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  1. Jules19

    Pau, as a spectator?

    Anyone been? I know it is some time away but may be planning a trip there for October. Any tips? Best way to get there, plane, train or automobile? Any hotel recommendations? All info much appreciated. Local airport is Stansted and looks like Biarritz is the most workable destination at...
  2. Jules19

    Scoliosis (in horse)

    I know how it affects the rider as I have it! However, new mare I've acquired came to me with some interesting issues, including a deep muscle tear 8 months previously in hind quarters, and obvious back issues. We are three months into gentle rehab, with two weekly physio. As muscles are...
  3. Jules19

    Newmarket Fall Training

    This the first thread I've ever started so please bear with me! Following on from Kerilli's posts regarding Breakfall training I have been doing a little investigating of the British Racing School's new Equichute machine. This is basically a horse sized and shaped piece of plastic, that is...