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  1. fatponee

    Kate Greenhalgh neglect What are people's thoughts on this?
  2. fatponee

    Tooting Tree Horses?

    A friend is looking at a horse from Tooting Tree Horses. Does anybody have any experiences with them please? PM if necessary! Thank you. :)
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    Diy livery desperately needed - horsham area

    Due to bonkers YO, I'm in desperate need of DIY livery for my 2 geldings in the Horsham, Cowfold area. Anything considered. Excellent references and I'm an insured freelance groom so experienced and willing to help out if/as needed.
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    Worming question

    Quick question everyone... I wormed my horses with Panacur 5 day guard at Christmas. Worm counted last week and they came back with scores of 200 - 250, the highest they've ever had. They were due to be dosed for tapeworm so I treated them with Equimax on Sunday. Yesterday they had dead...
  5. fatponee

    Where to sell saddles?

    I have 2 Lavinia Mitchell saddles that I wish to sell. As they are a more 'specialist' saddle than the norm, I was wondering where to advertise them? Are there any natural horsemanship classifieds/forums? I'm a bit stumped!
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    URGENT - DIY livery needed Horsham

    Desperately looking for DIY livery for 2 geldings and 1 mare in Horsham/South of Horsham. Preferably own field so they can stay together. Excellent references offered, reliable and trustworthy owner. Louise 07881 443306 or 01403 248431.
  7. fatponee

    URGENT - DIY livery needed Horsham/South Horsham

    Desperately looking for DIY livery for 2 geldings and 1 mare in Horsham/South of Horsham. Preferably own field so they can stay together. Excellent references offered, reliable and trustworthy owner. Louise 07881 443306 or 01403 248431.
  8. fatponee

    Horseshoe keepsake

    My mum's horse has just been put into retirement as she has been diagnosed with extensive kissing spines. She is struggling to hold condition and I'm not sure how long she has left :( She is having her shoes taken off tomorrow and I'm going to keep one for my mum as a momento. Is there...
  9. fatponee

    Ellie Martin, saddler

    Does anyone have an up-to-date contact number for Ellie Martin please? The only one I can find is 01306 631930 and when I ring I'm told it's unobtainable :rolleyes: Help!
  10. fatponee

    Wapril One Carlos - KWPN

    Desperately seeking KWPN Wapril One Carlos, also known as Carlos or William. 16hh 8 year old bay gelding. Last heard of in the Stoke on Trent area. Anyone?
  11. fatponee

    Pink hi-viz wraparound exercise sheet?...

    Is the Equisafety sheet the only one available? :confused: £40 is a bit steep - does anybody know where I can find one cheaper?
  12. fatponee

    Long-reining book...

    Any recommendations for long-reining books? A new friend of mine does a lot of long-reining with her ex-racers as it's meant to be good for getting them to stretch down? I've had a go with my boy today and he seemed to like it! I haven't got the foggiest idea what I'm doing really so can...
  13. fatponee

    Argh help! New clippers not cutting properly...

    Not happy! Got brand new clippers out the box today and started clipping. Not cutting, ok, adjust tension, still not cutting, adjust tension, clipping a bit, adjust tension etc etc. What am I doing wrong?!! :confused: Last year I used my friend's clippers and didn't have a problem. The...
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    Shoes AND boots?

    Asking on behalf of a friend... Her horse is currently shod infront but is getting foot sore behind. Would she be able to use hoof boots behind, at the same time as shoes are on on front? Or is this a recipie for disaster? Thanks in advance, with a bar of Galaxy. :)
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    Following on from the "how to" thread...

    The answer I need is probably within the 42+ pages of the "how to" thread, but I'm too lazy to read it all! Pretty please could I have some ideas on how to improve my horse's canter? I have an 8 year old ex-racer. He works really nicely on the lunge with a Pessoa, in walk, trot and...
  16. fatponee

    Searching for Wapril One Carlos "William" As title says, I am desperately looking for William, 16hh bay Dutch Warmblood. I sold him last year to a girl in Bedfordshire who has since sold him on. She will not return any of my calls, texts etc. William was...
  17. fatponee

    Searching for Wapril One Carlos "William"

    As title says! I sold William, a 16hh bay Dutch Warmblood last year and his new owner has since sold him on. New owner was based in Bedfordshire. She will not return any of my emails, texts etc. This was my mum's horse and we desperately want to know where he is as we miss him so much. Has...
  18. fatponee

    Where to buy a trophy?

    I'm donating a trophy to my local riding club, to be given annually for the winners of a showing class. What I'm looking for is a traditional silver cup (well not real silver as I can't afford that!) mounted on a nice base. Does anyone know where I can find one? Budget is about £50 :o
  19. fatponee

    Travelling without a partition

    Sorry if this seems a bit of a numpty question, but... I'm going to try travelling my boy without a partition in our trailer as he's started having problems travelling. Anyway, I bought a full width breast bar and then suddenly thought, what do I do about the breech bar? Do I need to buy...
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    How do I sell this horse...UPDATE!

    For those of you who read my last thread, my show jumping friend rode William today and look what she had him doing in less than an hour!... I hpe the pics have worked?!!
  21. fatponee

    How do I sell this horse? mum and I have finally decided to sell her horse due to lack of time and the fact that he needs a more experienced home. He's a 16hh 7 year old dutch warmblood, really handsome and very friendly. We've had him for 2 1/2 years and done local shows with him and hacking. He's good to...
  22. fatponee

    Best travel boots for TB?

    I need to get some new travel boots for my TB. He's 15.3hh with long skinny legs :rolleyes:. Do I go for full or cob size? Any recommendations?
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    Funnel Factor tonight...

    at Merrist Wood. Anyone going apart from me? :)
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    BS Table A7...

    Could someone please confirm this is where you jump your first round, and then if you are clear, you jump in the jump off after everyone's done their rounds OR is it where you jump a jump off straight away? Thanks!
  25. fatponee

    Hoof boots for!

    Clever old horsey of mine managed to pull off 3 shoes in the last week whilst having a jolly around the field. Hasn't pulled off big chunks of his feet, but he doesn't have the greatest feet at the best of times (v thin walls make it difficult to actually nail shoes on). Anyway, farrier came...
  26. fatponee

    First time hunter trials...advice?

    My horse and I are doing our first hunter trials this weekend. It's only 2' 3" so well within our capability but the nerves have started to set in! We've been practising jumping tyres and rustic jumps at home so hopefully that will help a bit! Does anyone have any xc advice for us newbies?! :D
  27. fatponee

    Smart Tails/Coat Kings...any good?

    I need to smarten up my TB's tail for summer shows. I've never pulled a tail before (and to be honest, I don't think my horse would let me!) so I was thinking of using one of those coat rake thingummys. Are they any good for achieving a 'pulled' effect as shown on their website?
  28. fatponee

    Riding lessons for men in Sussex?

    My step-father and his friend have decided to try their hand at riding (eek!). Can anyone suggest a riding school in Sussex that has larger horses suitable for men?
  29. fatponee

    Nice farrier near Horsham, West Sussex?

    Can anyone recommend a nice, patient farrier for my TB? Needs to have Natural Balance shoes. Horse is a good boy, but being a TB can be a bit fidgety and needs someone who's not going to shout at him like my farrier didi today :-(
  30. fatponee

    Opinions on Anvil Vets, West Sussex please

    I'm thinking of changing vets as my current one is not an equine specialist. Has anyone had any dealings with Anvil...good or bad?