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    Please talk me out of this.

    Ok.. so not about a dog, about a cat, but this is the closest I can get. up until 3 weeks ago we had thre kittens, one of them has gone walkies and has been one for 3 weeks. we have tried everything to get him back.. Anyway, on Wednesday, his brother managed to pull his toe off, so had to...
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    I have just gone right back to 2007 in my post history. Wow, there are some memories there! The good the bad and the ugly. But some very interesting post. We really did talk about some rubbish lol!!!! Lou x
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    Fitness Routine.

    Come on then, i have 3 months to get my semi fit warmblood, fit enough to do a ODE (only a ickle one, as its our first ever.) She has just had a week off as I have been away, but usually we school three times a week, hack twice (one of these is usually for 3 hours and fast work/jumping) and i...
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    My BIG insurance renewal.

    Just had my Insurance renewal from NFU and it have gone up 18 pound a month?!! thats a lot. Has anyone else found this? I'm quite annoyed as being insured with NFU makes me feel 'safe' but to be honest.. im not sure I can afford that amount a month! Lou x
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    First Ever Unaffiliated ODE Infro please

    I have just entered myself for my first ever ODE. I was wondering if people could tell me what to expect, what to wear, the order of the day and anything else I will need to know.. I am a complete novice at eventing so all information is greatly received. I am SO excited! lol Lou x
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    Desperatly need hay/haylage in the Stoke on Trent area!

    Hyelp!!! I desperatly need to find a new supplier as ours has bottled on us. we use large bales. Preferably haylage but hay will do if need must. Around about thew £25 £30 pound mark. Lou x
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    Feeding Advice please.

    Hello need some advise ( feed shopping tomorrow so would like to get the decided feed then) I have a mare who is a bit quirky should we say. Her droppings as a rule are very loose. She has always been loose but recently more so. So on the advice of the vet she has been put on BioPremium...
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    And People used to think I was bad?!

    I used to get called sarcastic, sometimes nasty and agressive (AKA I didn't suffer fools) But I am shocked! I've not been a regular poster over the last few months due to work commitments and the likes but having had a week off I have been reading up on some posts from the last couple of...
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    First Jumping in 6 years!

    Me and Cate went to a show today (in the pink mobile) and she was amazing. It is her first time out with me and she was a star. Completely unphased. And just fantastic!! A little video We came 2nd in the first class and then 3rd in the second class...
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    Just wanted to remind everyone that spring is soon upon us. With resent weather forcasts predicting frosts, Id just like to make a post asking you all to be diligent about turning out those horses and ponies who are prone to Laminitis. Frost prevent the fructose from traveling down the...
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    Show Report.. ish

    Well I took Cate to a charity show, and to be honest it was one of those 'just not ment to be' events. Earlier in the week the weather gave out heavy rain, then my hacking partner lied through her teeth to me so she didnt feel she had to come. But i thought Sod it im going. and thanks to my...
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    Showing on Monday.

    I am showing on Monday for the first time in 6 years. Im taking my WB mare in the open inhand. She has black legs. What do I need to wear? scared lol Lou x PS its a bit of fun. It is a charity show, so im only going for fun.
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    I had a bit of a break thorough yesterday with her While I was riding her in the school she was prating about in trot, trying to bounce in to canter and such. So i thought 'right.. enough Ill sit on your back and do sitting trot see how you like it' (Mean mummy!) Anyway... pretty much...
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    Gosh Im stupid...

    Ive just realised I have had my horse Microchipped for over 8 months and have not registered it yet.. I just found the form... what a plonka.. Lou x
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    Spring has come!

    Spring is here.. Now im not sure weather it is spring.. or the ovary scan.. lol but one of them has sent Cate into a a seriously heavy season... Oh and she tried to pee on the farrier.. good job Greg is nimble on his feet! Lou x
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    Cate.. Xcountry..

    Anyone fancy taking my horse Xcountry.. she jumps well! Lou x
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    >>> Hansom and loveable.. chestnut

    I am in love and I think he is stunning I would absolutely love to have that horse! Lou x
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    NFU reply to my Queries...RE EIA..

    Dear Louise, Thank you for your email, forwarded by Mutual Direct concerning SwampFever. Under the terms of the Loss of Animal section of the NFU MutualHorse policy there is an exclusion which states; 'We will not pay if an animal insured: is destroyed on the order of any government or local...
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    Ive been offered

    A good as new Wintec dressage saddle with three plates.. £100 Do I go for it? Lou x
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    Bute allowed in competitions.....

    Is it cheating? Lou x
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    Have just realised how well breed Ted was....

    Just looked at DENMAN on wikipedia.. for not much reason really... Denmans DamSire is Pollerton =o) Ted Damsire was Pollerton =o) He really was a horse in a million. Completely pointless post! HA! Lou x
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    A Proud Mummy Post.

    Not done one for a VERY long time. Anyway, a bit of background, a couple of times over the last month, Cato has stood up on her hind legs, while hacking up the local colliery. Anyway, yesterday we went up there with the usual company and she was very good, broke the trot twice into canter, but...
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    when i got Cato she was nowty to tack up and rug. she's now good to take up but still nowty to rug. the reason we believe she is like this is because she has been handled roughly. there for, shouting is not going to help. any ideas. x
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    Emailed Cato's old owner.

    Asked her to tell me honestly what she was like to clip. No reply. So tomorrow were having a clipper 'taster session!' With the worlds noisiest clippers, so we shall see! (Not clipping tomorrow as working, just testing the water) Need to sharpen the blades.. Pointless post really lol Lou x
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    Sick of

    My pissy horrible mare lol. She wees at the front of her stable, not on her bedding, so it goes straight out the door.. it horrible. And its looking like were going to end up on shavings as im sick of the straw being useless =o( Moan over! Lou x
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    HHO Get Naked.

    With us having a new influx of members, and the justgiving site having slowed up a little, I thought I would introduce our new member to On this site you donate an amount (every little helps) which will go to the spinal unit at Oswestry Hospital some of our...
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    Title of Discussion:- If insurance companies were to put a claus in there policies to state that insurence would be void if the horse being hacked out or the rider/handler was not wearing any florenced/reflective equiptment, that more people would wear hi-viz?! Lou x
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    Just made me smile.. wrong forum.. but i want ya to see!

    Just found a piccy of Ted when he was At college, and very well! I found loads more of Dude. but ill leave them. I might do a 'dissection of horses leg' post whn I get home from work this evening. Miss him so much. Horse is a million! Lou x
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    Love you HHO. and B2B

    Look!!!!! article above about the stamford neds!!!! So proud of this forum sumtimes!!!! Glad they are ok. Lou x PS.. Lee Hackett used to own a horse called Pikey.. LMAO sorr off subject.
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    above/\ Cronically lame pony sold for euros...

    I think sits a very good story. Although sad that the mare had to go to the sales. It gives me faith in human nature, when a child of 11 years, can see the mare is severly in pain, purchase teh pony selflessly, and then turn the pony straight into the walfare organisation. And I think this child...