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  1. XxhorzezxX

    photo comp ?

    just wondering can we have another photo competition ?i really enjoyed the picks of the last one :)
  2. XxhorzezxX

    starting eventing in ireland ??

    my friends daughter wants to start eventing ,she is twelve years old and is currently doing pony club and local shows :) does any one know where you can find out about upcoming shows ? any info would be good :)
  3. XxhorzezxX

    harry dabbs dragonfly reins ?

    i was thinking of getting one of these for my horse who doesnt carry herself very well :/ i was just wondering does anyone have them do they work ? :)
  4. XxhorzezxX

    breaking first horse!any tips ?

    tommorow im going to start breaking a lovely (most of the time) little pony .its my first time to break a horse so just wondering does any one have any tips ? :)
  5. XxhorzezxX

    badminton xc on sky tv??

    iv been told its on bbc red button but i dont know do i have that ?:confused: if anyone knows a link to watch it online or channel could you post it ?? :)
  6. XxhorzezxX

    Rubber mats???

    my mare is so dirty in the stable and its costing too much to keep her on sawdust.i think i will get rubber mats for her stable but are they comfortable and do they work?? :confused:
  7. XxhorzezxX

    how do i post pics

    sorry but im trying to enter the picture comp so was wondering how do i post pics???
  8. XxhorzezxX

    christmas pressie ideas

    for a fussy mum who likes horses,hunting and jewelery:confused: on a budget:D
  9. XxhorzezxX

    help wooly pony

    help how can i de hairize my pony shes being clipped tommorow but shes so hairy .she wasnt this bad last year HELP :eek::eek:
  10. XxhorzezxX

    I hate "i hate chestnuts"

    I really dont understand these people who wont breed horses from chestnut horses and are dissapointed when a chestnut foal is born it just buggs me .its racism!!!does any one agree???:confused: