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  1. scruffyponies

    Towing up steep drive

    The limiting factor isn't the towing strength of the car, but the available torque - usually just a matter of being in the right gear. In fact, too much power is a disadvantage as it will cause you to wheelspin. I manage fine with an old Skoda Octavia (Front wheel drive, manual) and a trailer...
  2. scruffyponies

    Those of you with the older horse

    Manage their health, not their age. Little Dartmoor we lost a few years ago was still having the odd canter with his little people right up to the end (found dead in field). He was in his mid 30s. One, at 23 does only occasional hacking because of hock problems. He seems OK so long as he gets...
  3. scruffyponies

    Disused riding school

    Beach volleyball?
  4. scruffyponies

    When riding, where do you put your phone?

    Saddle bag, but then my pony doen't f*** off if we are parted.
  5. scruffyponies

    So who goes bloodhounding ?

    I have been out with the SDB a few times now. Fantastic fun.
  6. scruffyponies

    Tack storage ifor 510?

    Some trailers used to have a tack locker over the A frame at the front - maybe take a look and make something up.
  7. scruffyponies

    Fascinating film from 1902

    Interesting seeing driven livestock calmly moving through the traffic. One loose cow causes chaos now. Also, the extent to which the driven horses are conditioned to such busy conditions. I guess 'well-driven' meant a bit more than it does now. What this film doesn't show is the noise - all...
  8. scruffyponies

    Risk of 'ergotism' in horses?

    I read 'risk or egotism in horses'. i was about to say that one of mine is really quite up himself sometimes...
  9. scruffyponies

    Insurance - liability if at a livery yard!

    Most liability insurances only pays out in the case of provable negligence. In practice this means that 'moral debts' such as where your horse spooks into a car and scratches it are not covered, since it falls under normal horse behaviour. It isn't the same as car insurance. Even when ther is...
  10. scruffyponies

    Driving ponies.

    I was advised (by the lovely and much missed Dennis Walmsley) when I started to go out with an experienced driver first, to get an idea whether I enjoyed it. It's a big commitment in terms of equipment, and many riders find they don't like it. As regards size, our mini shetland will take 2...
  11. scruffyponies

    PTS issues

    I can only imagine how upsetting this must have been, and I am full of admiration for your handling it calmly. I'm sure it's very unusual, but there are enough stories like this to make me choose the knacker every time. We lost one last year, and the pony went down instantly and completely...
  12. scruffyponies

    Horsebox towing

    A 505 weighs nearer 900k than 1000, so you should be OK for legal weight, so long as your assessment of the horse is anywhere close. If the car is rated to that weight it shouldn't have a problem doing the job. Whether it is stable or not depends much more on the height of towbar, trailer...
  13. scruffyponies

    Best ride ever

    Just a simple hack with friends, at a good pace, with access to the recently cut stubble, and in glorious late afternoon sunshine. What made it really special, as we popped through the last hedge and down onto the road was the presence of an ice cream van. Needless to say we had to. I don't...
  14. scruffyponies

    Sorry-tow car question

    I have come to the conclusion that I drive more often than I tow, so would rather struggle getting out of a field occasionally than put up with 4x4 running costs. For that reason I'll be towing with a family estate for the forseeable. Currently just about getting away with an elderly Octavia...
  15. scruffyponies

    Sewing Machines for saddle pads

    Spares for 99k are readily available. My daughter has one. Bombproof, as is my 15k. 45k is (I think - correct me if I'm wrong Oz) a more specialised machine for leatherwork.
  16. scruffyponies

    And phew!

    You must be so relieved. What excellent news. Just because they're older, doesn't mean they can't be silly!
  17. scruffyponies

    Naughty pony? Would like advice plz

    Generally, patience and gentling on the shoulders with a rope (on a stick from a distance at first, if necessary), getting the rope slowly over the neck, then bringing the head collar up under so it isn't looming at her face and giving her something to run back from. You could keep her in a dry...
  18. scruffyponies

    After 11 riding lessons

    One of my sharers is a novice child who is upset that her pony is slow and doesn't want to go forward. I can see that she is doing exactly this, and until she relaxes, the pony is being asked to go and stop simultaneously. It's a saint, so is patiently putting up with this treatment, but both...
  19. scruffyponies

    Proper pants day😥

    This would be me too. Not fair to bring them in when they've spent their life out, and likely to cause more problems than it solved. Hope you caught it early enough and he comes right. That's a long time to have a friend.
  20. scruffyponies

    Sewing Machines for saddle pads

    You can't go wrong with an antique Singer 15k, 66k, 99k or 201k. I have a hand crank (1917), and love that it sits there looking pretty until I want it, and is ready for action without even plugging it in. They'll tackle stuff which would have a modern electric machine expiring in a puff of...
  21. scruffyponies

    Towing vehicle: Outlander or Rexton?

    What's the Rexton like for long-term reliability. Anyone on here with a 15 year old one with 200+ miles on the clock? What's it like getting parts?
  22. scruffyponies

    Where do experienced driving people hang out?

    I confess, if I were looking I'd look at Dragon Driving, but I'd be very worried that it would attract the wrong sort. He's a quality little pony (although yes, skewbald). Have only ever bought from there, not sold, and I would expect it to attract novices and/or joyriders. Any...
  23. scruffyponies

    505 trailer. Anything I can do?

    The panels are rotting. You rely on those panels for structural rigidity, and for holding the breast and breech bar fixings. Now, depending how far they have gone and where, you may be able to use it for a few years, but the rot will spread. You will need to replace them at some point.
  24. scruffyponies

    Where do experienced driving people hang out?

    A friend asked for my help with a 13hh pony which no longer enjoys ridden work. Turns out it has been driven before and goes like the proverbial off a digging implement. It's a safe and super driver, but not for a novice or granny. He was relaxed batting down the road in extended trot with...
  25. scruffyponies

    Odd situation, stop cock being turned off

    I am reliably informed that something similar can be 'McGyvered' using a party popper with the streamers replaced with petrol. Very effective against two legged rats.
  26. scruffyponies

    Any 'Happy Hackers' on here?

    I guess I qualify, although in truth I have the most fun when the hacking is far from relaxing. Not everyone's cup of tea, but I love taking a spooky half-wit project and getting them riding and driving out nicely. Bring on the roadworks, barking dogs, umberellas and tractors; I would be bored...
  27. scruffyponies


    Ask them. I have several sharers (lots of ponies). Most don't messge me after a ride, but will usually check before that it's OK to go out if its an unusual time. Personally I prefer not to be getting too many texts as there's always a sense of doom as a horse owner, and no news can be taken...
  28. scruffyponies

    Mini Countryman as a towing vehicle?

    Too little nose weight is what causes most 'snaking' of trailers, combined with excess speed. A little extra weight in the front of the trailer (not too much) can vastly improve towing stability.
  29. scruffyponies

    Government considering doing away with trailer test

    To get really good at reversing, I suggest buying random large things from ebay / facebook. These inevitably have to be collected in a pony trailer from an unfamiliar housing estate somewhere; parked cars everywhere and it will take 3 or 4 u-turns to find the place. Before you know it you'll...
  30. scruffyponies

    Government considering doing away with trailer test

    I would never have been able to justify the price of taking a test. I learned borrowing the RDA trailer for £10 a time, friends generously letting me borrow theirs, and then buying the cheapest one I could find... which was definitely less than the cost of a test. No substitute for practice...