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  1. Meowy Catkin

    Shoppers - spare wheel cover for IW horse trailer

    I am failing at google again. :( I'm trying to find a replacement cover for the spare wheel on an Ifor Williams HB505R. Plain rather than branded is fine. The tyre is marked 165 80 R13.
  2. Meowy Catkin

    Anton - the pretty chestnut pony on DD

    I still can't have him... but I hope that someone can. He's now reduced to £250 as he's gone through an electric fence. I hope he gets a good home.
  3. Meowy Catkin

    Irish interloper in the Araby herd.

  4. Meowy Catkin

    Can anyone remember this - possibly teamchasing - video?

    I'm trying to find a video that was posted on here once. Sadly my searching attempts haven't got anywhere. It was an older video but in it part of the race involved going into the sea and then back to land. One of the teams had arab horses. If anyone can remember what it was called or can find...
  5. Meowy Catkin

    Transporting a horse from Ireland

    I'd love some information about buying and transporting a horse from Ireland to Wales. Thanks. :)
  6. Meowy Catkin

    Shoppers - new hi viz

    Some of my hi viz is faded now. Any suggestions for what I should buy to replace my old stuff? Are there any new designs or items that are useful to have? Thanks. :)
  7. Meowy Catkin

    Hemlock water dropwort

    This is one of the poisonous plants that I regularly have to check the paddocks for, especially down by the stream as it likes wet ground best. Down the road from us they have some yurts that they rent out to holiday makers. Well one of the holiday makers has just come out of hospital having...
  8. Meowy Catkin

    Question RE single turnout yards. Owners with more than one horse.

    Having read some of the yard threads recently I have begun to wonder how it works on yards with single turnout for owners with more than one horse who wants them to be turned out together? Is that allowed? If so do they make the single paddocks you are assigned into a bigger paddock or do they...
  9. Meowy Catkin

    Tangent thread - are long manes dangerous in your opinion?

    Just wondering as I've not had an issue myself.
  10. Meowy Catkin

    Help shoppers! Looking for replacement Rambo surcingles

    I am struggling to find them apart from in the US and that website stated US postage only. :( It's the set of three with the loop fittings.
  11. Meowy Catkin

    Rugging up older horses - keeping OAP's warm

    That's 'old age ponies' of course. ;) I have increasing found that my chestnut mare needs to be kept warm far more than she did even a couple of years ago. I thought that I had adjusted sufficiently by making sure that she has 100g more compared to what she has previously needed. However this...
  12. Meowy Catkin

    Headcollars - has Cottage Craft stopped making the adjustable, synthetic ones?

    This design with the three buckles. I can't find a cob or full size one anywhere. Maybe my searching skills are letting me down but I can only find foal size new.
  13. Meowy Catkin

    Video Driving Horse attacked by dog in the US

    I saw this on COTH and thought I would post here. The lady in red is the horse owner and she dismounted from the carriage to help her horse. Such a nightmare. I wish both her and the horse the best during their recoveries as they were both injured.
  14. Meowy Catkin

    Question for those who were horse owners in the 1970's

    When did cross surcingles come in? Were rugs in the 70's (I'm guessing jute stable rugs, New Zealand canvas turnouts and wool day rugs) done up with leather straps at the chest, leg straps/fillet string and single surcingles? Was the spider system around then? Thanks. :)
  15. Meowy Catkin

    BBC 'pandemic puppy' article
  16. Meowy Catkin

    Project horse Unless I've missed something or failed to read between the lines, she doesn't sound like a bad project horse. I hope that she finds the right home soon...
  17. Meowy Catkin

    What the hell is going on in France?
  18. Meowy Catkin

    Older horses - teeth and diastemas

    So my chestnut mare has developed diastemas and although the Vet (also a qualified Equine Dentist) is happy with how things are currently, it was mentioned that things could deteriorate. I was told that this could be then sorted by having some teeth removed under standing sedation at the Vet...
  19. Meowy Catkin

    Where is my money tree?

    I really shouldn't window shop and browse the horse ads. WANT! Can't have. :( :( :(
  20. Meowy Catkin

    Bedding and rubber floors

    I've been thinking about this as it was brought up in some youtube comments. When you have a rubber floor in a stable so loose mats, poured rubber flooring or sealed mats, how much bedding do you use? Horses in overnight.
  21. Meowy Catkin

    Lovely cob thread made by a proud owner

    Follow this link. :) It's in 'introductions' and I know it's quiet in there, so follow this link and have a look at this sweet mare. :)
  22. Meowy Catkin

    What piece of horsey advice really helped you?

    For me it was an instructor explaining about 'setting your horse up for success'. A simple statement that really made me think about what I was doing.
  23. Meowy Catkin

    Concrete additive

    I'm hoping to get the hay feeder area hardcored and concreted. I have however hit a snag... we can't get a ready mix lorry up to that area. So I'm trying to find out about additives to make the concrete tougher/urine resistant that we could add to concrete as it is mixed in a small concrete...
  24. Meowy Catkin

    Expectations of 'bonding' with your horse detrimental to horse ownership?

    Just some ponderings I had the other day and I wondered if anyone else had any thoughts. :) When I was around seven years old I saw 'The Black Stallion' for the first time and marvelled at the scene where Alec is rescued from the island but the Black is left behind... only for the Black to...
  25. Meowy Catkin

    Horses - recognition of human faces research

    I saw this on COTH and thought it was worth posting here. :) We recognize our friends’ faces. And we’re not alone. Many social animals can identify individuals of their own species by their facial...
  26. Meowy Catkin

    Ex-feral/farm cats

    I thought I'd share a photo of our two ex-ferals. They have tamed up a huge amount and have had a little visit to the vet for neutering. :) Great, all done and dusted... only another one has turned up in the last few days! I'd love to see any photos you have of your adopted feral or farm cats. :D
  27. Meowy Catkin

    CM is in a state RE her new neighbours - any advice?

    So a couple of days ago some horses moved into a neighbouring paddock (not sharing a fence, it borders paddocks which my horses aren't in at the moment - so two fences between each group of horses). It seemed as if it was all going to be fine only yesterday CM came into season and is now...
  28. Meowy Catkin

    Pictures Sunny photos

    Please add your photos. :) My lot had an exciting day today. The paddock next door has only had sheep in it for years, but today two horses were turned out in it! Cue lots of nickering as they were very interested in their new neighbours. The new horses just wanted to graze and ignored it all...
  29. Meowy Catkin

    Horseware - stitching

    I would like to say ggggrrrrrrrrraaaaaahhhhhhhh! What has happened to Horseware rugs? The stitching appears to be a lower quality thread. Has anyone else had this issue? New LW Rhino only used for the rain in the last few days - all the velcro at the front is coming unstitched. New 100g...
  30. Meowy Catkin

    Clap for the NHS and animals

    I don't know if anyone else is having issues with this? Essentially people have stopped clapping - which wasn't an issue - and have moved onto doing much noisier things.