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  1. Blizzard

    Retirement Livery?

    I am in the process of buying a new house/farm. It includes over 40 hectares of excellent grazing land so I'm am considering doing retirement livery. My question is, what would you expect from retirement livery? So far I intend to include: * Large paddocks with field shelters * Staff on...
  2. Blizzard

    Snuggy Hood sizing? *pics*

    My horses are WB x Hippo and as a result are mud monsters! So Im going to buy some turnout hoods to make my life easier. But Im not sure what size to get, Ive looked on their sizing guide but cant decide between XL and XXL. The XXL just says 'anything huge' which isnt very specific, so was...
  3. Blizzard

    TopSpec Super Conditioning Flakes?

    People who use them, do you find them particularly heating, and did they help a lot with condition?
  4. Blizzard

    Can anyone please recommend a good farrier in Co. Durham?

    As title says really!
  5. Blizzard

    Would anyone like a pony/cob white saddlecloth?

    Ive found some things that belonged to my old mare, they wont come close to fitting my boys lol, so if anyone wants either a pony/cob sized white diamond quilted saddecloth (spine measures 17") for the price of postage,let me know.
  6. Blizzard

    Saddle for a Warmblood/ISH ? Help please!

    Beau came with a wintec Dressage saddle, I hated it, but because he was so underweight and lacking condition, and it fit him well, I didnt want to get a new one until he had filled out and muscled up. Anyway, he has had a few months off, he is coming back into work now but the dressage saddle is...
  7. Blizzard

    RANT! (Rugs)

    Why do they do it?! Why do manufacturers make rugs in big sizes, my boys are a 7ft in rugs, but then why dont they adjust the depth and width accordingly too! Grr, Ive had so many 7ft rugs that mustnt be any deeper than a 6ft! Does it not make sense that if the horse is longer its going to be...
  8. Blizzard

    Girthing / Saddle problem?

    Beau has totally outgrown his dressage saddle, it looks like a pony saddle on him! So anyway I was planning on riding him yesterday, he hasnt been ridden September, and with his saddle not fitting I tried Lance's on him, as that is an extra wide. So put it on, went to fasten the girth, it was...
  9. Blizzard

    Skinny people with big horses? Problem?

    Do you find it difficult to find saddles that fit both you and the horse? Beau came with a 17.5" dressage saddle, which fit him at the time, however he has filled out considerably, and has grown height wise, and he now makes it look like a pony saddle! He hasnt been ridden for a few months...
  10. Blizzard

    A good way to bombproof your horse

    is to let my OH near them! His latest creation, the worlds biggest, and sleepiest, pit ponies: People often comment on how nothing fazes the boys,probably because anything they see out in the big wide world isnt nearly as bad as the way OH uses them for his amusement lol. They do seem to...
  11. Blizzard

    Another rug ripped!!

    how bad is it? spray adhesive and duct tape are great for just mending tears and rips.
  12. Blizzard

    I think he is still growing

    I think Beau may have grown again, his rugs are looking too short for him and Im just looking at pics from yesterday, this is him stood beside a 15.3hh TB. I know she is stood a little way back, but im sure he never used to That big! I cant even measure him accurately as the he is taller than...
  13. Blizzard

    Happy Birthday to Lance - he is 19 this week

    Although he still thinks he is 4! Quite scary to think that next year he will be 20, but I hope he has many years ahead of him yet. Happy Birthday Lance - Guiness in tea tonight! xx
  14. Blizzard

    Horse testing new rider out? *vids* and does yours?

    Or is it just mine that is a total embarrassment! My friend Hazel came up to say for a few days, the vid below was her first ride on Lance, bearing in mind I said he can be a BIT lazy in the school! (gale force winds so may need to turn volume down in first vid) What makes it worse is the...
  15. Blizzard

    FAO: meandmyself

    Empty PM's please missus!
  16. Blizzard

    Is anyone looking for a horse to share/loan in the North East?

    Because we have one, if you want any more details PM me. We are in Co. Durham
  17. Blizzard

    Competing a horse that is too small for you?

    Ok so some of you know I have taught my OH to ride, who is 6ft 4. He has really got the bug and is wanting to do some shows next year, on Lance, as he is very experienced so wil 'hopefully' look afer him. He wants to do some showing classes first, veteren classes and so on, and my worry is...
  18. Blizzard

    Getting the older horse fit

    Does anyone have any tips or advice? Lance, who is 19 in feb, has only been getting hacked about once a week since the start of sumer, no fault of his own. Anyway Im able to ride more now so Im upping it to 3 times a week, once the nights draw out we can do more. We have a school but the...
  19. Blizzard

    What special treats are your horses getting tomorrow?

    Mine are getting Guiness in their feeds, and a bag of carrots each.
  20. Blizzard

    Does your horse have a lighter or heavier rug on in the stable?

    Im thinking of bringing Beau in from tonight, he is out in a 370g rhino full neck rug, do you thik he will be ok with this on inside too? His stable is indoor but does get a bit draughty as he is near the door, however they are always warmer than outside, with him not moving around though I...
  21. Blizzard

    The boot search continues..his legs are too wide! *pics*

    Well after spending a long time last week trying to decide which size ww double lock brusing boots Lance would need, I finally decided on large in front, XL behind. Lare frontsare supposed to fit 10.5 inches bone, Lance has 10 in front and 11 behind. Well they came, and they are too bloody...
  22. Blizzard

    To whoever recommended Megazorb bedding...

    ...for a wet, dirty horse... THANK YOU!! I bought some yesterday, put 1 bale down (as Beau has matting), and after 7hrs in today Beau's bed looked like this: hHe had had loads of poo's but the Megazorb seems to cling to them and stop them getting paddled and ruining the bed. Usually his bed...
  23. Blizzard

    Bedding for a filthy wet horse?

    Any recommendations? Horse is on neds bedz at the mo but it needing a new bed every day!
  24. Blizzard

    Horse dropping weight fast, anyone else?

    I took Beau's rug off today and was shocked to see how much weight he has lostin the last 5 days, I could easily see where he had lost weight. He was 700kg when I weighed him 5 day ago, today he was 655kg. And you can see the difference: 1st Dec: 5th Dec: I have been trying to really hard...
  25. Blizzard

    People who have Woof Wear double lock brushing boots?

    Im ordering 2 sets of these for Lance, however I dont know what size to order! The retailer is ordering thm in because I want a special colour,so I need to get it right. Looking at WW size guide it says a 16.2hh needs a medium in front and a Large behind, but the retailer reckons Lance may...
  26. Blizzard

    One more...How much would YOU pay to buy your horse Now?

    So we have had what is your horse worth on the market realistically, and what you paid for them. So wondering what you would pay if you bought your horse now? I said I think Beau is worth 5k and Lance 4k (maximum!), based on the fact they are totally safe and anyones ride, and Lance's...
  27. Blizzard

    Following from how much is your horse worth...what did you pay?

    I paid £1300 for Beau including his tack and rugs. I paid nothing for Lance.
  28. Blizzard

    How much is your horse REALLY worth?

    And no I dont mean 'he is priceless to me' , I mean in terms of cash! Looking at horse prices these days its obvious that many sellers arent getting the prices they are asking...and I do wonder where some people selling get their prices from! So I was wondering what you think your own...
  29. Blizzard

    A how much (for rubber matting)

    How much would you expect to pay for 4 bubble top with underside drainage rubber mats, the thick black heavy ones, apparantly they will a 12x12 stable with a gap at the front left. Very good condition.
  30. Blizzard

    Can you REALLY afford your horse(s)?

    As title says really, Ive seen a few posts over the last few months about people saying they cant afford x/y and z for their horse, or even basics such as livery, perhaps contemplating getting sharers or even selling up. It got me wondering just how many of us are in debt to keep our horses, or...