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    Arena Surface - Do Rubber & Carpet Mix?

    Our arena surface gets a lot of use and now needs a bit of work done before the winter. It was originally sand and pvc, and then we added rubber chunks. We now need more surface as it is becoming thin in parts and I'd like it to be a bit more stable. Has anyone tried adding carpet fibre...
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    Central belt - where do you get your shavings?

    We go through about 80 bales a month and I'm interested to know where others get their shavings from and how much they pay. Due to the amount we use they would need to be delivered.
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    Benzyl Benzoate

    I have been finding it increasingly difficult to source benzyl benzoate for our jumping mare who whilst not bad would like a little scratch. Any suggestions where to get it?
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    Long Time No Updates, But Small Person Made H&H!

    It has been some time since I've had any spare minutes to contribute here in the way that I used to. That is largely down to my full time job away from horses, our horse business and now that A is at University his 9 years the younger little brother B (see, we were working our way through the...
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    Priceless ponies

    The thread about how expensive talented and yet kind schoolmasters fittingly prompted an update from us which I haven't done in ages. B, A's younger brother has been the competitive focus of attention with his schoolmistress pony (along with the young irish horses we are producing) as A is now...
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    B and B Bounce Around First BS

    It's been a while since I posted as A has been studying hard for exams with a conditional offer for university and B had a very bad chest infection and so riding wasn't an option (he has a history of pneumonia :( ). Over the last few weeks 9yo B has been getting his pony Bobby fitter again...
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    Norwegian SJ Records

    A very long shot, but does anyone know how to access the record of a pony jumping in Norway? We have just bought a very smart Connemara and I have discovered that her half brother is jumping there. M&S mini chocolate rolls - get in quick while there are any left!
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    Kirriemuir - So Near & Yet So Far

    An eventing report from us! Yes, a proper one with mud and studs and an early start and trudging and falling over in the mud. Did I mention the mud? We set off bright and early just after 6am on Sunday with Holly, an irish mare we are producing, and a client of ours who bought a smart...
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    No Ponies, Just Horses & The Season Begins At Last

    Like everyone else we have been staring at the ground wondering if the grass will ever grow or if instead it has floated off somewhere, while the horses eat us out of house and home. To add to the quiet spell B has had a nasty cold which went into his chest and with a history of those turning...
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    Where do you look for horses for sale?

    Now that Scottish and Northern Equestrian and their horse sales website are no more where do you look (or window shop ;) ) for horses? We have a few event prospects and all rounders that I am shortly going to advertise and I wasn't sure where was most popular nowadays. Having a website and...
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    Ginger girls in all shapes and sizes go jumping!

    We had a ginger girls day out on Saturday with the exception of a small bay boy who was snuck onto the lorry by another little boy when we weren't looking ;) B was doing PC team SJ with Poppy our homebred little pony and his best bay chum, Bobby. A had been drafted in to help make up teams...
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    The job a horse does once sold. Thoughts & experiences?

    This might sound like a strange post, especially coming from me, but a very good friend has the most spectacular and super 16.2hh mare with us. She had a seriously nice Flipper e'Elle foal last year and we have brought her very carefully back into work. However, she has become unlevel again...
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    Strange behaviour in older jumping pony

    This is a strange one and I'd be grateful for any thoughts as I'm increasingly concerned about A's 13.2hh jumping pony, Polly. Our plans were in a month or so's time for B who has grown recently to begin a long gentle hacking fittening process as Polly is rising 23yo and has been out of...
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    What role do your friends play in the management and competition of your horses?

    I've been thinking recently about the support friends provide with horses and how useful it is to bounce ideas and thoughts horse related between chums. I find it invaluable and I'm guessing others do, too. The bad weather today also made me reflect on the practical help that friends often...
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    Gelding older ridden stallions - thoughts and experiences?

    We have been offered the chance to buy a super little 12.2hh jumping pony that I very much like having seen him jump and be handled by children. The catch is that he is entire and being a very well bred welsh pony has covered mares. It wouldn't be practical or possible to keep him entire...
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    Prestige Jumping Saddle Search

    I'm on the hunt for a 18" Prestige jumping saddle in their width 33 or 34 but have drawn a blank so far. Nothing has come up on ebay or on Saddles Direct and I'd be grateful if anyone spots one in their local saddlery or online if they could let me know? Much appreciated :)
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    What are the 2012 achievements that made you smile most?

    It's a cold, frosty and somehow nostalgic evening out there and as 2012 is almost at an end I was thinking back over the year and what we have achieved, what made me smile most so I will go first. I think that it is B's journey with his homebred 12.1hh pony, Poppy, that has been extra special...
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    Olympia - Travel & Accommodation Advice Pls!

    We have decided that as a suprise for B's xmas we will take him to Olympia and London for a short break. Much excitement, and that's just me! :D Can anyone advise which airport is closest as we'll need to fly, or which train station as it might be an adventure to do it that way? And any...
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    Thoughts about employing a groom to join the team

    How do you identify the right person? We are at the stage where, with OH and I working off the yard and A studying, we could do with someone backing us up on the yard. We are a small genuinely friendly family business with high standards and would want to recruit someone who fits in and...
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    Does colour influence you when you buy a horse?

    A recent conversation with someone got me thinking about the degree to which the colour of a horse influences potential purchasers. We have just got a 15.2hh irish connemara cross to produce and he is a very unusual dark silvery dun colour which has provoked some debate on facebook (I don't...
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    Talk about ups and downs...

    What a mixed weekend we have had. I do try and stay positive - a challenge this weekend - so I'll start with good news and our new just backed 3 rising 4yo gelding passed the vet on Saturday and we're quite excited about having him to produce for an eventing career. He's really well bred -...
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    The culmination of 6 years work - thrilled!

    Just over 6 years ago A's new 13.2hh JA pony, bought with almost our last penny, pulled a check ligament just after we bought her and we have never gone through such disappointment and upset. I still can't listen to Tom Jones and Chicane's "Stoned In Love" that was on my phone at the time...
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    XC Schooling in the Sun`

    We've not done much xc schooling recently for a variety of reasons. A was on holiday, I've been flat out as the students are back at work, B has been out and about with his new small pony etc etc. But today we made up for it! I took a couple of liveries/chums from the yard along with us...
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    Our Blair XC Day New Arrival...

    As promised, here is our new yard mascot and B's 9th birthday present - Bounce the 10 week old puppy :) B named her due to her inability to keep any paw on the ground when excited.. :D I think they might be enjoying this moment together Sorry not to make it up to Blair this year but...
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    The next generation and history repeating itself? But sadly not at PC Champs

    Someone commented yesterday that there are very few competition reports for the time of year and as we have actually been out this week - to three shows and many hundred miles - I thought it was time to do a little report. I have this enormous sense of deja vu as B and his new (two months we've...
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    Any experiences of Jack Russell x Bichon Frise? Just bought one!

    I am a regular in competition riders but I've never ventured in here for some reason. Who knows why as we have 3 Jack Russells and this weekend an adorable baby Jack Russell x Bichon Frise girl will join the pack. We had been looking for a JRT and came across this little one whose...
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    Olympic SJ Individual Final Thread (with pics from Monday to keep us going til 12)

    Everything possible crossed for today. Can the week get any better for equestrian disciplines? If Big Star and Triple X continue jumping as they are then surely anything is possible. I could say I will be glued to my seat but in reality I will be jumping about and unable to sit still! I...
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    Olympic SJ Team Final Thread

    I am sitting in a cafe in Greenwich very excited! Only 4 hours early just incase I got lost :D Had a great drive to London via Sienna's new home in Surrey for a big pat and cuddle and then had a super evening staying with a lovely, kind HHO'er in Kent. The only thing that remains to be...
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    Who else is off to the PC Champs? An area report

    We are one of the (if not the) latest PC areas to have our qualifiers and, two weeks to the day of our qualifier we'll be off to the Championships again this year :D The open area SJ is always first thing in the morning and we were up at 5am to get Saffy plaited as I don't trust her not to...
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    Olympic Eventing SJ Thread

    Who is excited? Me! I have today off work as well to sit glued to the TV with some by now very smug terriers. Everything crossed for team GB :)