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    Teaching children to ride in other countries

    From the thread from the lady with the pony on working livery and asking how her child should progress ........... How is riding taught to children in other countries. In Germany do they put 5 year olds on a large horse and lunge them until they develop "a seat" and then progress to very well...
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    Buying youngster for pro to produce

    I know this has been discussed before, but the youngster is currently quite desperate for a new home. It is very well bred dressage horse (aren't they all) with relations with nationally known riders and competing right now. I don't know why the current owner/breeder hasn't just advertised in...
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    Fly repellent - amazing!

    Yesterday my son put something onto his cattle as a fly repellent. Cattle get annoyed by and suffer from flies as much as horses and can get serious eye infections and other things, and you don't handle the cattle every day to spot it until it is bad, and then there is the problem of fetching...
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    America v UK

    Another post about the differences, but I thought this was quite interesting. I was recently discussing a book on a Facebook group and said that the phrase "the horse threw me" was very annoying, as in the UK I have never heard anyone say that - "I fell off," "we parted company" etc. because...
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    So what's different?

    Horse was lame last time I wanted to ride (now sound in the field) and I am feeling a bit weak, so instead of going on a hack I decided to ride in the field, as the cattle have been moved. So horse delighted to see the long, lush grass, so it was a bit of a tussle to start, but then we...
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    Shetland Performance Show, 10th/11th July

    The Shetland Pony Performance Show is due to be held on 10th and 11th July at the Three Counties Showground. Does anyone know if spectators will be allowed to attend?
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    Separation anxiety - again

    I know it has been discussed numerous times before - but. I have a 23 year old horse and a small companion pony. When I bought my horse as a2 year old I had another horse and if I wanted to go out for a ride I simply left him shut in the stable, and he seemed quite OK about this and never...
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    My terrier is 10 years old, but she has suddenly started to look old, her face has gone white. She has been fine, having a good run every day and being pretty active. She was fine one day, and then the next day had a limp, so I wondered if she had been digging at a rabbit hole and strained...
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    Dilemma - haircut or racehorse?

    I have been so looking forward to my hair appointment, made weeks ago. And then! The racehorse I have a miniscule share in is running at my nearest racecourse on the same day. The race is early so I won't be able to do hair and then go, the two absolutely clash. What do I do? Will my...
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    Spectators at BE events

    Our local British Eventing fixture is coming up. They usually have plenty of competitors but only a small handful of spectators, as most locals will either be competing, helping or volunteering as fence judges, etc. So when will pay on the door people be able to attend. I reckon there is...
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    Female jockeys

    Sad to hear of a serious accident to Lorna Brooke yesterday at Taunton, taken off in the air ambulance. Haven't heard any updates yet. She is an experienced jockey with quite a few wins. Marcus Armitage wrote an article in the Telegraph not long ago, really as a result of Rachel Blackmore's...
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    Worcester/Bromyard/Leominster Greenway

    There is a proposal to reinstate the old railway line as a multi-user route, from west of Worcester to Bromyard and then Leominster. They need as many people as possible to show support and there is a survey to be completed. This would be a wonderful route to ride as it covers the nicest...
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    I'm a Mug!

    I have shares in a couple of racehorses, one of those groups where you "own" about 3 hairs in its tail! It is well run and interesting. You have the "chance" to get to visit the trainer's stables and go to where they are in pre-training, well not this past year obviously. There are so many...
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    Might Bite has been retired

    All over the racing press today, Might Bite has been retired. Not surprised, but it is a shame that he lost his zest for racing. I think that sometimes a horse can have a tough race and lose confidence and find it is not as easy as they once thought it was. Can happen to eventers too, if they...
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    Where have I put the passport?

    Vet came last Monday. I remember looking at the passport to see the date for next year - but I haven't seen it since. It was only between the stable and house - so WHERE is it? I have looked in all the places it should/could/might possibly be. Help.
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    Separation anxiety - calmer product

    Well, I'll go and hid behind the sofa now, but do people ever use a calmer product when they have a horse with anxiety separation problems? Just asking. Obviously not sedation, as someone has to stay with the animal, but I just wondered.
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    Have you "ridden" round Pau?

    Just watched the video from Pau of Mollie and Charley. What a horse! He must have been looking for the flags as he didn't hesitate at any of the angles or skinnies. Just went round with his ears pricked the whole way. Well done to the pair of them.
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    I suppose 22 is a bit old to start hunting ...

    Was out for a gentle amble yesterday morning when we ran slap into the hunt. They emerged from a bridlepath just as I reached that turn. My horse has never been hunting, I have a list with about 6 items on for reasons not to take him hunting, so we never have. One reason was that I have had...
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    So hands up who has had their horses microchipped for the 1st October deadline?
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    King Robert for sale

    Through my local Facebook page, an advert popped up for Mary King's King Robert. By Chilli Morning out of Kings Temptress, both 5* winners, so impeccably bred and no doubt impeccably trained and produced. The advent says that he needs to downgrade a bit, as he has made mistakes at 5* (which I...
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    Urine sample - how?

    Took my dog, 9 year old bitch Jack Russell, to the vet for annual jabs and health check. All fine, except the vet gave me a bottle for a urine sample. How? If I try and catch it in a bowl I know she will go all shy and try to run away, even if on the lead. Any tips?
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    Riding on the roads

    There are several Facebook groups about riding out on the roads, and how stupid some motorists can be. But I also see accounts of some pretty badly behaved horses, and I think "should they be out on the roads if the rider cannot control them properly?" I know that any horse can shy at...
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    When will spectators be allowed at competitions?

    Has anyone any idea when spectators will be allowed back? Racing is to get spectators at Goodwood. I would have thought that Eventing is the most social distanced of all sports. I can take my lunch.
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    Size and Weight Carrying Power

    Found it - the book by Col Goldschmidt published in 1937 by Country Life called An Eye for a Horse. "For my own riding I do not care for anything over 16 hands, in fact I consider 15.3 the ideal height for a hunter to carry even a great weight and 15 hands for a polo pony. I am 5ft 11" and...
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    I've been for a ride!

    The second since March/lockdown, etc. I did ride once, but having going for just a mile (good) and turn back (jig jog, pull, prance, prat) I decided to do it differently today. Had set of shoes on, and the abscessed foot was fine, no pain so that is a good starting point. So I went on a...
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    Is there a hoof boot for turnout?

    Hoof boot post abscess for turnout? Is there such a thing? That won't go through at the toe in a short time?
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    Another awkward abscess

    Oddly, the only time my horse has had an abscess is in this foot, off hind, and it seems that this one is going to be as awkward as the last that went on for weeks and I felt like buying shares in vetwrap and duck tape - but that's another story. This time he was very lame last Sunday, and...
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    First ride since lockdown

    So I umed and ahed about this. Would I survive, or would he be the dangerous prat that he had been after box rest. Of course he has been turned out everyday as normal, so hasn't been confined. OH said why not ride in the field, but I reckon that is more dangerous that the road as there are...
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    Plait or natural mane?

    I had a little brainstorm and am considering an on-line show. Pony is about 11.00 hands, I guess a shetland x welsh A, he is quite nice but his head is his worst feature being rather plain, at best. So, not being a registered breed he is just a pony so I guess would normally be plaited, but I...
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    Distressing threads - dead mares/foals

    I'm on a local facebook group and this time of year there are very sad threads posted about mares that have lost foals or foals that have lost their mother. Some are just putting out a call in case there is a suitable candidate whereas others seem to be in a panic. I think if I had a mare in...