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  1. dianchi

    Unrealistic Livery/Friend

    Just need to vent a little here after trying to be nice its ended up annoying me terrible! So fellow livery at the yard has a soft approach to her thugish Welsh x, thats fine her call. She left him out all summer with little contact and now wonders why he doesnt like being in. Added to...
  2. dianchi

    Fallen into Marketing Trap........

    I have bought a pair of storm chaser hand warmers off the H&H landing page.......... However i dont ride in gloves so this might help!
  3. dianchi

    New Year Hunting

    Hi Guys, Im based in herts and as i am off over new year would like to go out :) Can anyone PM contacts for the local hunts, i have got the card for Puckeridge but cant seem to find details of anyone else who is meeting close over that time? Ideas appreciated! Thanks!
  4. dianchi

    Travelling in the Dark

    So we went out to a lesson last night, was at this point that i realised there is no light in the horse area!!! Do people travel their horses with the light on? We didnt used to on the big lorries? I have two small windows so its not a sealed black box whilst traveling. I used my phone to...
  5. dianchi

    Kick *rse Keysoe

    (Apologies K is a hard letter to come up with a positive word for!) So our last attempt at Keysoe Arena ODE ended in Double elimination and appaliing DR- mostly due to relying on someone and ending up being there is less than 5 min warm up. Bad day write it off. So here we are in Winter...
  6. dianchi

    Keysoe Arena ODE

    Any fellow HHO'ers going sunday? Im going for my first solo trip in new lil lorry :) One wish that they would mix up the DR tests a little bit- surely there isnt only ONE BE90 test?????
  7. dianchi

    Trailer/Lorry Ramp Gate

    Random question and im at a loss at the moment as google & ebay have failed me!! So this weekend i picked up a lil transit 3.5tn lorry YAY!!!! :D:D:D But the front ramp doesnt have any gates, now a friend of mine had one of these that had a metal foldout gate so that one side of the ramp...
  8. dianchi

    Pairs XC Horseheath

    So after answering a last minute plea on facebook from a friend and fellow HHO'er Coffeeandabagel it seemed that super ginger pony was off XC! At 6am I did question my sanity of trying to plait a new clipped ginger that was piaffing in the stable or charging about flat out- Sparkle sisters...
  9. dianchi

    School use numbers?

    Just out of interest how many horses does your yard allow in the school at once? 20x40 arena I chose not to ride my 4yo this eve as there was 7 in the school already. Just wondered how others handle this?
  10. dianchi

    Riding Boot recommendations

    Ok, New boots are on the list!! I currently have the Mountain horse, thin leather ones, that have lasted just over a year with everyday use. I will prob keep them for hacking/horseball/messing about but I need a new set of "best" Any recommendations/ ones to avoid. I will be doing...
  11. dianchi

    Comfort Bridle

    Recomendations please? I didnt realise it would be so hard to find!!! So requirements- Full Brown/Havana Cut back from ears Noseband attach both sides Pref come with Non crank noseband Worst case just a headpiece that I can buy!!! Am losing the will to live!
  12. dianchi

    Straightening Exercises

    Hi Guys, So baby pony was on three tracks on my centre lines yesterday, lovely! NOT So she is weaker on Right side and its right hind that swings out. Suggestions to help, in hindsight i probably should have entered off left rein to try and help rather than right when she was bent that...
  13. dianchi

    Baby pony graces the boards + shopping opportunity!

    So my not so little 4yo went out to dressage today. Mildly busy weekend after "plans" went out window, hacked her home sat night, turned out with new herd overnight, stressful moment plaiting in the garden :) Hacked to venue- got caught in pro cycle race- they don't care if horses are on the...
  14. dianchi

    Wool Day/Travel Rugs

    Sorry I'm old fashioned........ Looking for a Navy wool day rug, if they embroider all the better! Last one I got was a Shires one but they don't seem to make them anymore :( Any sensible priced options? I do love an Equiport but........................... :) Thanks in advance!
  15. dianchi

    Avoid sleekez

    HI All, I know that we often have a whinge about products, but please do not part with your money to this company. Poor product, badly finished, wont refund, poor customer service, over priced! Much better coat removing products out there!!! Dont make the mistake i did!
  16. dianchi

    Shaped girths?

    Ok recommendations for shaped girths? Fairfax/prolite are not an option due to size. Was suggested the Harry dabbs waffle one? Anyone tried it? Thanks!
  17. dianchi

    Mane growth thickener?

    So my now 4yo ISH has pathetic mane, forelock and tail She lived out for two winters and the burrs got in and I had to tease them out, since we now have very thin straggly mane and tail. Now I never brush or comb them so not to thin it further-lots of mane and tail conditioner so things don't...
  18. dianchi

    2nd Hand Saddle Company Saddles? Super Shopper help!

    Hi Guys, Just wondered if you super shoppers can help! Am after a 17" pref brown Saddle Company VSD saddle and I cant seem to find any!! Are there any 2nd saddle websites that are a gem that I am missing?? Thanks guys!
  19. dianchi

    Saddles Saddles Saddles

    So my 4yo has outgrown everything tack wise i own, has had a bit of a holiday whilst i try get some pennies together to get her a saddle. Question is what route do we go down....... At the moment im thinking saddle company VSD, as its fully adjustable to her, like the serge panels and even...
  20. dianchi


    So after 16 years of Skinny TB that I am constantly feeding, her 4yo daughter is a Hippo. Due to my work and her outgrowing all my saddles she has ended up with a month off and looks like a hippo- I wont even post a pic i'm so shocked with her weight! (she probably looks just chubby but i'm...
  21. dianchi

    ODE- what did I do?!

    So Big Girl Pants applied and off to keysoe we went...... Got there early enough to go through all the millions of checks that RC require before you get on, walked the XC again to find the turns on the course and plot a route. Toddled off to DR, warmed up nicely and we were in, a few opps...
  22. dianchi

    Urgent need for dressage judges

    Urgently seeking dressage Judges for Sunday 21st June To judge Dressage sections at RC area Horse Trials at Keysoe Bedford. Due to bumper entries we have had to add extra arenas so need additional Judges. Lunch and payment will be given, if you are able to help us please contact me via PM...
  23. dianchi

    ODE- what have i done?!

    So ive entered my first proper ODE, RC areas at keysoe Went schooling so I have seen and know what to expect out on the course :) I have the two saddles, two bridles, two sets of boots for horse- although starting to think sod it she can wear XC tack in SJ! etc etc etc However dress for...
  24. dianchi

    Kent and Master Saddles

    Anyone have/had one and reviews please? Im possibly looking at their GDP one for my youngster and just after details of how they last and wear please! Thanks
  25. dianchi

    XC Schooling - A dual HHO'er report

    So following acquiring new big girl pants i decided to put them to the test and take the ginger one XC schooling yesterday. Added to this i convinced JFTD to bring super D along for experience (i'll let her report on her schooling round) (though ignore her if she says he was bad- he wasnt!)...
  26. dianchi

    Spooky Arenas???

    Random question really all about perception. There is a lovely little local venue that is running eve dressage- deliberately aimed at novices/young rider/horses. I took baby pony here for her first under saddle outing and she was super and happy and relaxed. I've recommend this venue to...
  27. dianchi

    Baby Pony dressage Debut

    So proper proud mummy moment (apologies this isn't a more prestigious event) Took my hombred bred 4yo (technically she is 4 on 22nd) to her first ridden show for Intro A at a local evening dressage comp. Bathed and plaited, like mum she knew something was up! Loaded on the trailer- not...
  28. dianchi

    Bitten the bullet!

    Taking my 4yo to a walk trot test tonight Nice and little show, only 6 in the class and I'm in last :) Turnout question for me! I had always worn my blue velvet for dressage till BRC said it's not legal in their rules :( I will need to replace it anyway as it's only a BSEN (suggestions...
  29. dianchi

    Grassroots/Entry level Competitions- Do they exist Affiliated?

    Now this is not a "oh how unfair is life post" and also not a dig at the great inter-counties posts. However, Are competitions that were set out as entry grassroots comps no longer? Inter counties BD was meant to be a first step grassroots comp but now people who have ridden at nationals...
  30. dianchi

    Hoof Boots

    Probably done to death a while back but suggestions/recommendation for feet types? Ive got a TB mare, and as ive moved yards to a place with a lot more hacking and we are wearing her feet down more would just like to look at some options! She is sound and happy its just the wearing down...