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  1. splashgirl45

    interesting views on dressage

    not sure if i have done this right, but he says what i have been thinking for a long time....
  2. splashgirl45

    paralympics on channel 4 now

    they are showing the dressage now. this morning lee got gold and georgia bronze so they are both through to the freestyle,,they are all amazing and some lovely horses
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    hho news page

    just tried to look at the news page , not the h&h plus, and a notification came up and said i have reached the limit of free news and giving options to mean is that just as there will be olympic news i would like to read. i am not paying out of principal, i only buy the magazine...
  4. splashgirl45

    naf dressage champs freestyle on now

    is anyone watching these on town and country tv. i had sound all morning but since the break there is none. i came out and went back in and i have sound for the ads but not for the class so dont think uts my laptop
  5. splashgirl45

    luhmuhlen 5*

    i ve been watching on h &c tv.... mollie summerland GB WON !!!!! bloomin amazing and a lovely horse..:D:D:D emilie chandler came 6th and david doel came 10th and 12th. great result for the brits, only 15 survived the c/c and some big names didnt complete..
  6. splashgirl45

    the gangs that steal dogs

    very scary video, we should all be very careful, this has really worried me
  7. splashgirl45

    horse and country tv problems

    i paid for this and have previously been able to sign in ok. i wanted to watch Bicton today as i saw most of the c/c yesterday even though it took me ages to get into it, anyone else having problems today. i cant even get in to the website let alone manage to watch anything. i am not a...
  8. splashgirl45

    WARNING,,,..... dealer and his friend equine transporter in ireland

    have just seen a very distressing post on facebook on the horse and hound members forum. i will not mention names on here but may be worth looking if anyone is thinking of buying...
  9. splashgirl45

    on lead, off lead, what to do

    my collie cross is always off lead and is very obedient so i dont worry if i see another dog whether off or on lead as she will walk next to me. my 2 terriers are a little different and if i see someone with a dog on lead i put mine on as i dont want to be a member of the "its ok my dogs are...
  10. splashgirl45

    grand prix on horse and country... free livestream

    if anyone doesnt know it starts at 12.05 today and on till 6 tonight, you can get the start list from british dressage website,
  11. splashgirl45

    guess the breeds....puppy pics

    i seem to have aquired a puppy, dont know how that happened :D:D i know her breeding, she is a mix of 3 breeds so what does everyone think
  12. splashgirl45

    hoovers for dog hair....gtech air ram k9

    has anyone used the above? i have a very old meile dog and cat hoover and although it is still working i think it is nearing the end:(:( have had a leaflet through about the gtech with an offer valid till october and it looks like it might do the job, but dont want to buy without hearing if...
  13. splashgirl45

    horrific video on h & h news page

    i was so shocked to see the video of a horse being driven into. luckily a shop had cctv and showed that the rider was not to blame. the woman drove off but she has now paid for her dangerous action and hopefully the horse can continue to improve.
  14. splashgirl45

    the queens favourite animals

    interesting, on channel 4 now
  15. splashgirl45

    chilver house stables, norfolk

    my friend is looking for a horse about 15. hands or 15.2 hands for general riding club events, she is a good rider but not confident with spooky type horses , she also wants to be able to hack alone if necessary.. there seem to be a few on the above dealers sight which on the face of it look...
  16. splashgirl45

    more tack stolen

    a yard in exning just outside newmarket had a break in last night and tack and feed stolen....i can remember when our yard was broken in to and how upset i felt, keep alert everyone..
  17. splashgirl45

    yumove advance 360

    has anyone found these online? i have just bought another box from my vet and they are now over £70....i have looked on vetuk,viovet and animed direct but ti doesnt seem to be available even with a prescription....
  18. splashgirl45

    illegal importing of dogs to the uk on bbc 7.30

    for those in the east.......inside out east tonight is talking about the above and the heartbreak of new pet owners who have bought them and have found they have a disease...
  19. splashgirl45

    the dog house on tv now

    this is on channel 4 now so people can catch up on +1, its about wood green, the dogs they are showing are extremely cute ones which woulkd prob be snapped up immediately. worth a watch
  20. splashgirl45

    cavallo sport hoof boots for sale

    cavallo sport hoof boots size 4 , gel pads and pastern wraps included. brand new, never even been tried on a horse. £50 if posted can be collected from me on essex/suffolk border near to clare for £40... bought these for my mare who i lost in 2016, had taken back shoes off at the...
  21. splashgirl45

    idiopathic vestibular syndrome

    anyone else dealt with this. i got woken at 2 this morning and my old collie cross was staggering about in a very confused state. i phoned the vet and he said to keep her calm and monitor.and if no improvement bring her in.. anyway, she got no better and he has diagnosed the above, her eyes...
  22. splashgirl45

    saddles for sale

    albion legend dressage saddle, 17 1/2 wide black £230 o.n.o. suffolk/essex border barnsby vsd saddle, 17 1/2 wide black £520 o.n.o. both saddles in good condition, for sale as i have now retired from owning horses
  23. splashgirl45

    event rider masters at chatsworth

    its on line now, showjumping just started and cross country a bit later, think its 3 ,15
  24. splashgirl45

    british eventing new website

    be has just updated their website, i thought it was pretty good before but i like the new one, very user friendly and nice and clear... what do you all think?
  25. splashgirl45

    itv now top 100 dogs

    found the above on itv......they are up to 26 now but you could go to itv plus 1 to see more, nice to see lots of different breeds.
  26. splashgirl45

    cavallo breeches and premier equine horse boots

    i have a pair of cavallo breeches with full seat, beige size 30, used but plenty of wear left £20 cavallo breeches , brown size 28 condition as above £15 premier equine sports boots size M white NEW £10 plus p &...
  27. splashgirl45

    barnsby vsd saddle mountain horse boots

    black barnsby vsd saddle, 17.5 wide (stamped 4) great saddle straighter cut than a gp so can use for dressage as well as hacking and jumping £450 o,n,o brown mountain horse high rider boots, wide size 39 brand new with tags. only tried on indoors £65 o.n.o. bought saddle in dec 2016,was a...
  28. splashgirl45

    dressage saddle for sale

    albion legend dressage saddle 17.5,wide, black in good condition, and 30 inch wintec dressage girth £270 o.n.o suffolk/essex border
  29. splashgirl45

    Stolen tack essex/suffolk border

    our yard was broken into last night and all of the saddles were taken..we were broken into a year ago and think it may be the same lot....i cant say what i am thinking as i will be banned for bad language!!!!! after the last break in i decided to keep my tack at home so luckily i am ok but...
  30. splashgirl45

    Tack stolen essex/suffolk border

    our yard was broken into last night, we think it was the same people that broke in last december as they drove across the field and knew exactly where to go. all of the saddles were stolen .... luckily for me i have been keeping mine at home as its not insured and i cant afford to replace...