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  1. dixie

    New boots not waterproof

    After years of riding in short boots and chaps I've bought some long boots, mostly for competition. They are Just Toggs Kensington which have false laces at the front. Today I rode in them, basically to make sure they felt comfy, and gave them a quick splash with the hosepipe to get the dust off...
  2. dixie

    I don’t know why everybody isn’t using this bit

    Because according to the blurb it will solve nearly every problem! whilst browsing for a bit for my youngster I came across these bits. As he’s currently putting his tongue over the bit and hanging it out sometimes I thought it was interesting. Its off putting in that they’re claiming it’s a...
  3. dixie

    Numnah with inserts

    I have a new horse and he is clearly going to change shape for a while seeing he is young. The saddler has fitted my current saddle but with a Prolite and numnah which is okay but fiddly. I used to have a wool numnah with inserts which was much easier but I can't find any for sale at the...
  4. dixie

    Saddle suggestion - small horse, tall rider

    Hi, I've bought a lovely new little horse. :) He's a bit smaller than I'm used to and I am getting the saddler out on Tuesday to check my saddle. But I feel it might be too big for him and am pondering the types of styles we might need to look at. Obviously she will be able to advise but she...
  5. dixie

    Absorbine Hooflex Magic needed

    Does anyone know where I can get this delivered within a day or so. i could do with some fairly quickly as have a horse with very sore foot but can’t find anyone that has this delivery time. Or if anyone else has a suggestion for similar.
  6. dixie

    Is the horse market slowing now & pricing my horse?

    I (think) I've come to the conclusion to sell my current horse. It doesn't come easily to me as I like to buy for life but he's too quiet for me and although he jumps pretty well he never feels like he's enjoying it and minimum effort is his mantra ! I know the horse market has gone bonkers...
  7. dixie

    Belly bandage re spurs

    Has anyone used one of these? My boy marks very easily and I bought one last week and its really small. I also don't like that it seemed to fit under the saddle with straps that go through the saddles gullet, thereby possibly causing pressure points. It didn't even reach under his belly...
  8. dixie

    Barnsby Saddles

    Are they no longer in business? I am having trouble contacting them either by phone or via their website, which goes to an American site now. I have a Barnsby dressage saddle that my horse goes well in and am looking at buying a jumping version off Facebook and wanted to know if the tree was...
  9. dixie

    Lump in groin

    Anyone horse had a lump like this and did you treat it and if so how? I had the vet out this time last year and the tests were inconclusive and they said to leave it be. However the Osteopath I recently had treat him thought it needs further investigation. It certainly looks like it would be...
  10. dixie

    Feeding Vitamin E dosage

    After reading various threads on this and PSSM, I've ordered some of Thunderbrooks Vitamin E for my horse. However I read I need to feed more than stated on the pack but cannot now find the thread. Can someone please advise. As a background my horse is a TB, who is very laid back/horizontal...
  11. dixie

    White breeches recommendation

    After my first Show back this weekend where I found my white jodhpurs too tight (thanks lockdown!) and a bit slippy after wearing grip breeches I’m on the hunt for new competition breeches. I’ve ordered two pairs from Kramer which fitted lovely but both are too see through. I’m not overly...
  12. dixie

    BD prelim

    Is it still possible to enter a BD prelim class without being a member or having to buy a ticket ?
  13. dixie

    Need energy for my laid back TB

    My 8yr old TB is very laid back. This is good in some ways but he don’t half make me work hard and he needs to have a bit more oomph. As a background he had hind gut ulcers. He’s currently on a small dose of Sucralfate and herbs such as mint, slippery elm, meadowsweet and marshmallow and on...
  14. dixie

    Equibiome Test

    Has anyone had one of these carried out and was it useful with regard to a horse with hind gut ulcers? Its quite expensive to take a punt and not sure if its a fad and just something else to throw my money at. I find it a very weird that their products are just listed as "Biome Food 2" etc and...
  15. dixie

    Mint for ulcers

    MINT - has anyone found that mint has helped their horse with hindgut ulcers? I’ve been treating my boy with various products with Ron Fields powder being the most successful but still not 100%. He started Succeed about 3 weeks ago. However I was also feeding him mint to make his meals more...
  16. dixie

    Help - Book club recommendations

    I've spent all morning trying to find a light hearted funny book that isn't a cliche or trashy, and I need help. I normally enjoy a good thriller but the last few books have either been along this line or a bit more serious. I think we all need a good cheering book. Any recommendations please.
  17. dixie

    If you’re dithering over riding

    I was in two minds whether to hack out or not. Today is a beautiful day, my boy is pretty safe, not spooky at all so I decided to hack out round our quiet lanes. Got 3/4 way round and he violently spun and I went splat on the road 😬. I had my air jacket on so seem ok but it has made me re-think...
  18. dixie

    Holidays with your horse

    Hi, I'm after a bit of market research. We are looking at a property at the moment which has a holiday rental property. This is directly in front of the lovely arena and next to their stables, so I am thinking of the viability of offering horse holidays (ie bring your own horse) plus also...
  19. dixie

    Diet for hindgut ulcers

    I've this weekend carried out the Succeed test on my gelding and its a positive for hind gut ulcers. This isn't a surprise as he's been scoped and clear front gut (after omeprazole treatment, which quite frankly made him worse) and whilst 80% better he is still not so good at saddling and...
  20. dixie

    Saddle pad search navy with orange binding

    Can anyone help me in the quest for a nice cotton saddle cloth in navy with a tasteful orange binding. Very much like the one below but I need long straps not short D ring straps. It needs to be fairly thin as I’ll have a wool half pad on inbetween the pad and saddle...
  21. dixie


    This is a recommend post. I’ve used them twice now and they’ve been brilliant. I ordered two bags of feed on Tuesday and they were delivered today free of charge. One of the bags is £2 cheaper than buying from my local feed merchants. So win win !
  22. dixie

    Ulcer injections

    What have people’s experiences been on these. My horse had just had his third jab but I can’t see any improvement yet. He’s also reacted to the last two jabs by swelling up. I’d never heard of these injections before and gather they are fairly new.
  23. dixie

    What are you feeding your horse that has/had ulcers

    As the title really. I’m currently with treating my horse for ulcers and looking at his feeding regime, I was already looking at this as I felt he needed more energy. I’ve contacted a few of the feed companies and most of them are coming back with a feed of Alfalfa and a balancer. I’m not...
  24. dixie

    What’s the worse course you’ve seen?

    For me it was today. I duly turned up to our local venue hoping to do my first sj show with my new horse. I go here a lot for clinics and general hire and it’s a a nice arena. I got out the car, walked the course, got back in the car and drove home.😬 The first fence was a double ! The...
  25. dixie

    Rug not received

    I ordered two rugs the other day from a fairly well known retailer. This was delivered to my home address a couple days later and left in a "safe" place. Upon picking up the package it had been tampered with and one of the rugs was missing (typically the expensive one). Now I don't believe it...
  26. dixie

    Do any horses have clean hock x-rays?

    After what seems like horse hunting for an age and having 3 horses vetted - all 3 have failed on their hock x-rays. 2 were 11 yrs old and the most recent 8yrs. The last one wasn't actually lame but the vet had a quiet word with me afterwards and said "absolutely" not to buy this horse. I've now...
  27. dixie

    Fractured tuber ischium experiences

    Has anyone had this with their horse and what was the outcome after treatment please.
  28. dixie

    Ramiro B offspring

    Anyone had an offspring of Ramiro B and like to share their experiences? I’ve agreed to buy a lovely horse by him and am very excited. Just need to pass that vet😬
  29. dixie

    2nd viewing - some knuckling over

    I've found a horse I would like to buy. It is subject to vetting though I had a second viewing today and hacked him out. However although he was nicely forward he did knuckle over in front a fair few times- about 1/2 dozen I suppose. He is currently barefoot behind which I felt might have made...
  30. dixie

    Anyone on the Scotland BS circuit?

    I'm looking at a horse in the next few days whose BS record is mainly in Scotland. Its sounds lovely but has been around a lot of riders on her record most of which are in Scotland - Muirmill in 2017 being the last one up there and then a year later has popped up in the SW, so understandingly I...