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  1. scruffyponies

    Best ride ever

    Just a simple hack with friends, at a good pace, with access to the recently cut stubble, and in glorious late afternoon sunshine. What made it really special, as we popped through the last hedge and down onto the road was the presence of an ice cream van. Needless to say we had to. I don't...
  2. scruffyponies

    Where do experienced driving people hang out?

    A friend asked for my help with a 13hh pony which no longer enjoys ridden work. Turns out it has been driven before and goes like the proverbial off a digging implement. It's a safe and super driver, but not for a novice or granny. He was relaxed batting down the road in extended trot with...
  3. scruffyponies

    Urticaria on dog's head

    Poor Nox came out in a very strange swelling and rash yesterday on the back of her head. Swelling goes right across the back of her skull from ear to ear, with lots of little scabs under the fur across the whole area. Have applied soothing cream, and it's not distressing her in any way. Looks...
  4. scruffyponies

    Trailer hire NW Hampshire

    Does anybody know anywhere that hires either trailers or boxes around Andover/Basingstoke/Newbury? Would like to suggest options for sharers who haven't their own trailer, now they're starting to do fun rides etc.
  5. scruffyponies


    Anybody else seeing thousands in the hedgerows this weekend? Dragonflies too. Don't think I have ever seen such variety and numbers. Not sure if it is pesticide restrictions or just the odd weather but great to see.
  6. scruffyponies

    No, you idiot, you won't fit! or 'alas, poor trailer'

    How hard is it to replace the panel and jockey door on a bateson deaville? Asking because gigantic fat cobbypotamous just walked out through it. He hasn't a mark on him (the door frame just deformed around him), which is more than can be said for the trailer.
  7. scruffyponies

    Check your girth!

    Slightly horrified. 20 mins into a ride, and after a great blast of canter, little 'J' shouts a request for a stop to tighten her girth, which she thinks is loose. We realise at this point that J (9) had tacked up and mounted by herself, so nobody had checked it before we set off. Poor form on...
  8. scruffyponies

    Driven before? esp Irish peeps.

    So, fatty cob apparently came over from Ireland as a 4yo. He has only been ridden (to my knowledge) in the UK. Now in his late teens. Yesterday I put a harness on him, long reined him in blinkers, and ran a cart up behind him to check fit - frankly I was surprised I could get him between the...
  9. scruffyponies

    Scruffy ponies out and about.

    My sharers took 6 ponies to a fun ride yesterday. I didn't even ride... we didn't have a 4th trailer!! The best of it was that they were able to load all ponies fairly easily and quickly, which has given them a huge confidence boost for future outings. It's fair to say it took longer to get...
  10. scruffyponies

    Unequal wither/shoulder

    I have taken on a cob who has done nothing for a number of years. He ha spent most of his life in a stable, with individual turnout in a very small paddock. He has one side of the wither much more developed than the other. No idea why, but my guess would be that he has taken to doing circles...
  11. scruffyponies

    Bitting solutions for a nappy ass

    14.2hh NF gelding. 12yrs. Well schooled. On a good day can be hacked in anything, including a headcollar with a couple of ropes attached. However, he naps, rears, jumps sideways and generally acts the tw*t whenever he feels like it, which is often schooling or when excited, such as warming...
  12. scruffyponies

    Driving people, could you give me some advice please?

    I have a couple of ponies. Not a pair, but close enough for my purposes. I had them going together a few years ago, but stopped when they started getting out of sync, one in the traces, one in the breeching. We would end up with one effectively dragging the other, which caused a girth rub on...
  13. scruffyponies

    "Why don't we do groundwork mum?"

    An interesting question from my soon-to-be 15 year old yesterday. What she meant was, why don't we lunge our ponies, but I don't feel that the two things are the same at all. I asked her to think about the way she interacts with her pony. Does he catch, stand, lead, back up and turn nicely...
  14. scruffyponies

    Saddle fit question.

    It seems impossible to find a saddle to fit him. I mean, I have dozens in the tack room. How hard can it be! 14hh NF stallion. Unusually narrow for the breed, with well set-back shoulders, and just a little bit of 'stud chub' to the back of his non-existent withers. His back and ribs are...
  15. scruffyponies

    Range Rover - talk me out of it

    Don't want to run a separate tow car, and might occasionally need to turn up looking respectable, as well as lugging random loads about, and fence posts out over the meadow. Seriously tempted by a cheap (£3-5k) high-mileage (likely 150-200k) range rover or discovery. It is EXACTLY what I need...
  16. scruffyponies

    Tell me about mesh coolers

    In need of a cooler rug for sweaty pony I picked up a nylon mesh rug the other day. Problem is I don't trust it to allow pony to dry. It just feels so... plastic. Do they work, or should I bin it and get a cotton waffle one?
  17. scruffyponies

    Shoes, tarmac and slipping

    I was riding out at the weekend in the company of a number of shod horses. As they hit the road you can hear them all sliding and slipping, just in walk. When so much of our riding is done on a metalled surface, traditional shoes don't seem to do the job very well. Happily all mine are...
  18. scruffyponies

    Bit musings

    I am about to take stressy section D to a party (drag hunt). He has been once before, in the loose ring lozenge snaffle he arrived in, and was stoppable, just, with full shoulder half-halts. Shortly after that, I swapped the snaffle for a wilkie, but using it as a loose ring snaffle, with the...
  19. scruffyponies


    Noticed light rain-scald on several of the ponies, presumably after standing out in storm Alex, which was the worst wetting we've had in years. It's just on the top of the back, as little bumps on the skin which you can feel, with tiny scabs which will come away if you try. Nothing serious...
  20. scruffyponies

    Damn dog ate my hat

    OK, so I shouldn't have left it in the back of the car, but now the PVC leather harness is chewed right through behind the ear. I can't prove it was the dog, but there's a history of shredded plastic curry combs. She knows I know. Grrrr.
  21. scruffyponies

    Never underestimate a Shetland pony

    This little fella was pulled out of a field, stuffed in the front of a 505 and gleefully galloped 12 miles around the Lambourne fun ride on Sunday, overtaking some very surprised big old hunters along the way. Before: After: ... and no, we didn't just pour mud over him - but I can see why...
  22. scruffyponies

    Noisy breathing in canter

    Not at all worried about this horse, but interested in other people's experience, as not something I have come across before. Solo is a Welsh x Hackney in his mid-teens. A terrible accident (RTA, shoulder trauma) aged 4 should have been the end of him, but we have carefully allowed him into...
  23. scruffyponies

    Saddle fitting question

    Hi saddle-fitting peeps, Shadow is a 9yo NF stallion with a very broad, low wither, shoulders are on the narrow side, and his back is flat and broad. I have a tack room full of old saddles, most suited to ponies, which is usually enough for me to easily find something to fit, but with him I am...
  24. scruffyponies

    'ansom is as 'ansom does

    There's something about this one I really, really like. Is it me? :D
  25. scruffyponies

    Very odd looking trailer - any ideas?

    Have just seen this for sale locally. Looks like a Westfalia to me, but it has a RICE name on the front. Anyone know what it is?
  26. scruffyponies

    Indespension trailers

    Going to look at one of these shortly. Obviously it's quite old, as they stopped making them years ago. I have heard they are prone to suspension problems. Any experience or things to look out for?
  27. scruffyponies

    Rude ambulance driver

    We have a local station, so see a lot of ambulances. For the record our local drivers have always been fantastic, and we as riders go to great lengths to get off the road for them and give them a clear run past us. I know they don't like going past us quickly, so we bend rules for them by...
  28. scruffyponies

    Schoolgirl error today

    Today's hack included playing pacemaker for a novice having their first canter. As I carefully eased my horse into canter, I was turned in the saddle, making sure that his horse was doing the same, and he was OK with it. Within a couple of seconds my saddle felt all wrong, and I looked down to...
  29. scruffyponies

    Thank you Passey & Son, Newbury

    We all hope we will never need them, but when the day comes, they are prompt, professional and compassionate. I can't fault them.
  30. scruffyponies

    Puncture through tendon sheath at fetlock

    My poor pony has hurt himself really quite badly. The puncture is fairly large, so draining well at present. Has been flushed, antibiotics, pain killers etc. I am aware that this is life-threatening. Vet is to reassess after the weekend. I have no experience with an injury like this, so...