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    Mycotoxin binder & other supplements?

    I've been giving mycosorb to my suspected shiverer for the last 2 weeks and she's shown huge improvement but I feel she could do with a joint supplement, I'm guessing that the mycosorb will also absorb the joint supplement? Does anyone have any experience of feeding a binder? Would I work if I...
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    Ulcers in the hind gut - anyone?

    Does anyone have any experience of ulcers in the hind gut / acidosis? My TB is currently on gastrogard to treat what is very strongly suspected to be hind gut ulcers (american websites call them colonic ulcers) his attitude has improved a lot but we still have days where he's particularly vile...
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    Ulcers - Hay better than haylage??

    I read recently on here people saying that hay is better than haylage for horses with or susceptible to ulcers, just wondered if theres any more info about it? Does anyone have any opinions or theories?
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    Wood/straw pellets without mats?

    Does anyone use pellets of any kind without mats? I;d like to change over to pellets but shelling out for the pellets and a full set of mats for 2 stables rather over stretches the budget - are they ok to use without??
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    Red Bed? Anyone use it?

    As the title says, does anyone use RedBed, opinions? Especially interested in how it works for barefoot horses? Also if anyone knows of any stockists in the Staffordshire / Cheshire area that would be great.
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    Dippy back on this ad...

    I know she's still only 3 but OMG look at that back.....
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    Selling a hunter - Is the price putting them off?

    Sorry folks, I don't like the how much posts but.... I'm trying to sell a hunter, 15yo 17hh ex-masters horse, pretty easy ride and advertised at £1800 to reflect his age and the fact that he's not up to full fitness. Having done a few searches similar types seem to be advertised for £3-5k, now...
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    Recommendations for Horse Insurance please?

    As title - Recommendations for Horse Insurance please? Who's good to use? Dealt with claims well? Doesn't break the bank! Also who should be avoided?
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    Livery - N. Staffs/ S. Cheshire???

    I'm looking for a yard to move to in North Staffs / South Cheshire, all suggestions Welcome! :-)
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    Livery - N. Staffs/ S. Cheshire???

    I'm looking for a yard to move to in North Staffs / South Cheshire, all suggestions Welcome! :-)
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    Horse transport

    Looking to move a horse from Newbury to Stoke on Trent, anyone got any suggestions of good transporters or know of any shared loads with a space???
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    Strange behaviour with water - any ideas?

    My gelding is doing something very strange, he puts his nose into his water bucket and swooshes the water around and then out, it has happened before a few times, it lasted a few days then stopped, this latest time started yesterday and he looks under the weather in his eyes - has anyone seen...
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    Best place to buy worming tablets in bulk???

    As title really, i'm after enough tablets to worm 20 beasts that apparently weigh approx 50kg each? Any ideas where's best to get them from, i;m assuming it'll be an internet site somewhere????
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    Hirelings in North Staffs/South Cheshire/North Shrops

    I'm sure this has been done before, but having just rehomed my hunting horse (no, I;m not sure how that happened either:confused:) does anyone know where I can get a hireling to go out with the Vale Royal Bloodhounds???