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  1. dianchi

    Which Eventing Stallion would you choose?

    Would really need to know more about the mare to pick a stallion, if you can get to the stallion shows its always a good shout! Depends on budget too! And if you are going AI or natural! Event stallions wise, Grafham stud is always a good shout :) Dunno if you can get frozen Jumbo but that...
  2. dianchi

    Neoprene allergy?

    Handy tip i got recently was to use Vet Bed as a cheaper/breathable alternative to sheepskin, esp in this weather!!!
  3. dianchi

    SJ trainer Royston, herts

    Douglas Harrison is based up that way
  4. dianchi

    Unrealistic Livery/Friend

    Yes other horse is definitely leaving But get up this morning to find my half sorted rugs "missing" - she'd moved them!! Text her as she wouldn't answer the phone, asked why she didn't say anything when I was stood talking to her last night and did she realise I was paying for that stable...
  5. dianchi

    Competition gloves - dressage

    I find white makes me keep my hands level more!
  6. dianchi

    What is this?

    Dependant on the age of the horse, i would assume either a coat change, or untreated fungal infection. Vet and skin scrap would be a safe starting point.
  7. dianchi

    Unrealistic Livery/Friend

    Lol im sure that there are friends off here that know me in person that will laugh at me being called lovely and that i need to learn to say no! I offer to people to lend out my inner b*tch :D starting to think someone has borrowed it and not returned it! She is just one person that comes...
  8. dianchi

    Unrealistic Livery/Friend

    Am equally concerned that this horse is going to be a nightmare in the stable and upset my mare opposite! Oh well if it doesnt kill you makes you stronger right?
  9. dianchi

    Unrealistic Livery/Friend

    YM doesn't care and leaves us to our devices mostly. Ironically i am the hardest person normally, i work in a sales team full of blokely blokes. She is just quite timid and such a softy with her horse than runs circles round her, has this whole idea about the horse wanting to do things, and...
  10. dianchi

    Unrealistic Livery/Friend

    Just need to vent a little here after trying to be nice its ended up annoying me terrible! So fellow livery at the yard has a soft approach to her thugish Welsh x, thats fine her call. She left him out all summer with little contact and now wonders why he doesnt like being in. Added to...
  11. dianchi

    Uncomfortable being ridden from grass

    I try not to ride mine off grass at any point as she gets swollen glands and cant flex and bend through her neck. Easily sorted she has two hours in before ridden work, or is ridden from the stable first thing. Horses for courses, just need to find the right routine for you.
  12. dianchi

    Prestige 'Relax and Performance' Girth?

    Have seen these, look very odd! I think the sparkle sisters might have one on trial? Im sure i saw something on their FB blog
  13. dianchi

    Vetting for a 3 year old

    All you could do is two stage, but dependant on what you are wanting you could xray if you feel it necessary
  14. dianchi

    Using school and sharing

    Currently this is the pain of my life..... Do you have to share the school throughout winter or the year? Yes Are you able to book it for sole use or only lessons? Only lessons- but some liveries ignore this and walk in anyway. If you have to share is there any rules on how many can use the...
  15. dianchi

    Fallen into Marketing Trap........

    I have bought a pair of storm chaser hand warmers off the H&H landing page.......... However i dont ride in gloves so this might help!
  16. dianchi

    Not feeling good enough

    Where abouts are you HHO are legendary and solving these types of issues!
  17. dianchi

    Jumping exercises to stop horse rushing

    Lots of poles! If he only sees pole when you jump that could be why. Also if you have jumps always in the same place they will anticipate and and zoom along! Where poss have a lesson and get some eyes on the ground to asses for you :)
  18. dianchi

    New Year Hunting

    North Herts, But happy to travel for a good day out!
  19. dianchi

    New Year Hunting

    Thanks any ideas who/how to contact?
  20. dianchi

    New Year Hunting

    Hi Guys, Im based in herts and as i am off over new year would like to go out :) Can anyone PM contacts for the local hunts, i have got the card for Puckeridge but cant seem to find details of anyone else who is meeting close over that time? Ideas appreciated! Thanks!
  21. dianchi

    £55k >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Ready to go FEI pony, worth weight in gold to the right parents!
  22. dianchi

    Insurance won't pay up because...

    FYI they are underwritten by Allianz and are sister company to Petplan
  23. dianchi

    New Show Jacket Shopping Help PLEEASSE

    Ok have to say i wanted the Cavello one sooooooooooo badly as an upgrade to my cutaway I went to the RB sale and tried that on and i looked awful in it! Now i wouldnt say that i am particularly large (size 12) but it just made me look fat and chubby (which i wouldnt say i am!) I ended up with...
  24. dianchi

    Help me shop- new riding hat for showing and dressage in 2016!

    same boat looking for navy tho!
  25. dianchi

    Travelling in the Dark

    Just want to leave them in the lorry and work when i go for them :) Might look at the LED ones, those i can attach to the ceiling actually if they are magnetic!! Although doesnt cover ramp? Do people find that an issue?
  26. dianchi

    DR lessons - quality vs quantity?

    I went to a lesson last night, and she asked me why i was there! :) Always nice feeling, but i just need a tune up now and then to sort me out- not horse but def me! Shoulders were doing weird things and some however i'm over rising, so shoulder thought in place and chewing gum bum trot is what...
  27. dianchi

    Travelling in the Dark

    always wondered how waterproof these are?
  28. dianchi

    Travelling in the Dark

    Power of google, no its not legal requirement
  29. dianchi

    Travelling in the Dark

    Phew dont feel like evil mother then! Ive been playing with headtorch ideas, till someone said careful you dont blind them it! Wasnt sure if something on the ramp so they can see whilst they load? Equally for tacking up? I travelled tacked up as this one was local but as its winter might need...
  30. dianchi

    Moving yards.....again.....sorry!

    Silly question possibly, why move now? Why not wait till spring, personally youngsters out 24/7 is better the longer you can!