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    Best sight of the day was him getting up ....I hope he can come back to last seasons heights but mainly I’m just happy that he’s alive !
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    Cannabis oil ?

    Has anyone tried this with their dog ? I’m considering using it but I’d love to hear anyone else’s experience with it and if it helped ?
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    Who would have thought he could come back as a chaser ? What a horse !
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    My dog had a fit

    This morning my 3 year old kelpie had a fit, a full blown fit out on a walk. It might be a second one, a few weeks ago he had an episode which we weren’t sure about but that wasn’t the case today. Anyone with any experiences ?
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    Is it possible ?

    Just after some opinions on what might be a numpty question about female dogs attracting dog is very interested in a local gsd who apparently has been spayed but still regularly gives off the scent of a bitch in heat. Is this possible ? My dog is entire and has never shown any...
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    Thought you might be interested in the novice hurdle race at Kempton today, first run of precious cargo for Henderson and a winning one ! He was favourite so must be going well at home x
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    Worth waking up at dawn every time ! What a horse, the best ever ?
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    Ad over there >

    There is a mare for sale for £40 000 who doesn’t seem to have done very much ! Any takers ?
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    Surprised no one has posted about his race today, that was the most amazing flat race I ever seen and probably the best horse I have ever seen, just one could argue now that he's not the best horse in the world.
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    Old dog passing blood ?

    I have an old collie who has been unwell on and off for the last couple of weeks and I'm uncertain of what to do for the best with her? She's up and down, seems to be getting better and then worse again, can dogs have bowel cancer ? She has been passing blood some days, sometimes a lot...
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    Strange question....maybe for Levrier ?

    I am looking for a new dog and ideally want an adult/young dog who needs a new home. Always had collies and still have one but she's 16 and obviously slowing down. I live on a canal tow path and do a lot of walking and some running and so I want a dog that would be happy to run for an hour or...
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    Willie mullins ?

    Just musing after watching the racing yesterday and today, his horses are in a different league, the 4 winners were unchallenged and look more or less unbeatable. What's he doing that nobody else is ? Must be hard for the British trainers to know that come the big races they have no chance ?
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    vestibular syndrome ?

    Has anyone got any experience of vestibular syndrome in their dog ? My dog has had this for 4 days and any experiences good or bad would be much appreciated as I try to reach a decision on what to do ?
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    any experiences with pyometra

    My collie has pyometra and I feel guilty that I didn't notice anything until she was very unwell. Even with hindsight yesterday she seemed fine and I woke this morning to a very ill dog that went downhill by the hour. She never went off her food or seemed different in any way although I imagine...
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    Sprinter Sacre ?

    On a hopefully brighter point than the whip thread, He's back tomorrow, weather permitting....would be amazing to see that he's still invincible but I have my doubts. Any predictions ?
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    Dangerous Dogs Act

    Just read that the 6 month girl killed last week was attacked by an American Pitbull, no great surprise there, sadly. There seems to be more and more reports of serious attacks in the media and considering the act is now over 20 years old, it clearly isn't working. Surely more needs to be done...
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    Weight and coat loss ?

    Just pondering really as I'm not concerned but would love to know the reason for my dog's twice yearly cruelty case look ! She's a tall, black/grey/white collie with a coat like a husky, always healthy and lively but when she's casting her coat, as she is now, along with losing huge amounts of...
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    Long shot, house to rent ?

    Just wondering if anyone knows of any properties to rent, preferably Edinburgh area but anywhere considered. Need 2/3 bedrooms and grazing nearby, really need to move from where I am now, can't find anywhere suitable .....going a bit crazy here, anyone help ?
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    Hawick common ride tomorrow

    Anyone going ? If anyone fancies it we have a spare horse and no rider for him......bit late but worth a try. Must be an experienced rider, pm me if you are interested.
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    Let's be blunt .....

    Was going to reply on the national fatality thread but it's getting so bogged down with statistics that I thought I'd start another.... It is unimportant what the figures are, they are low, deaths happen, it's sad but it's part of owning horses no matter what they do. We breed horses...
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    Sprinter Sacre ?

    Just thought after all the doom and gloom national threads I would ask who is looking forward to seeing him this afternoon and is there anyone who can see him being beaten as he has to go further today ? For myself, I think he is in a league of his own !
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    Does anyone know Grace ?

    Just wondering if anyone knows a tb mare was/is known as grace, didn't have a reg name as unraced. She's approx 16 hands, middleweight, bright bay with a large cresty neck ! Sold a couple of years ago in the Edinburgh area and would love to know how she is now ...thanks if you can help
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    Speaking as an owner

    Been reading all the grand national threads and thought I would add my own experience as I was in the position of having a horse killed in a field who I replaced with a horse who was killed racing....which one did I feel guilty about ? That's easy, the horse that broke a leg in the field...
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    Poss numpty question about gsd's

    Apologies to anyone who has one but I was wondering whether it's possible to have a white gsd that is ok both temperament wise and physically ? To add to my numptiness, are they bred from 2 white parents or can they ever just appear in a normal colour litter ?
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    Anyone near Edinburgh and wants to ride ?

    Bit of a long shot but wondered if anyone lives near Edinburgh and fancied doing the Edinburgh Common ride this sunday as rider for pony has dropped out. Pony in question is very experienced, forward going but sensible but only 14.2 ish so rider must be lightweight. All day ride so you would...
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    Do western saddles have any value ?

    I have a decent western saddle doing nothing ...thinking about selling it but no idea where or what value, if any they have....can anyone help ?
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    Unwanted mating ?

    Does anyone know about treatment for a filly that has possibly been covered and definitly shouldn't have been. I believe a vet can inject to stop any pregnancy, how long after the event is that a choice ? Also can the filly get the injection just in case or does a pregnancy have to be...
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    Chances of a good home ?

    Has anybody any experience of trying to give away a horse free to a good home that's worked out ? I know all the dilema's surrounding this but can't think that's it's better to pts a healthy horse rather than give it a chance of a future. The horse in question is a big tb, 12 years old .....
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    trying to rehome a 5 month old jack russell

    Just wondering whether anyone wants a jack russell pup or knows of anyone else who might. He needs rehoming asap but only to the right home due to sad circumstances and the fact that if he dosen't go soon we won't be able to part with him ! He's tri coloured, small, well trained etc and very...
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    Cost of point to pointing qualification ?

    Can anyone tell me what is the usual cost of getting a point to point qualifaction from a hunt - or even more helpfully what it would cost to qualify 3 horses in the same ownership ? thanks hopefully !