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  1. fatponee

    2 year old child dies falling from her pony.

    The comments out there are terrible. For all we know the poor girl was being led on her saint of a veteran pony who tripped on a stone. It only takes an awkward landing to be hurt badly. RIP little one and thoughts to her parents.
  2. fatponee

    Kate Greenhalgh neglect

    She did a few sj classes locally. Talk about brazen.:mad:
  3. fatponee

    Kate Greenhalgh neglect

    Utterly, utterly disgusted. So sorry for the owners and horses. I cannot understand how she's been allowed to get away with it - pure scum.
  4. fatponee

    Kate Greenhalgh neglect

    Gosh, how sad that so many of you know of similar stories. I just can't get my head around why people do it. 😔
  5. fatponee

    Kate Greenhalgh neglect

    Sussexbythesea - I completely agree. So sorry for your friend. ycbm - the story is local to me and therefore of interest. I've seen firsthand someone doing exactly the same, charging people for livery and then starving the horses to literally skin and bone. How anyone can do such a thing is...
  6. fatponee

    Kate Greenhalgh neglect What are people's thoughts on this?
  7. fatponee

    Any views on Bateson trailers?

    I had a Bateson Deauville and loved it. The horses travelled well, it was easy to tow and had plastic, no rot floor. Would buy again over an Ifor.
  8. fatponee

    Out and about nipper

    Out n about nipper will be perfectly fine. The sport has bigger wheels purely for helping running with it. I love my nipper.
  9. fatponee

    Beginners guide to hoof boots please

    Oooh well done, my farrier would be very pleased with you!! :)
  10. fatponee

    Beginners guide to hoof boots please

    As a btw (sorry if I'm teaching you to suck eggs), it's a good idea to scrub the cut away areas with Hibiscrub and a toothbrush and/or spray with Bactakil. :)
  11. fatponee

    Does anyone on here drive four-in-hand?

    Ditto this ^
  12. fatponee

    Livery near Horsham??!!

    Not sure if they have any spaces at the moment but it might be worth having a look at Woodhouse Farm Livery (they have a Facebook page). Small, private yard, extremely well run and great facilities.
  13. fatponee

    Farriers/ trimmers near Horsham/ Crawley/ Brighton

    Kevin Newlyn is fantastic. Polite, on time, brilliant with the horses and wants what is best for them (including keeping them barefoot if that is what you want). I can PM you his number if you'd like?
  14. fatponee

    Yay - Hickstead and The Sunshine Tour!

    Thank you and good luck to you too! :-)
  15. fatponee

    Yay - Hickstead and The Sunshine Tour!

    Are you dressaging on Saturday? We're on fairly early but will look out for you. I'll be on the welsh chestnut who I'm praying will behave (although possibly not). The panic has set in!!!!
  16. fatponee

    Yay - Hickstead and The Sunshine Tour!

    Intro C - both warm up and championship classes! Our canter work leaves a lot to be desired as he's only young. Good luck! :)
  17. fatponee

    Yay - Hickstead and The Sunshine Tour!

    Ooooh, what class/es are you doing? I'm taking my 5 year old to do the dressage. He's Welsh so I'm praying he's going to behave!
  18. fatponee

    Retraining an ex racehorse - not to gallop off!

    Just another line of thought - could he have panicked being out by himself? He's only a baby and possibly never been hacked by himself before, plus he's in a strange new home so will be lacking confidence. As others have said, I would treat him as a complete newbie to it all. :)
  19. fatponee

    Matthew Stapels Farrier

    Hmmm, I'm afraid I have the opposite opinion and wouldn't use him.
  20. fatponee

    Balancer for barefoot cob...

    NAF 5 Star Optimum Balancer. I've fed this to my alfalfa intolerant pony with much success - he looked fab on it.
  21. fatponee

    Treatments for fetlock arthritis

    My horse had Cartrophen injections for his fetlock arthritis. That was 5 years ago though, so there may well be better alternatives now.
  22. fatponee

    Hoof boots for hinds?

    I rate Easyboot Gloves and they will definitely withstand lots of road use. I've been using Equine Fusion for the last year - like them a lot but my TB wears through the sole pretty quickly.
  23. fatponee

    Really at my wits end :(

    Give Heather at Amberley Aromatics a call. She is very helpful and her products are great.
  24. fatponee

    Smart hooves but barefoot

    My horses have been barefoot for years and I can recommend using Silverfeet. :)
  25. fatponee

    Easyboot Gloves?

    My TB wears these all round for hacking and has done for the last 6 years. I've found them to be very hard-wearing and easy to put on. As mentioned above, you will need a mallet to help put them on for the first handful of times, but after that they're really easy. Very easy to run under the...
  26. fatponee

    Baileys no 1- how long to soak?

    The cooked cereal meal? Doesn't need to be soaked, just feed as is or dampen it if required. :)
  27. fatponee

    Tooting Tree Horses?

    A friend is looking at a horse from Tooting Tree Horses. Does anybody have any experiences with them please? PM if necessary! Thank you. :)
  28. fatponee

    Exercises for tense horses?

    I've found this download very helpful.
  29. fatponee

    Which boots for these feet - advice please

    My ex-racer has tiny pony feet too and has been wearing Easyboot Gloves for many years now. If your horse's hooves fall within their size guide measurements, I can highly recommend. It is possible to hire a 'Fit Kit' which consists of 3 different size shells to see which best fits your horse.
  30. fatponee

    ???Nice bridle for a Welsh pony???

    Jeffries do lovely plain bridles that fit well.