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    a breeder bought the runt of the litter in and wanted her PTS as she couldnt sell vet didnt PTS and gave the pup a home and she has turned out fine.. they are not all in it for the money and do have hearts...
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    Europeans Cross Country Thread?

    i was watching BBC sport on my laptop and it was perfect while at the same time my tv was on i player and it was awful. they must have had an internal problem somewhere. i got BBC sport on to my tv so i was a happy bunny, but not so happy about Roz, such a shame
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    Europeans Cross Country Thread? running order if anyone needs it
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    Europeans Cross Country Thread?

    ive now got bbc sport on my tv and im staying with that as the coverage is fine..its easier to use iplayer but i cant risk changing now..
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    Europeans Cross Country Thread?

    just had a quick look on bbcsport and the coverage is fine so it must be an iplayer problem
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    Europeans Cross Country Thread?

    rubbish recording on BBC, ive gone back to CMH....has anyone reported it to them
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    How much?

    could be anything up to £10,000 in this market...he is the type that is very popular..i would say to owner if you ever wanted to sell him i would be very interested and then leave it to them...
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    Expecting an exciting delivery...

    could you long rein rather than walk in hand, how about a little bit of sedation ask your vet for some acp and what dose he would suggest... really pleased for you that she seems sound. fingers crossed
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    Is £5000 too low budget for a horse in the current market?

    as i love window shopping i have looked on horsequest and found a few who sound ok. 261954 8 years 16.2 £4250 i really like the sound of this one 262801 9 years 16h £3500 261755 10 years 16.1 £4750 263083 11years 16.2 £4995 i would think that if you looked at something that has been...
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    Kitten watch thread

    loving this thread, keep the pics coming please
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    Old girl has Cushings:(

    i would keep on working her as normal, once the medication has started to work (can be up to 6 weeks) she should be back to her normal self. you may get away with keeping her on a low dose which is better for the bank balance, mine was diagnosed at 20 and her level was 172 and once the...
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    Hacking in the dark?

    many years ago i had to hack in the dark as horse was stabled 24/7 which was pretty normal on the outskirts of london, i had lights on stirrups and used to put a white mens shirt over my jacket plus a light on my right arm, hi viz wasnt a thing then in the 60's. local people were used to...
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    Help asking questions about a potential viewing

    lots and lots of good vibes and fingers crossed he is the one!!!:):)
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    Will he won't he ........

    firefly firework cracker sassy
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    Rusty returner books riding lesson!

    have fun and let us know how you get on
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    What do YOU want in a livery yard?

    that sounds like a great place, would suit me very well if it had a loo as well, perfect!!
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    Advice please on buying our first pony

    glad to hear you have got the pony, your daughter will have so much fun when she gets a bit more confident. walking in the woods is fine if she doesnt yet want to go faster.. if she is still at the same place im sure there will be someone who knows the pony and can give your daughter some help...
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    Pictures New owner/rider check in

    i think you would be better to not worry too much about schooling and do lots of hacking over different terrain to build his muscles and general fitness. just try and enjoy building a bond with him when out and about , also try some in hand work to get him moving sideways etc and use poles to...
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    Will he won't he ........

    didnt take him long to leave the travel box... rusty, rupert, thomas, biscuit, simba, nemo, chillie, turmeric...
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    Should I?

    he is so cute !!
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    Pictures I finally did it..!!!!

    you look great together, well done
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    Will he won't he ........

    bless him, have you thought of a name yet, we could all start suggesting if ylou havent. looking forward to LOADS more photos , pretty please:)
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    What do YOU want in a livery yard?

    i wouldnt like hay being fed in the fields with group turnout i like to know what my horse is getting... not so bad if only two in the field but i still prefer them to come in for individual feeding. what is important to me is daily turnout on well drained, well fenced fields with shelter ...
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    Schnauzer..really bad news .

    hope you get a bit more quality time with her and your vet supports whatever you decide...hugs xx
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    Talk about lucky!!!!!

    good choice, he looks like a nice chap, have fun
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    Horse not doing for me what he does for trainer

    i ihad trouble with changes on my friends established GP horse, i was having a lesson from her and the reason i had trouble was i didnt have him straight. once that was sorted i got the changes but it was really difficult not to go back to my old ways as i have straightness issues myself due to...
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    Should I?

    i love him too but value my legs and arms, so you can have all of the Shadow specials :D
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    Should I?

    thats one i chose, i am very proud....:)
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    Talk about lucky!!!!!

    the smaller one, he will be suitable for both of you for a long time, theres no reason that you cant ride him as well as the children. the other one is too big for all of you
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    Should I?

    have you decided on a name yet, i just thought of inky