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    Which hoof boots do you recommend?

    Ok thanks for that, will take a look. Yes we need some hoof boot experts! There seem to be a few different ones about so need some recommendations :)
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    Which hoof boots do you recommend?

    I have an ex-racer that constantly pulls her shoes off in the field, have tried fronts only and aluminium plates with no success so have decided to try and go without shoes. She is currently rather footy in front although but her hinds are fine as they have been shoe-less for nearly a year so...
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    Sarah Crouch/Peter Horse Dealer Wrexham

    Always has a lot advertised can't say anymore than that as not been to view anything of hers but I think there was a similar post on North Wales Horse / Cheshire Horse so perhaps you could try there..
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    Trying to sell my filly and low price is attracting the wrong people!!

    Tell me about it, I recently dropped the price of a 10 y.o. PC pony and had some right hassle, the woman who bought him turns out to be a right load of trouble and am getting nothing but hassle (see my recent post on here). I am gutted that he has ended up with someone who quite obviously...
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    With people like this why would anyone want to sell horses for a living??

    Yes I think big time trouble-maker, the last pony they bought I believe got sent back because it 'kept going lame'. I did question how can you age off bloods, she said liver, kidney function so what happens when for example a 5 yo horse is exposed to ragwort and has liver damage compared to a 5...
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    With people like this why would anyone want to sell horses for a living??

    Cut a long story short, someone recently came to view a pony I had put up for sale, travelled a fair way and spent approx 3 hours at my place viewing him in which time they got to see him being ridden on the flat and over a jump, then rode him themselves on the flat and over a jump and were then...
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    Horsebox insurance can you pay monthly?

    Thanks, is this the right company?
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    Horsebox insurance can you pay monthly?

    Does anyone know of a company that does horsebox insurance where you can pay monthly? Pay my car insurance monthly and can't really afford the lump sum at the moment. It's a 3.5t box.
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    How much is this horse worth???

    Depends is she doing affiliated or unaffiliated? In current market time of year I'd say no more than £1500.
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    Not sure about what happens in the winter!!

    mwahahahaha I use a calor gas heater in my horse's stable, goes great with the hay and straw... joke but just read some of your other posts too and perhaps this is why the 'annoying girl on your yard' as you put it is forever trying to 'help' you....
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    my horse is eating acorns!!

    Hmm Greenguard mask might work, the gaps are rather small in those but again you can't leave it on 24/7 so unless you are bringing him in during the day/night it's prob not the best solution. Probably the cheapest and safest option is to fence off around the trees, after reading this I'm a tad...
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    what is this called and where can I buy one?

    LOL prob gonna get slated for this but I wonder if this would work for a pony that's learnt to buck, spin 90 degrees and drop his shoulder after a jump but always to the right..?!?!! :D
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    Could she go barefoot?

    Backs went last February and she was footy at first but isn't anymore so was thinking could do the same with the fronts. Can't do much more than the odd hack time-wise as I have a youngster but also as she is retired companion through injury and although is sound now she is blind in one eye so...
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    Could she go barefoot?

    My 19 y.o. TB currently is shod in front but only goes on the road once a week for no more than an hour so as I need to make some cutbacks right now I'm considering just having the shoes taken off. Her feet are typical TB feet so aren't the best but the hoof wall tends to crumble around the nail...
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    SHOES how much are you paying????

    Mine just have fronts and that's £30 so a full set I believe is £60, wish we could get them done for £40 around here like some of you!
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    Are we in MW's now?

    Nooo it's been far too warm during the day here so my four (2 TB's & 2 Welsh B's) are in lightweights at night and naked during the day when it's warm. They will be clipped soon and I need something to clip off! One of the Welshies is the only one that has grown anything resembling a winter coat...
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    Do you prefer Gelding or mares?

    Most people I know seem to prefer geldings and I find geldings are better for my two daughters as they tend to tolerate more than a mare. I myself have to mares and I prefer a mare to a gelding, not sure why I just tend to get along better with them, maybe I am a fairly quiet and laid back rider...
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    Increase in hay prices

    £3.00 per standard bale as opposed to £2 two years ago. North Wales area. Market appears stagnant, prices are low, a dealer I know hasn't sold one pony all summer!
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    Feeding Thoroughbreds

    Another vote for Winergy Equilibrium, I have two ex racers a 5 yo and a 19 yo and both are on the growth. Before this the 19 yo was reknowned as being the local nutcase and never went anywhere at a walk, now she is a different horse! The feed is fibre based rather than cereal & is complete so no...
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    The market...

    Yes same problem, have a great 10 y.o. PC pony up for sale for less than we paid 18 months ago but not one serious enquiry unless you count a picture collector and a would you loan-er :/
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    Ragwort bane of my life!

    Lately there seems to be ragwort springing up all over the place in my two fields..for every one wheelbarrow I fill there seems to be another thirty to pick. I pull any flowering plants out immediately so there are none of those but I can't seem to get on top of the rosettes and have a feeling...
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    Bloodhounding newbie

    Thinking of going bloodhounding but not sure what to expect in relation to height of jumps, is there an option to go round them? Would like to take a 5 yo TB she is an ex-racer but quiet although hasn't done much jumping bar a bit of coloured polework in the school. Would it be ok to take her or...
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    Pony stops dead on landing! (Sorry but long)

    The pony had a 5 stage vetting on purchase & after purchase his back and teeth were done. I did think it was an issue of rider imbalance but I have ridden him (I have 33 years experience) & he has tried the same trick. I don't think it is because he doesn't like hard ground as he has done same...
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    Do horses get bored of the same route?

    I would say depends on the horse! My anxious mare is a stickler for routine and will only relax on a familiar route, take her on a new one and she jogs until she is back in her comfort zone. My other more relaxed mare enjoys changes of scenery & can get mule-ish on familiar routes!
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    Would you buy a 'blind in one eye' pony?

    My 19 y.o. TB (bay horse cantering in my siggy) is blind in her right eye due to uveitis. I would say that they should look into the cause of blindness incase it will need careful management or future treatment. My mare having uveitis has to wear a UV mask all through the summer & sometimes in...
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    dangerous horse

    I used to have a chestnut mare that did this, she was very, very nappy and did not want to leave her companions in the field. I used a chifney on her and used to take a schooling whip to send her on behind, it worked better than an ordinary headcollar or bridle and the chifney is easier to put...
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    Loading - a battle of wills...or time to call it a day?

    The towel thing worked for us too although we used my daughter's coat as it was the only thing we had to hand the first time we tried it. Have a pony that travels really well, never sweats, is obviously not scared but is a dominant fella & likes to try his luck. Tried everything & finally used...
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    So the hay and haylage crop is nearly in,how many of you have had a big jolt about th

    The farmer I get my hay off said the grass was coming very late (if at all) and his hay to quote him "isn't making". I think what he meant by that was that the grass was of lesser quantity & at a younger stage of growth than it should have been for the time of year. My farrier reports having to...
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    Pony stops dead on landing! (Sorry but long)

    Ok have posted about this pony before, here is the original post: Bought 13.2 pony in June and didn't put a foot wrong when daughter tried him. However once we got him home he started to throw in big bucks after jumps and wouldn't stop until my daughter was on the ground. Checked saddle and...
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    Would you give your horse this clip??

    Ok further to a post about weird clips, how about your horse tries this one on for size