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  1. Jules19

    Help me find this product?

    If you look on Gibson Saddlers or Horse Requisites, both in Newmarket, you will find race hoods in both their shops. They are used in racing to just calm anxious horses and can be used to race in if declared. I have no idea of their legality in other disciplines I'm afraid.
  2. Jules19

    Borderline Result on Equisal Tapeworm Test

    Sorry, you are right, our last one was 'low', I thought it was borderline! Even so, if he has been turned out with others up to this point, they have all been exposed to the same level of infection, a day or two is going to make no difference. I wouldn't keep in after worming, but I know...
  3. Jules19

    Borderline Result on Equisal Tapeworm Test

    Have a look on the Equisal info sheet that came with the test. Pretty sure they say not to worm if it comes back at borderline level.
  4. Jules19

    Galielo/Frankel stud fees?

    Authorized is now in France having not set the world alight as a sire. Stands for €10k. Frankel ran 14 times, won 14 races, 10 of which were Group 1, I don't call that a bad record. They were on hiding to nothing with whatever his progeny achieved as they can never all replicate him...
  5. Jules19

    High Flight Response

    That sounds incredibly dangerous and I'm not sure I would get back on in that situation until I had done thorough investigations. If nothing else it is going to destroy your confidence! I have a 7yo ID and I would say it is taking more time than any other horse I have owned for him to settle...
  6. Jules19

    I am so Bl..dy stupid...loading!

    I can honestly say the attached vid clip has been the most effective and long lasting method I have ever used to load a tricky one. I was there for two hours with my new chap the other day, having tried the bribery, coercion and brute force methods I went back to this and it worked, again. You...
  7. Jules19

    XC Confidence (rider, not horse!)

    I was just looking at Helen Rennie's page on Facebook, think she calls herself Rezone Training, she does consults via Facetime she says. I've just bought her book on recommendation. :) Might be worth a look.
  8. Jules19

    Mexican Grackle Comfort bridle - current suggestions please

    Hooks of Sweden? Have everything bar the noseband attaching both sides. I've just bought the funky looking one for €87 and am pleasantly surprised with quality of leather. :)
  9. Jules19

    Long reining lessons -East Anglia (or DVDs)

    Highly recommend Matt French, he is Milton Keynes way but does come to this neck of the woods.
  10. Jules19

    4-6.5T horsebox budget builders? Yorks/Lancs (also in Tack Room)

    Have you spoken to Kevin Parker? They do do a 4.5T Aeos 'Weekender' as a standard build, so you wouldn't be a guinea pig.
  11. Jules19

    Odd behaviour

    Has he pulled a muscle or tweaked a nerve in his neck? Mine was doing a lot of headshaking the other day, had the physio out the following day as she was booked anyway, and she found and resolved a soft tissue knot, up near her poll, that would reliably cause her to head shake and cause obvious...
  12. Jules19

    Best ever horse related film?

    Carlosmum, think you'll find that music is Ennio Morricone, from The Mission, should you wish to listen to it more than once a year. ;)
  13. Jules19

    3.5t with day living help please

    Those pods are ace, want one! Aeos has external tack locker, that comes into the living area, so nothing protruding into horse area at all. The tack locker holds the gas bottle for the hob, and a horse shower. There is a built in water tank as well. It is a miracle of space and weight...
  14. Jules19

    3.5t with day living help please

    I have a Kevin Parker Aeos, which I've had a single bed/bench seat and a hob and sink put into the back of, which is all separated from the horse area with a bulkhead. Payload is 1.1T on a 3.5T box, could have upgraded the chassis to 3.9T (Vauxhall Movano) but as it would still only carry one...
  15. Jules19

    Alexanders v Equitrek v Oakley etc Small Horseboxes?

    I have a Kevin Parker Aeos, and totally love it, build quality is excellent, and they are great at letting you know exactly where they are in the build, with pics etc. Properly know their stuff and do not cut corners. Agree that you won't fit 2 horses/ponies legally in a 3.5T though. Mine has...
  16. Jules19

    Looking for protective jodhpur boots.

    Equitector boots are really decent quality and do everything you want :)
  17. Jules19

    Hind end weakness - WWYD

    Another suggestion: maybe look into getting a consult with Donna Blinman, she is a holistic vet and tends to deal with these multi symptomatic cases from a slightly different viewpoint. Can't say I have had to use her but have heard good things....
  18. Jules19

    3.5t Horse Lorry, Needle in a hay stack!?

    I sold my 25 year old Theault in September last year for £3,750. It was passed clean by a very thorough independent inspector. It took me months to sell as apparently it was a lot of money for an old box. If I had the choice of travelling my horse in a brand new flimsy job vs the ancient...
  19. Jules19

    Not Stricty CR but horsebox inspections Suffolk way?

    I'm in Suffolk, when I was selling mine the eventual buyer used Essex vehicle inspection. They were massively thorough and I would be more then happy to recommend them, and would use them myself if I were buying.
  20. Jules19

    Horsebox Manufacturer Recommendation

    If you are nearish to Preston then I would highly recommend Kevin Parker Horseboxes. I'm in Suffolk, looked at local builders and travelled to Preston. Think that sums up my experience ;) I have had nothing but compliments and horse travels beautifully and safely.
  21. Jules19

    St. Nicholas Abbey

    PTS this morning following colic surgery.
  22. Jules19

    St. Nicholas Abbey

    RIP :(
  23. Jules19

    tiny showjumping and beach report, please feel free to add more!

    He is a proper legend Jess :). Love the flying pic from the jumping, super keen. You know what I did this weekend, gatecrashed your beach trip ;) There are some horses looking very chillaxed and happy to have a day off at the yard this morning.
  24. Jules19

    Would you stop?

    When I first moved to the village a kid came running across the (quiet) road saying 'can I pat your horse?' as she went. I honestly didn't have time to stop her, she ran at him, he cowkicked her in the kidney and put her in hospital for the night. So no, after that incident I never stopped...
  25. Jules19

    Where are all the comp reports?! Mine is too boring to post

    Well I was at the same place as Jesstickle, at a lower level :P Similar results, however I was thrilled as first time out on my 4yo, so used to having to go out for about a year to settle ex racers into the whole relaxing at competition venue thing; the 3 month broken ISH managed to cope with...
  26. Jules19

    Hat fitting or not in this case

    I just cut a bit of gamgee to fit in mine, appears to work a treat. ;)
  27. Jules19

    5 stage vetting - are they really worth it?

    Marmalade76, in contrast to your tale, I had a 4yo 5 stage vetted that came up marginally lame on the lunge on the hard, took it as far as X rays and they found modelling in the navicular bone, and hence I didn't buy. So in that case it was picked up, and I would have not picked up on the issue...
  28. Jules19

    Does a 5 stage vetting include taking bloods as standard?

    I've just got my invoice through for a recent 5 stage. The VDS blood sampling kit is an extra on top of standard vetting, but it was only £20.38 inc VAT so I'm unsure where 'the few hundred pounds more' has come from. Just to say I was asked when booking it if I wanted bloods taken, scoping...
  29. Jules19

    How to deal with slightly unpleasant, loose dogs from horseback?

    And there was me searching for 'dangerous dogs', great minds and all that Jess! I am also trying to think what we could have done differently, in fact I spent the entire of last night thinking about what we could have done differently but still none the wiser. We were actually at halt when the...
  30. Jules19

    Kevin Parker / HR Multisport horsebox

    I'm having a 3.5T built by KP at the mo. I cannot fault their service to date. I did A LOT if research online and could not find anyone say a bad word against them, which in itself was quite impressive. Obviously I haven't seen the finished product yet, but they have sent me pics of the build...