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  1. moscow_mule

    Clegs ( horse flies )

    I react to cleg bites, read itching, swelling and blistering around the bite site, despite taking antihistamines. Is there anything I can do to stop me being a cleg buffet and enjoy summer riding? :) Thanks :p
  2. moscow_mule

    Opinions please

    Long story short. I took my dog to the vet yesterday , he examined her( we were not allowed into the surgery...thanks covid) and said that there are 3 things going on. She has mastitis, open pyometra and mammary tumours. The vet wants to spey her tomorrow and possibly do a mammary strip, he...
  3. moscow_mule


    We only went and won o_O:):) What a game. Well played on both sides, glad to see Scotland playing like we know they should(and can):rolleyes:
  4. moscow_mule

    Monty Roberts

    Went to my first Monty Roberts demo today :) What an amazing man(84 yo) So good to see a legend. Kelly Marks was fab, got books signed by both of them. Lovely people happy to chat even though snec was full to capacity. If like me you haven't been before I recommend that you do...he unfortunately...
  5. moscow_mule

    Funny posts of your horses.

    Hi, This is our lovely Gracie gurning for the camera, not her best look but was a split second picture. Post if you have something similar or even amusing ones.
  6. moscow_mule

    Elizabeth Mclean

    Hi all, I don't post very often(more of a lurker). I don't know if anyone on here knowes of or has dogs bred at Lynwater kennel West Lothian. But it is with a sad heart to announce that Elizabeth passed away peacefully at home today at 12.30. A sad loss of an influential woman in the...
  7. moscow_mule

    Royal highland...Hopetoun International.

    Hi, I know we are in the minority up here. But I'm surprised that no one has mentioned or reported upon there I did say sun). I had a fab day a RHS , mooching around tack stalls...trying to convince myself that I or my horse needed something!! Hopetoun today...
  8. moscow_mule

    grass livery in west lothian

    Hi,I'm a long time lurker/infrequent poster hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction:) I'm looking for grass livery for a 3yo mare around either Mid Calder or the South side of Edinburgh(I work at Edinburgh uni-Kings Buildings).This is my first horse for a few years and...
  9. moscow_mule

    Grape Tree Road

    Hi, just wondering if anyone knows anything about this stallion or his progeny? I don't post very often but have just put a deposit on a 3yo dark bay unbacked filly.It would be great to get some feedback(see what I'm letting myself in for!) from you knowledgable lot:)
  10. moscow_mule

    `orrible gsd poopy(and new big bro)

    Hi,just a small update on my poopie who has gone from this. To this And new big bro Full house now ;-) Enjoy the pictures..
  11. moscow_mule

    Do not look if easily offended

    Hi,don't post very often,but would like to introduce Mika....aka Hundark Rika. I shall now say sorry for posting such ugliness on an open forum lol!
  12. moscow_mule

    Liver Shunt

    Hi, a friend of mine got his first GSD (bitch) pup last Friday from a breeder in Dundee.All appeared well except the pup wasn't eating as well as she should.I suggested adding a little bit of Nature Diet to her dry food to tempt her and feed little and often so as to not overface her. As he was...
  13. moscow_mule

    GSD or Husky ? LOL.

    Hi, Just dehaired the hairy one. Just for fun,how old is Torin. Lynn.
  14. moscow_mule

    Scottish peeps

    Has anyone used(or heard of)Fyrish Equestrian? Just idle pondering on my behalf
  15. moscow_mule

    baby PF

    I demand to know where the 'photos are It's just plain rude not to show everyone
  16. moscow_mule

    mrs stinkbomb

    Hi,don't post very often...but is this a pic of your boy? sorry if link dosen't work...I'm not very good at doing things like this.
  17. moscow_mule

    nearly A hand

    Dose (sp) anyone know anything about the thoroughbred stallion Nearly A Hand? I used to ride one of his offspring, my horse of a lifetime.I can't find anything about on line.Many thanks