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    Horse now seeming to feel the cold?

    I've only really got experience of looking after my one horse and he's always been bombproof in terms of not needing to be rugged etc as he's a hardy, decent build 22 yr old 16h shire cross. He's increasingly seeming to feel the cold over the last couple of years but esp last 12 months - is...
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    Balancer supplement or not?

    My horse - arthritic 22 yr old shire cross, so big shouldered and heavy, has lost weight he needed to and looks about right now. He's out at grass 24/7 with one other. Occasionally taken out for a potter. Fed morning and evening. Been feeding him Dengie Alfa A Molasses free chaff (amount...
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    Diet for senior horse that lives out

    I have a 22 yr old shire cross. He's 16 hands, usually a good doer. Vet has said he has start of arthritis on top of some existing old ligament issues and side bone so he is not in work as such but vet said some more movement/exercise would be good - guided by his reaction to it, just in walk...
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    Barefoot trimmers / podiatrists near Canterbury ?

    I've just moved my horse to the area and just wanted to check if people had any recommendations for equine podiatrists / trimmers that are near Canterbury ? Thank you :)
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    Decent Transporters with larger vehicles in Kent/Beds area.

    Any recommendations for transporters in the south - In the process of moving my boy from Cumbria to Kent he's been in Bedfordshire with a friend till I could find somewhere for him where I live near Canterbury which I finally have, but now need to get him there - he came down in a nice big lorry...
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    Heavyweight combo rugs for horses with big shoulders

    My shire x needs a new heavyweight - any suggestions - it needs to be a combo and heavyweight because of the lovely Cumbrian weather - and although he only needs a 6ft9 but also accommodate his rather large shoulders - so am thinking he would be better off with side gussets in the shoulder area...
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    What weight could an unfit 16h shire x horse carry?

    I'm having to advertise my 16 year old shire x for loan as I'm not well, but he's just recovered from injury and needs someone to be paying him attention and getting him fit to go for some gentle little hacks etc, but I have no idea what weight to say is ok for him - he is 16 h and used to be in...
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    Grass livery required withing 20 ish miles of Aylesbury

    As the title says - I thought I had sorted somewhere in Lacey Green and now whenever I try to call to arrange a day to bring our gelding over there I can't get through. I'm looking for supervised grass livery for a retired friendly gelding - he has no shoes and is a very good- doer...
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    Transport between Stoke Mandeville and Lacey Green

    I need to move my boy next week to a new yard as his current yard is going down to only 4 hours turnout a day and he's better off out all year, so need to move him to Lacey Green - it's only about ten miles. Is anyone able to help or to recommend a company? Thanks :)
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    Grass livery/Grazing in Bucks/nr Aylesbury?

    Hi, am looking for somewhere to winter our retired gelding. We had somewhere sorted as we were moving house, but the sale fell through at the last minute and the place he's at now only does 4 hrs a day turnout over Winter. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know! Thanks!
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    Is my horse unhappy with his bit? Suggestions?

    When I put my horses bridle on he makes really exaggerated movements with his head shaking it up and down and stretches his mouth wide open a lot. I also feel like he's not really keen to accept the bit and sometimes feel he isn't listening. So I'm not sure if this is because he's really...
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    Horses on A41 last night?

    My other half was coming home from work last night around 12.30am and luckily wasn't going fast and there was two horses wandering about in the fast lane of the A41 to Aylesbury - he did report it, but no idea what happened - anyone got any info - seems too far to be the MK horses? Or am I...
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    Scurfy/Dandruffy skin?

    My OH's horse is a big 14 year old cob, very good doer, shiny coat, picture of health apart from an old ligament injury and the odd bit of creaking here and there, he's very lightly used as a hack. He used to be on full livery and be a dressage horse and now lives out all year - yet he's always...
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    Barefoot trimmers in Stoke Mandeville?

    I'm moving my horse up the road to Stoke Mandeville and it's a bit far for my normal trimmer - can anyone recommend someone who covers that area?
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    Livery/Grazing near Ambleside??

    We might be buying a house in Ambleside, but have no idea where we would put our horse - he usually lives out all year and is a very good doer -if google is to be believed there are no livery yards nearby - anyone know of any?
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    Good transporters for short journey in Bucks?

    I need to move one horse next Thursday morning from Ashley Green in Chesham to Stoke Mandeville - can anyone recommend good people to do this or tell me who to avoid? Also - how much should I expect to pay for this? Any info gratefully received :)
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    Best thing to do when separating two friends?

    I have two horses, Bob and Jester for many unfortunate reasons, I've had to sell Jester. He goes on the 20th and the two live out together all year round. Bob is to go into a new yard when Jester has gone, but I'm not sure however how to minimise the upset this is likely to cause. I...
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    Grazing / Grass livery near Weston Turville?

    I have no local knowledge of the area, so help required - what yards are there about Weston Turville with grass livery - all I need is good hacking - any info gratefully received as we may have to move quickly, will find out tomorrow where - now Weston Turville looking most likely.
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    Grazing needed asap for one gelding nr Amersham.

    Due to moving house and his best friend going to a new home on 21st June, our boy will be alone and homeless soon - we are moving to Amersham and really need to find some grazing for him or a grass livery spot. He's no bother, just a laid back shire x who pretty much takes care of himself. Due...
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    Anyone on here got a smooth collie?

    Am hopefully getting a smooth pup in August -touch wood they are born and survive etc and that there is a girl (too many boys in this household!). I had rough collies in the past, but know they are supposed to have different temperaments, so wondered if anyone had one and would share about them??
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    Grass Livery in Amersham for 21st June?

    Anyone know of a good grass livery for my light hack? He's only lightly used to a permanent ligament problem but still enjoys his hacks, so doesn't need anything too fancy, just the odd hack with others. Would need it for 21st June onwards? Any suggestions or places to avoid gratefully...
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    Neck hood for pink skinned horse?

    Anyone know any thin rugs or neck covers etc to protect a pink skinned horse - he's hogged and neck is really catching the sun, so want to try and protect him - he's got a full mask on his face covering his nose.
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    Grass livery from Tring down to Uxbridge area?

    Due to moving, from the end of the month/early June for up to six months, before we move to our permanent home, we're likely to need a grass livery spot for our gelding, he's a good natured boy, he lives out 365 days a year and is just a light hack due to a permanent leg problem. If anyone...
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    Grass Livery from Tring down to Uxbridge?

    We may have to find a grass livery or field to put our horse in for up to six months between moving out of our house and our move in date for the place we're buying, and we'll be renting a place anywhere between Tring to West Drayton. I'm only a light hacker as our boy has a permanent leg...
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    Wet coat, fur coming out - what is it ?

    Hopefully the picture has worked! Typically I'm just about to try and sell my horse as I've been ill for several months and see that it's going to take several more for any proper recovery. A friend has been coming to ride him and lunge him and apart from a possible bout of mild lami last...
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    Long term lameness.....any hope?!

    Bob is my partners horse a 16 hand Irish cob probably with shire/draft blood as he has enormous shoulders. He was born in Ireland and is about 14 yrs old. He was previously used for showing and dressage. In 2004 he presented with general lameness, which was diagnosed as sidebone, in both...
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    Best things to put in a first aid kit?

    Just as it says really - am putting together a first aid kit, I have two horses at home, so have nobody else I can borrow things from. Just want to know what people think is actually useful - so any suggestions gratefully received!
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    Am I kidding myself...

    My horse was bought to live out 24/7 but six months later I just don't think it's right for him. He had suspected mild lami after I got him so that was dealt with and after he had a little bute and boxrest and some boots, and got a great trimmer, he' s doing really well. He's now barefoot and...
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    How to retrain horse to pick up feet after lameness?

    My horse was lame a few months ago with suspected lami and foot soreness from losing shoes and despite recovering since then he's been extremely difficult to pick his feet up. As he's been haring round his field like an idiot again for at least the last two or three months and he trots up fine...
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    Can anyone recommend a bit bank/bit trial service?

    I have a feeling it's not going to be straightforward finding the right bit for my boy, he's a m/w cob with a big a fat tongue who's been in a double bridle most of the time at least for the last year or so, he doesn't like jointed bits, he likes a straight bar with a port, so need to find one...