as I grew up living on that lane, and I know...
  7. Winters100

    Love my livery yard

    For years now I have had a secret desire to have the horses at home again, but this week has made me really see what a mistake it would be. I have had to leave the country at short notice to care for my Mother, and I cannot say how much I have appreciated the help I have received at the yard...
  8. Winters100

    Love my schoolmistress!

    My lovely schoolmistress may be getting a bit long in the tooth, but to me she is worth her weight in gold. Today we were cantering in the forest, not galloping as we sometimes do on the paths we know, but not hanging around, and fast enough that the 2 friends I was with could not hear me...
  9. Winters100

    Kicked by a horse who meant it!

    The phrase 'no good deed shall go unpunished' comes to mind about today. One of the other liveries at the yard asked me to remove the hoof boots from her horse. No problem for me, I have done it for her several times before. Today was somehow different. As I undid the velcro on the back boot...
  10. Winters100

    Anyone use a nebuliser for an allergy horse

    Hi, One of mine has unexpectedly developed allergies. He is 9 years, fit and strong, so it was quite unexpected. On the advice of our vet I have bought a 'flexineb' nebuliser for him, does anyone else have experience of this product? I would be interested to know whether you had good results...
  11. Winters100

    Hay steamers

    Hi, I am looking to buy a hay steamer. Anyone got any good advice? What features should I be looking for? Also are they a fire hazard? Any experiences good or bad? Thanks!
  12. Winters100


    Strange situation at our yard today and I am wondering what others would do. There is someone who keeps horses there who I would not really class as a friend, but certainly we are on friendly terms. He has a horse to sell and today was showing it to a lady who I know, again she is not a...
  13. Winters100

    My poor vet!

    I am having a run of bad luck with the horses, as usual everything happens at once! In the last 2 weeks the vet has been for a colic (of course on a Friday night), then on Monday one went in for a tooth removal which ended up as 3 teeth removed, another is coughing so today we have to take a...
  14. Winters100

    Love having 'grown up' ponies who know their jobs:)

    Today I rode my ponies after they had had a month off while I received treatment for an injury. I have to say that I am now an even bigger fan of having calm ponies who know their job. Even though they have done nothing for a month none of them put a foot wrong. Not spooky or silly, just did...
  15. Winters100

    Exercise dilemma

    Hi, I am in an odd situation and am at a loss as to what to do for my 3 at present. Would appreciate any advice. I have 3 horses. 2 are very fit, the 3rd was bought recently, but is already quite fit. All sane and sensible. About a month and a half ago I had a fall and broke my hand. A silly...
  16. Winters100

    Not sure if it is 'time' for my old boy

    Hi, I would welcome some views on this. i am an experienced owner with 3 dogs, including one 'very old' boy, we don't know how old, but the vet said he was very old when we found him in the street 4.5 years ago. He has had a good life for the last years despite some serious medical conditions...
  17. Winters100

    Western saddles

    Hi, does anyone know about these? I tried it recently and thought it would be a fun way to exercise over winter. Any ideas of good quality but not totally crazy priced brands / websites etc. Thanks!
  18. Winters100

    Horse holidays Montana

    I am just wondering if anyone has ever done a ranch holiday in Montana? Next year will be a big birthday and I kind of feel like I should do things while I still can. Any pointers for good places? I don't need a lot of luxury, but reasonably comfortable with nice horses and some faster...
  19. Winters100

    Would you loose school 3 at once?

    Hi All, I am trying to figure out a good way to quickly exercise 3 horses without riding. 2 are very fit, 1 is in progress, and they are all turned out together. Unfortunately I am off games with a broken hand, probably for 2 months, and since I will be reliant on getting lifts to the yard my...
  20. Winters100

    Too fat?

    Hi All, I would appreciate some advice on this. I will be looking after this horse for some months for a friend who has to return to the UK to care for her sick Father. He was moved to the yard where mine are today and she has asked me to treat him as my own and do as I think best. To me...
  21. Winters100

    Avulsion fracture in hock

    Anyone had any experience of this? In particular how the rehabilitation period was post surgery and what was the outcome? It is the result of a paddock injury to a horse that I sold, but as the owner is abroad and unable to come to him, he has asked me to take care of everything. Horrible...
  22. Winters100

    Staying home as much as possible over Easter?

    Just wondering, who can say that they will be doing the right thing and staying home as much as possible over Easter? Visiting horses only if absolutely necessary, and if so doing only essential jobs as quickly as possible? It seems to me that the message of 'stay home as much as possible' has...
  23. Winters100

    Positives of more time at home

    Like everyone else I would far rather be out living my normal life, but I have found some positive things to keep me going. Would be interested to know what suggestions others have: 1. The garden. I am lucky to have a garden and have started to give it some proper attention. Broken down into...
  24. Winters100

    Geldings playing too rough

    Hi All, I am having a bit of a problem with my gelding who is playing too much with another in his paddock. They go out in a 3 with my mare, and she is calm and just pottering about. The problem is that my gelding LOVES to play with the other gelding who has always been our 'paddock mate'...
  25. Winters100

    Orscana - liking this product a lot

    In case anyone is thinking of getting one here are my thoughts on the Orscana. We are now using one on each horse, and I really like the product. It has given useful information, and although they are similar size / type and 2 years difference between them I see that the 2 horses react very...
  26. Winters100


    Hi, any Orscana users willing to share their top tips?
  27. Winters100

    Dealing with dangerous horses

    Hi All, I was asked by a friend about this and I am really not quite sure how to advise her. (Oh and yes, it really is a friend, my 2 are very calm and easy). So the situation is that a lady on our yard has one horse in work and another at grass in another part of the country. I know the horse...
  28. Winters100

    How long after hoof infection to shoe and how long before horse can go to paddock?

    Hi, My mare recently had an infection in her hoof. Nothing too serious. One day ridden and sound, the next morning lame even in walk. Vet came same day, removed shoe and 'excavated' in her hoof to release some grey pus. Farrier came next day to take off other shoes. Within 2 days she was...
  29. Winters100

    Maybe found a problem to water in paddock freezing

    I have found a product that just might work to keep the water in the paddock from freezing. It says it is good to -30 degrees. Sorry the link is in Polish but has anyone seen or used anything like this...
  30. Winters100

    Negativity at the yard:(

    Does anyone else have problems with other owners constantly telling them about every small problem at the yard? I am beginning to feel worn down by it and it makes going to the yard much less of a pleasure. I keep my horses on a yard which is far from perfect, and sure there are some things...