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    Cross country colours !

    What does everyone use? ATM I'm using a polo top Black Green White, and just a plain black hat silk.. Investing in a Rodney powell Body protector soon, don't have a clue what colour to get though, was going to get green and wear a White canterbury top under it ! Came away from that though...
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    Youtube FAIL!

    Can no longer access my froging youtube !! :( Simply wont log me in, after ages of connecting to google accounts etc, i just gave up and made another ! It would mean alot if some of yous would check out my new one? Ill sub 4 sub :P
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    I'm in a bit of a pickleeee ! Help pleaseeee

    So im due to start m job back in a couple of weeks, I had to leave due to exams etc. In worked as a waiter and it fully stressed me out as the place was super busy and has a cafe atmosphere so it's loud I'm wanting saturdays of to event but im too scared to ask as I only work saturdays...
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    How much would you pay for a..

    Aim on m iPad so cannot include pics :/ But I hav them in fb.. This Whole album...
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    How much would you pay for a..

    For a, 15.1hh Grey Connemara thoroughbred cross, 6 years old ! Well schooled and works on a good consistent outline, very big scopey jump, has done many ODE's under PC rules (placed 2nd at the PC home champs open class) has show jumped up to 1m 10cm going double clear ! Has done Open WH...
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    Point two air jackets...

    I'm considering getting a point2 air jacket for this season ! I've asked around and people said they are great ! A friend had a fall today at a pony club event she was doing the open class, she has a point2 but want wearing it, and she now wishes she did as she's in a bit of pain ATM...
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    Why do they continue to breed in Ireland???

    At the end of the day it is their choice ! Nothing to do with anyone else ! The horses welfare is key, as long as the the horse is in good health thats all that matters ! It's not killing you so you don't need to worry !
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    Name help !!

    Love that !! Sire: Song of Freedom Dam: Shankill Rosie And stable name is finn :)
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    Name help !!

    Need a cool show name for my eventer ! He his a grey 15.1hh, can be a little crazy had times super fun personality !! I'm think Miami Bound ? What do youse think ?
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    Irish Riders event advice !!!! PLEASE READ !!

    I'm just wonderin if anyone has been to Rasharkin ODE ?? And what is the Pre-novice course like ??
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    Warming up!!

    Does anyone have a warming up 'routine' for dressage or show jumping?? I see a lot of people are starting to adapt warming up routines and they always seem to come out most weekends and get a good consistent dressage Mark at the end off the day !! Is it worth sticking to one and does anyone...
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    What do you think about on the approach to a fence?

    When i approach a fence i personally pick a point and ride to it. It also depends on the horse and the height and type of fence. I personally think about my striding and how to ride to that point it all really depends on how the horse is going.
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    Fit for eventing..??

    Thank you so much !!! What's you plans for this season ? Ohh I'm super excited now !! Need to get back riding then get my registration sorted then get assessed !!
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    Fit for eventing..??

    Thanks for the help guys :D So the plan is to start off with light hacking and build him up from their !! 26th march ohh excitement !!! Which event is it ? Would it be dromisikin ? I check the EI website all the time to see if the have the events up haha!
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    Saddle Help!!!

    It's my 16th birthday this year and I want to ask for a new saddle, (nothing over £1,000) I'm not really sure on what type or make to get ! I have my sights set on a super comfy close contact mono flap saddle, but some people say they aren't what they are hyped up to be ! But they are so nice ...
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    Fit for eventing..??

    I should hopefully join EI (eventing Ireland) this season, i aimed to start last season but due to injury I unfortunately had to scrap those plans. I was wondering if anyone had a fitness plan ? I asked a relative but he events from 1*+ and it wouldn't be suitable as I am aiming for...
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    Show Name ??

    Hey,i am looking for a show name for my 15.2 connemara x event horse... hes grey and a gelding... if anyone has any ideas id be so grateful :):):)
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    Hi A horse of mine recently cut its back leg... He now has a large scab on his back leg... I am just wondering is ther any way i could quicken up the scab to disapper..?
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    Cross Country PROBLEM

    Hey in what way do you mean by roping him over the skinny ?? (:
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    Cross Country PROBLEM

    Hi i have a 15.2 connemara x which i event he is the most amazing horse ive sat on !! A yaer ago i was out xc and i came to a jump up with a log on top of it with a drop at the other end followed by a a skinny he jumped it fantasticly !! but when i came back to the lorry he had hit him self (i...