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    Becca and Bob

    I got Bob last summer as a companion for Pete. He was a mess when I got him and had been neglected so I set about some TLC. He has horrendous mud fever which we are still working on, his feet were awful and he was thin. My friend Becca had a very hard time last year so I asked her if she would...
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    Update on Bob

    How do you think he is doing? Leg when I got him in May Same leg yesterday
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    Bit chuffed

    I have just weighed Pete and he has lost 70 kg. I'm really pleased that I'm finally getting somewhere with the weight issue. I think having his new friend may have helped just a little bit too :D
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    Good News

    I rode Pete for 10 minutes tonight and he was fine. He was striding out and full of beans so I think we are pretty much fully recovered :D.
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    Looking positive

    I have stopped Peter Pony's painkillers today. He is absolutely full of bounce this evening :D so fingers crossed he will be still full of bounce tomorrow.
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    Is loose schooling as good as lungeing?
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    Pig oil and sulphur

    Does anyone know the quantity mix? Have bought it separately and can't remember the formula
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    Would you take on

    a horse with arthritis even if it was only going to be a companion?
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    Am I mad?

    My friend is trying to talk me out of getting another pony. I can see her point in that it will be more expense and loads more work. I am in a quandry any opinions?
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    I'm bit excited but...

    .... probably raving mad. Going to see a cob mare on Thursday. Hope she's right for us. If not I've got my eye on a shetland in Salisbury. :D
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    Do horses get depressed?

    I may be daft but I'm sure my boy is a bit depressed since his field buddy left. He is not his usual self and a bit slower than normal. Didn't even get excited when I got some poles out yesterday :(
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    Been brave

    I took Peter Pony for a short hack up the road on my own today. Only the second time I've managed it but I got a lot further than before and didn't have too many nerves today either. He is such an angel I don't know why I get so stressed out. I'm fine in the field, the school and can even...
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    If I can't find someone to share the yard with me soon I'm considering getting a companion for Pete. He is being very good but is obviously not happy on his own. So should I get just a companion or something I can ride? Decisions...
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    Update on very sad pony

    Just come back from seeing Peter Pony and he is so much brighter today. He came over to me for a scratch rather than standing in the corner of the field with his head down :). The farmer, who's land he is on, said he's been as good as gold so I feel a lot better now. Hopefully another person...
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    Very sad pony

    My boy's field mate was taken away yesterday and he spent most of the day in a tizzy. I rode him in the morning and put him out in the field were he just galloped round calling. It was a bit unpleasant to watch. :( Anyway checked on him twice during the day and y yesterday evening he had...
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    Well from tomorrow poor Peter Pony will be on his own :(
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    Do you know the answer?

    I'm curious as to why some days when I ride I'm so nervous I feel physically sick and yet other days, like today, I feel perfectly fine and nothing fazes me? I ride the same horse all the time so it's not because I react differently to different horses. I wish I always felt like I do today. :)
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    This is probably a really stupid question but ask it I will. Do dressage tests get changed on a yearly basis?
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    Anyone going to the annual show on 10 April?
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    Fingers crossed

    I may have found someone to share the stables with me. Hope it works and that they are nice people ;)
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    Now got less than a week

    to find someone else to share stables with me. Nice big stable, loads of fields to ride in ... anyone?
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    Is this sensible?

    In two weeks my pony will have no field mate. I'm desparately trying to find someone to share with me but just in case I can't would it be a good idea to separate them for short periods of time so he can get used to being on his own?
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    Anyone interested in DIY livery in Weymouth area PM me xx
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    Le Trec

    Does anyone do this? I'd like to have a go but can't find anywhere locally that does it.
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    Feeling chuffed

    I posted a while ago about jumping. I'm very nervous and had been doing some very, very low jumps and wasn't sure whether to put them up or not. Well I took on board all the advice I was given and am pleased to say I actually managed to jump 2 ft yesterday . I know it's not Hickstead but...
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    Opinion please

    I've always been scared of jumping but am now jumping a course of 6 very small jumps easily and confidently . Should I now make them slightly higher? If so should I just raise one and by how much? Piece of coffee sponge cake if you got this far
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    I've been a bit brave

    Having got a bit of confidence with jumping very tiny jumps, my son raised the height yesterday and we jumped it sorry I'm a bit chuffed
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    I love my pony

    My husband's cousin and his family came to visit yesterday, he hasn't seen him in about 40 years! Anyway both his wife and daughter are horsey so I took them to see Pete. They both had a ride on him and he was such a good boy think he's got some new fans. Joanna the daughter even took him...
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    Me again

    Sorry but had to share. Pete was fab tonight and we jumped four very tiny fences in a small course. I know it's not Hickstead but I'm just really pleased that I'm going forward again and not getting so nervy.
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    Bit chuffed

    I'm being very self indulgent but don't care. We put out some very low jumps tonight and Pete enjoyed himself jumping and for the first time ever I wasn't scared, I actually had fun