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  1. Sussexbythesea

    Porta-potty for horsebox

    What do people use? I only really want one for a quick wee or two if desperate and the loos are miles away. Currently bucket with shavings in as an emergency. I’ve looked at the small ones with chemicals which I can get for £59 on Amazon but I would have to take home to flush to the mains...
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    Hay prices 2021

    What are hay prices likely to be this year? I’ve been looking at £4.50 small bay delivered straight from the field. This seems like a good price as it was up to £7 a small bale end of last winter.
  3. Sussexbythesea

    Problem with Felix?

    Just came across a post on FB about Felix AGAIL causing sickness and diarrhoea in cats since it changed recipe and branding. No idea if it is true but looking at recent reviews it looks like people are having a lot of issues and want a product recall. I’ll post a screenshot and link.
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    Hay replacer for gummy bear

    My old boy of 26yrs is in fine fettle but it’s now come to the point he can’t seem to cope with hay. At the moment he’s out most of the time and seems to eat grass well but due to the weather he’s been in a couple of nights and it’s become clear he’s spitting out most hay. I’ve currently got...
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    Kate Greenhalgh petition

    Please sign and share this petition to ban Kate Greenhalgh from carrying on competing at BS and BE in light of her conviction for neglect. This is a second petition launched by the owners of Kai the colt that died because they are finding it distressing to see pictures of him associated with...
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    Non-slip saddle pad recommendations

    My old boys saddle has a tendency to slip back despite being re-flocked and refitted by a saddler with a prolite with shims to adapt to his current shape. It’s a lot better than it was though. He’s got a high wither prominent shoulder and is short coupled so always a challenge. I would need...
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    Plant identification

    Does anyone know what plant this is? Some our paddocks at our yard seem to have them taking over since they’ve been rested.
  9. Sussexbythesea

    Feeding hay replacers - containers?

    My oldie seems to be struggling chewing his hay and haylage although I don’t think he quite needs a hay replaced yet but I’m thinking ahead. I’m trying to think of ways of feeding it where he can’t tip the container over and potentially prevents pooping in it. There’s no way a trug or similar...
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    Drinking from puddles out riding?

    In the last few days or so my 25yr old has started drinking out of muddy puddles out on our hacks. Yesterday he really had a long drink. He also was eager to drink out of his field buckets when we turned out after our ride. He’s got a large deep automatic waterer which he’s had for the last 10...
  11. Sussexbythesea

    Best waterproof riding gloves?

    As above. For riding not yard work. Preferably usable with touchscreen. Have been looking at cycling gloves but not sure what they’re like. I usually ride in Roeckl Chesters. I don’t like thick gloves. Thanks
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    Ifor 511 2009 fair price?

    In good condition, is £4500 a fair price? Also anything I should look out for when viewing it? Thanks.
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    Best teeth cleaning products for dogs

    What do you all recommend for teeth cleaning as in toothpastes and brushes etc.? Thanks.
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    Kitten prices!

    I’ve been thinking about getting another cat but as I’ve already got one that is 4 years old it would probably have to be a kitten. I’d love another ginger as my other one has moved in with an old lady as he didn’t take to the dog (which I’m gutted about) but they’re currently around the...
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    Sleep monitor for horses?

    When I went up to the yard yesterday I found my oldie had cut his chin and scraped his head, he’d been in all day resting. I searched his stable and stuck tape over everything that looked remotely sharp thinking he’d been scratching on something. Then today one of the other liveries said she’d...
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    Wow! - granulosa cell tumour on mare’s ovaries

    Poor girl must have been very uncomfortable.
  17. Sussexbythesea

    Bloody ticks!

    My dog is covered in them daily picked 5 off last night alone. What are the best tick treatments and do any repellents work? Must not be hazardous to cats as they snuggle up together so thinking a collar may not be any good. Thanks.
  18. Sussexbythesea

    Ideas for moveable hay feeders

    For next winter I’d like some sort of manually moveable cheapish hay feeders. I’m thinking heavy duty plastic or maybe wooden frame. They’d have to be light enough for me to move by hand periodically although I’d expect to have to weigh down with bricks or to be pegged down. It would be big...
  19. Sussexbythesea

    What were they thinking?

    I’m all for continuing riding low-key and sensibly at the moment but taking your horse for a gallop on the beach doesn’t come into that category.
  20. Sussexbythesea

    Mini seed / fertiliser spreader recommendations

    I’m thinking about buying one. Not motorised and not expensive. Are the lawn ones any good for a couple of about half acre paddocks? Many thanks.
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    Guess which one’s the 25yr old?

  22. Sussexbythesea

    Best equipment for long reining

    Any recommendations on what reins/ lines, roller etc. To use. Thanks.
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    Protein for veterans

    How important for them to have increased protein in their diets? Does it actually make a difference to their top line or is it a losing battle past a certain age? I was just looking at the spec for Keyflow Golden Oldies balancer mash which is high in protein at 30%...
  24. Sussexbythesea

    You think you’ve seen everything out hacking and then...

    You meet a woman taking her shrieking cockatoo for a walk in the park o_O:oops: We initially thought someone had a weird squeaky dog toy and the horses got a bit jiggy. Then we saw the woman holding it in her hand while it squawked. We were also having to pass a tractor with flashing lights at...
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    Lots of cats needing rehoming Wrexham area

    This came up on my FB feed today. Wondered if anyone here might be able to help.
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    Pep up for in-hand veteran

    I’m taking my old guy to and in-hand veteran show championship in a couple of weeks. He looks amazing and is perfectly fine hacking out with plenty of stamina. However he switches off in-hand and can look like a half-dead nag as I trot him up. So I guess there are two things, a short term...
  27. Sussexbythesea

    Stirrup leather recommendations

    Any recommendations for good quality probably synthetic core stirrup leathers for a GP saddle. Also with the close together holes to give the most adjustment. There seem to be some quite cheap ones and some very expensive but it’s hard to tell whether paying more gets a better product. My...
  28. Sussexbythesea

    Hi-viz for dogs recommendations

    As it’s getting dusky in the evenings when I’m riding out with my dog I wanted to make sure he’s easily seen as some of our bridleways have estate workers and residents vehicles using them. I was thinking of hi-viz harness type rather than a coat. I have a collar already with lights on...
  29. Sussexbythesea

    Edquine build quality?

    Does anyone know anything about the quality of these builds? I see the company has gone into liquidation recently. Please PM if if preferred, thanks.
  30. Sussexbythesea

    Horsebox questions

    Looking for a 3.5t that are like needles in a haystack especially in the south-east with my budget. What would you say the minimum height and horse length bum to breast bar you’d need for a solid 16.2hh WB that takes 6’3 to 6’6 rugs? Also does anyone have some rough estimates for...