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    Hunt coming through yard

    Pot. Kettle. Black. And this will be my only contribution to the thread!
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    Government considering doing away with trailer test

    I only passed my driving test 2 years ago, and the only reversing they asked me to do was to prove I could reverse backwards in a straight line when I was parked on the RHS of the road. I was taught parallel parking and reverse parking, but was not asked to demonstrate those in my test!
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    Tokyo Pentathlon SJ

    Even the dressage riders will have been expected to jump a fair height to pass the test to allow them to compete top level dressage in Germany!
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    Tokyo Pentathlon SJ

    What a time for the rein to break!
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    Pictures Filly is here!

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    Highland ponies on the hunting field?

    I hunted my old Highland, only a couple of times as mum refused to let me go more often (was only a teen). Was around Bucks/Herts region, and he loved it, and was far more sensible with the odd ditch we came across than many other horses. Didn't do all the jumps, but that was more often to do...
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    Tokyo Eventing Dressage

    I like the music the Japanese rider has as his background! ETA watching on the German channels as my Eurosport doesn't want to play ball this morning! So no Lucinda wittering nonsense in the background!
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    Pictures I cannot believe I am posting this - RIP Arizona

    I'm so sorry, must be an absolutely terrible shock for you. Take care of yourself!
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    What would you choose from the poll

    Nothing for me on that list, as I always did endurance!
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    where do you

    Just giant boobs that require giant bras in my case 😂
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    Pigeon toes

    Reg had minor pigeon toes, and he successfully competed 80 and 120km FEI endurance with my sister! Got to 11 and could no longer do the distance due to arthritis in his fetlock, but we thought it was more related to an accident he had when he was a 2 yo due to where it was. Didn't twist his leg...
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    Not specifically mentioned, but I've volunteered several times for endurance rides, and usually been pretty well looked after! And often thanked by the organiser/given a bottle of wine as well Riders generally haven't been too bad, most are reasonably chatty. Some are a bit stuck up, but that's...
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    I watched it with my non-horsey bf recently, and despite him not being keen on cartoons and knowing next to nothing about horses, he thoroughly enjoyed it. It has aged incredibly well, and it has such a nice feel good story to it as well!
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    Joe moves :)

    Lovely and workmanlike! Definitely lots to like and a way to improve with him still being a baby
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    change my mind - what controversial/guilty horsey things do you do and not feel guilty for??:)

    Not really, just an absolute saint of a pony who I trusted to keep going at the same pace and direction! It would have taken far longer to have had the discussion with her about slowing down, actually slowing down and doing it than letting her just canter on and doing it very carefully! Thanks...
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    Ears ....

    I had hi viz pink ones on Reg as we had a fair bit of busy roadwork to get to the bridleways and wanted to help increase our chances of being seen. Thankfully never lost our bridle though and it didn't stop him from being a prat in windy weather when the mood took him, but they were very thin...
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    change my mind - what controversial/guilty horsey things do you do and not feel guilty for??:)

    Gloi, you just reminded me of the time I tightened my girth whilst cantering down a nice wide grassy track! (I was trying to keep my time up whilst out competing endurance, and couldn't justify the time it took to slow down and tighten it at a slower pace)
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    I just bought my first cob! Introduction + feed advice + photos!

    You always have such a big smile on your face in every picture you have posted with him. I am very glad he is making you as happy as you had hoped! Exactly what horses are for :)
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    RIP heart is broken

    I'm so sorry to hear that, what an awful thing to have happened. Take care of yourself, and don't blame yourself for it!
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    Anyone seen swelling like this?

    With everyone else, you did all that you could for him! So sorry :(
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    Cleveland Bays and Cleveland bay X's - tell me about them please!

    I had a CB x Arab on loan for a year. Backed her myself and within a month she was out hacking alone, brave as anything. If she decided she liked you, she would do anything for you. If not, she'd ditch you pretty quick! Very much had an opinion, and would make it known, but if you made it clear...
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    Long socks with no chaps

    I was doing it 15 years ago, so certainly not a new thing! But as others, it was ideal for endurance as it helped protect legs from stirrup leathers whilst not being too hot
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    What is a 'normal' age to lose a horse?

    12yo Highland - cancer in the digestive system somewhere 2 x yearling rescue ponies - encysted red worm damage before they were rescued 32yo Irish cob - old age/arthritis 24yo shirextb - kick in the field 33yo WelshxArab - old age 30yo Dales type - old age
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    How many miles would you hack in a day?

    Agree with Gloi. A horse that is worked 3-4 times a week properly for around an hour or so should be fit enough to manage 20 miles no problem! So no real additional work to get to the fitness for that aside from what is required to regain "normal" fitness anyway. Only difference is if the route...
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    Yard rule for wearing hi viz

    These pictures show exactly why I always used a bright pink exercise sheet on Reg (similar to roxylola)! As well as pink ears, as they both stand out insanely well against the hedges. Only time I didn't use the rug was in the middle of summer as the poor horse would have sweated far too much...
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    Farewell faithful friend.

    Baler twine is also an absolute necessity surely!?
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    The stupidest thing you did- horse wise.

    Reminds me of the time I dropped my whip on a bridleway around a golf course, and let go of my Sec D for 2 seconds as I bent down. She took the opportunity to charge across the middle of the golf course. Couldn't get within 5m of her as she made her way to the end of the bridleway to a road. I...
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    The stupidest thing you did- horse wise.

    Maybe 12 years ago, sister had a NF cross that could really buck when she was still not fully warmed up (in hindsight, very likely PSSM, but wasn't really a known "thing" then). In my teenage wisdom I decided it was a great idea to jump on this pony with no saddle, bridle or hat and go for a...
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    Found a cat

    Izzy does that whilst grumbling. I've always just assumed it's pride from actually catching the toy/prey, as I can always remove it from her without her complaining!
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    Anyone remember the Equestriad computer game? There's a surprise!

    !!!!!!! I loved it, spent many many hours playing it!