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    Which hoof boots do you recommend?

    I have an ex-racer that constantly pulls her shoes off in the field, have tried fronts only and aluminium plates with no success so have decided to try and go without shoes. She is currently rather footy in front although but her hinds are fine as they have been shoe-less for nearly a year so...
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    With people like this why would anyone want to sell horses for a living??

    Cut a long story short, someone recently came to view a pony I had put up for sale, travelled a fair way and spent approx 3 hours at my place viewing him in which time they got to see him being ridden on the flat and over a jump, then rode him themselves on the flat and over a jump and were then...
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    Horsebox insurance can you pay monthly?

    Does anyone know of a company that does horsebox insurance where you can pay monthly? Pay my car insurance monthly and can't really afford the lump sum at the moment. It's a 3.5t box.
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    Could she go barefoot?

    My 19 y.o. TB currently is shod in front but only goes on the road once a week for no more than an hour so as I need to make some cutbacks right now I'm considering just having the shoes taken off. Her feet are typical TB feet so aren't the best but the hoof wall tends to crumble around the nail...
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    Ragwort bane of my life!

    Lately there seems to be ragwort springing up all over the place in my two fields..for every one wheelbarrow I fill there seems to be another thirty to pick. I pull any flowering plants out immediately so there are none of those but I can't seem to get on top of the rosettes and have a feeling...
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    Bloodhounding newbie

    Thinking of going bloodhounding but not sure what to expect in relation to height of jumps, is there an option to go round them? Would like to take a 5 yo TB she is an ex-racer but quiet although hasn't done much jumping bar a bit of coloured polework in the school. Would it be ok to take her or...
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    Pony stops dead on landing! (Sorry but long)

    Ok have posted about this pony before, here is the original post: Bought 13.2 pony in June and didn't put a foot wrong when daughter tried him. However once we got him home he started to throw in big bucks after jumps and wouldn't stop until my daughter was on the ground. Checked saddle and...
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    Would you give your horse this clip??

    Ok further to a post about weird clips, how about your horse tries this one on for size
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    Global Herbs Instants

    Anyone used them and how did they fare?
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    Goodwill consequences, please read..

    Ok imagine this scenario.. You lend your horse to someone on your yard, (for the purpose of this we'll say rider A) so they can go riding with their friend (rider B) who doesn't currently own a horse but is going to ride A's horse while A rides yours. Both A and B have ridden your horse once...
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    Pony bucks when jumping

    Bought 13.2 pony in June and didn't put a foot wrong when daughter tried him. However once we got him home he started to throw in big bucks after jumps and wouldn't stop until my daughter was on the ground. Checked saddle and found it to be a bit tight so got one fitted to him, teeth have been...
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    Bits for jumping? Suggestions please!

    Now I know I've been down this road before but am finding Millie a bit too strong in her loose ring (JP) snaffle and flash, she tends to rush her fences anyway and I struggle to hold her at the best of times over fences. Today I tried her in the Kimblewick which she schools better in than the...
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    Cashel Quiet Ride Fly Mask

    Hi does anyone know where I can get one of these in the UK that has the long nose but without the ears?? My mare needs the long nose for out riding but hates anything with ears and I can only seem to find them for sale in this style on American websites!
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    Nightmare Livery Yard Q - Regulations??

    My friend has been keeping her horse on a really badly run farm trying to be a DIY livery yard. Are there any regulatory bodies she can contact or complain to as she has photographic evidence of such things there as asbestos roofing in the stable block, cat and dog faeces not cleaned up, worm...
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    The best grass reins?

    Need to buy or make a grass rein for my youngest's pony and have just been on Ebay to look and there appears to be a few different types, some go through the bit up through browband to the saddle, others go straight from bit to d rings on saddle and the other goes from the top of the headpiece...
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    Riding issue with ex riding school pony

    Just wondering if anyone had any thoughts/ideas. Recently acquired a 12.2 Welsh B 6y.o. gelding from a riding school, been used in the riding school for 2yrs since a 4y.o. but not done anything else. He's bombproof hack on and off lead-rein and is 100% lead-rein in the school. Problems start...
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    Does your livery...

    Does your livery charge less for three or more horses? I have heard that some places will and as we already have two and are thinking of getting a third for the youngest daughter I was wondering if anyone on here gets a third or subsequent horse at a reduced rate and if so, by how much? Our yo...
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    Riding in the dark

    The way the light is at the moment to get a ride in before or even after work would mean riding in the dark or at least half-light as our menage isn't currently floodlit. Does anyone else on here have to ride in the dark, if so how are the horses with it and what sort of lights do you use or...
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    Another Ebay rant!!

    I bought a Thorowgood saddle described as having the Fish system, however saddle turns up (all be it a bit late) without Fish. So I contact seller who says oops sorry forgot to put them in will post today..a week later I'm still waiting. Now this woman emailed me because I paid on the fourth day...
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    Megazorb Bedding

    Does anyone on here use it and what are your thoughts please? As shavings are in short supply I'm thinking of trying it with our two.
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    Wilkie snaffles

    Does anyone use one? Just bought a British Riding Pony and she came with a single jointed wilkie and cavesson on her bridle. She has a soft mouth but throws her head a lot when you ask her to slow down and I'm thinking the single joint may be hitting the roof of her mouth as she has a very small...
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    Nappy pony..ideas please..

    My daughter's new pony appears to have a problem with napping. She is reluctant to go forward off the yard unless she has a lead horse. Tonight she just planted and when someone on the ground took her reins she threatened to rear (and went up a little bit). We got her forward with a smack of a...
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    Separation anxiety, how to deal with it?

    Just wondering if anyone has any tried and tested methods to deal with this! Moved yards 5 weeks ago to a smaller yard than the previous one and our two mares, my TB and daughter's Highland are in a paddock together. They have a gelding in a seperate paddock next to them and two other pony mares...
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    Re-occuring suspensory ligament injury??

    My 17 y.o. TB had a suspensory injury last August and was box rested til December then turned away for 6 months. I recently started bringing her back into work, light hacking then increasing the distance and allowing her to trot. As she was wanting to go faster, jogging constantly I decided to...
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    Can somebody tell me please...

    What is meant by "locking the jaw", "crossing the jaw" and "dropping the jaw" I have heard all three being used but am a bit confused as to what each one would look or feel like? When a horse takes the bit between the teeth is this classed as 'locking the jaw'?
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    Highland X Coloured Sports Pony

    What do you think of this cross? The mare is the registered Highland in my siggy and the stallion is a 14.2hh homozygous red and white sports pony, so quite fine, he has some ID (Clover Hill) in his bloodline plus Welsh. Originally intended for my TB but has ended up covering the Highland and...
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    Bit experts

    I'm interested in any suggestions people can make for a bit to hack out in that will give me some brakes as have just moved yards and there's lots of off road canters. The horse is a 17 yr old TB mare, been around the block a few times (BSJA & racing) and although isn't hard mouthed at a...
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    PeeWee Bit

    Anyone used one and did it live up to it's advertising as a bit of a revolution (xcuse the pun!)??
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    Cheap website for supplements??

    As the post says, anyone know of a good site for buying supplements please?
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    Working an in-foal mare?

    As its a good eleven years since I had a mare in-foal I can't remember how long can a mare be worked during pregnancy? When I say work I mean a few days hacking a week and the odd day of say 20mins schooling / jumping ( no more than 3ft) and carrying a lightweight rider for her size. Our last...