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    Advice for OTTB/Ex-Racehorses

    Don't worry in those pictures we just put his tack on loosely before we went home one night to make sure he wasn't cold backed, just set it on and tightened girth slightly, didn't realise how far back it looked!
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    Advice for OTTB/Ex-Racehorses

    HollyHocks - I never pull against him when he misbehaves, but he understands that pulling the reins at walk means halt, he just doesn't transfer that learning to his other transitions. And yeah he is only on stud cubes and haylage, thanks for your advice! Jacksmum - Thank you so much! He...
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    Advice for OTTB/Ex-Racehorses

    I am now a proud owner of an OTTB, Alfie ( raced under Alf Tupper (GB), 8 years old, 16.2hh bay gelding ) he is very willing to please, is incredibly affectionate and an angel in the stable and for farrier etc, learns fast aswell although he is my first horse and I would appreciate if anyone...
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    Ex Race Horses

    I took on an OTTB that had been out of racing for a year and done some basic groundwork. He raced for 6 years and is my first horse. I had him turned out daily for about a week then when I got on for my first ride he looked after me. Very forward going but not dangerous, actually had a steady...