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    Pony selling - advice please

    Agree with the others about adding his age and having good quality pictures to catch the eye on a quick flick past.
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    Horse transport

    We have used Mane Line transport a few times recently and been very impressed. I think they cover anywhere in the country and they have a FB page.
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    What bit do you use for starting youngsters?

    A fulmer with a lozenge as many don't like the nutcracker action of a conventionally jointed bit in my experience, then a NS team up which has a lozenge and is loose ring.
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    Looking for a trainer in West Lothian

    Sorry OP been unable to log in on my phone. I only know Karon as my son had a flatwork lesson with her at BS camp and came out having loved it. And that is quite some achievement! I don't have the number for either but I think they should show up with some googling?
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    Looking for a trainer in West Lothian

    Pauline McKee or Karon Carson?
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    How much does a windsucker devalue a young horse?

    In my experience it hugely affects their value and only once for that reason did I buy one. That was a proven JA pony for my son and so the category of experienced competitor referred to by most others on this thread. I had no trouble selling her either. For amateur's horses or any you might...
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    Showing peeps ...Pigeon toed

    It's a heartbreaking thing if you show seriously as you can't do anything to change it. We had one called in first in a hoys qualifying class and moved down because of it which was entirely fair but hard to experience.
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    Mr T's first show back :)

    Good to see him out again and good luck at SNEC!
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    What's more important - convenience (to home) or facilities ?

    I'd opt for facilities so that my horse and I enjoyed life together.
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    Bitting strong yet sensitive pony?

    We had a very similar issue with A's 14.2 jumping pony in that she was very strong but had a sensitive mouth. Equiport made me a nathe mouthpiece American gag with sides short enough to be pony club legal as well which worked well as did an eggbut slot sided myler with a curved mouthpiece and...
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    PC senior camp test

    Our branch have no test and all members are welcome.
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    Possible broken/fractured splint bone

    Positive again - horse kicked in the field about 10 years ago and all was fine after a period of rest.
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    Arena Surface - Do Rubber & Carpet Mix?

    Thank you loobylu. That is interesting to hear. Definitely worth investigating.
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    Arena Surface - Do Rubber & Carpet Mix?

    Many thanks for the responses. Has anyone else got experience of adding carpet to a rubber surface?
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    Arena Surface - Do Rubber & Carpet Mix?

    Our arena surface gets a lot of use and now needs a bit of work done before the winter. It was originally sand and pvc, and then we added rubber chunks. We now need more surface as it is becoming thin in parts and I'd like it to be a bit more stable. Has anyone tried adding carpet fibre...
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    Prestige saddle adjustment - help needed!

    I understand that Old Mill Saddlery have the same technology as Prestige and so can do it.
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    Kingsbarn up for sale

    No but they have a FB page and recently had an open day. One of my clients told me last night that they are starting Thursday evening SJ there
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    How much would you pay for children's lead rein pony 11hh?

    We paid £2,000 for a 20yo lead rein section a who had been through our and other local pony clubs and known to be super-safe. We had him 3 years during which he gave our son fun and safe companionship. We gifted him to a friend for 1p aged 23yo and he has a home for life, enjoying his retirement...
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    The orange one gets a win! Rackham BE100

    Great result and what fun you are having this season. He really does fit your user name
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    He keeps injuring his!

    We have a pony who brushes slightly behind and he is turned out in lightweight fetlock boots fitted to stay in place but not too tight.
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    My first BS double clear and frilly!

    Fantastic well done! The first of many I hope
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    Ingliston and SNEC reports - highs, lows and frillies.

    Sorry to hear you've had a minor set back of the type that plague us all. You were going great at Snec then I last saw you. Are you heading up to the cabin?
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    hopetoun 28th june

    We were planning to pop over - is the driving on the Sunday? Younger son loved watching Boyd Hilton at Olympia the year before last!
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    Couple of updates (and some tempi changes!)

    Great results and what a star he is :-)
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    tendon boots for small pony

    Small ones are very had to find and we use Whittaker
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    BSJA records

    Ours are about 3 weeks out of date and this will be down to a backlog created by the end of the double clear year for regional finals. Definitely something up if you are missing so many. I keep a spreadsheet for every horse and update it after every show so that I always know exactly how much...
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    SNEC BS and Polnoon Castle Showing reports

    We were delighted with her as that was her first BS show with us and she had only arrived with us at the beginning of the week. Fingers crossed it dries up for the Scooby Doo castle location this weekend!
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    SNEC BS and Polnoon Castle Showing reports

    What a busy weekend! Watched your rounds in the sat 90 and you did great - really building a super partnership at these heights :-)