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    Is this little lad good enough to show ?

    God some of you are miserable sods. She didnt ask your opinions on his weight. She asked if he coukd be shown in hand. .. she didn't ask you to all be so damned critical of him and sorry but plain bloody rude... moomin... goldenstar. He is hardly the fattest horse ever seen and I think alot of...
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    Does your horse make noises when nervous/afraid??

    Lol Cate growls when shes feel lively lol.. and grunts alot and snorts like a STALLION BABAY.... when a bit scared lol But then she is a WussyBlood.. Lou x
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    Strange Behaviour (video)

    Looks to me like a pollen or bite allergy.. it all seems focused on his nose, he shakes his head, rub his nose on his leg and on the door. Seems to me something is irritating him up in his nasal cavity. I have seen horses who have had stroke.. and he certainly doesnt look like hes had one. Lou x
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    What breed would you say my mare is??

    Id say ID x Tb.. or there about.. But she also looks like what my German WB would look like if she had a foal.. so who know! Lou x
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    How much should I charge extra livery for a foal?

    Usually you don't charge any more till weaning or around 6 months, this is when the foal will be eating a decent amount too. Also they would be sharing a stable up until this point so you wouldn't be losing revenue off the stable. Lou x
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    Insurers get tough on 'barefoot' horse claims

    NFU.. I LOVE YOU.. About time!
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    Vet bills.. what would you pay?..

    Sorry.. forgive me for being blunt but.. if you knew all along that, if it came down to it and the horse needed an op, that you would have had to have the horse put down , why did you take it the horspital? I went in to massive debt for my old horse.. Id do it again. Lou x
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    Horse owners attitude

    35 IN A FIELD?? Poor herd management.. full stop.. oh and horses are horses and they will always fight..
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    How All round is your all-rounder?

    My all rounder is mint at everything except catering when doing flat work.. lol She will canter perfect xcountry and jumping but is an ass when on the flat lol Lou x
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    thoroughbred so hard to find one

    Think your looking in the wrong place.. or expecting somthing for nothing.. TB go for a pittence and always have done. Lou x
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    who an explain this to me....

    red and green should never be seen, except upon a fool.. Load of rubbish lol Lou x
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    how many of you ride your prelim tests in spurs?

    I would.. my mare responds much better and more relaxed to spurs than she would to a whip. Lou x
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    Owner wants to sell horse! :(

    If you like the horse.. then go for it.. a past tendon injury with no resulting lamenesses would not put me off!! Lou x
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    Where can I find a shetland sized drop noseband?

    but why?! lol Lou x
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    Confused.. Steriod Injections

    Well the steroid should reduce any inflammation there, and if the mare is sound, then gentle exercise wont do any harm Lou x
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    What do you classify as a "BIG" rider? (I have a complex now)

    I am clased as a big rider.. im 6ft and weigh in at 18 stone.. But I certainly ride a hell of a lot lighter than a lot of people I know.. and the horses dont struggle to carry me so im not loosing any sleep over it. PS.. I ride a 15.1hh Alter Real Lusitano.. so i think your fine!! lol Lou x
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    livery yards?

    The land managements, agro, electric, water, health, insurances, sanity.. and all verye xpensive when you have a livery yard. Lou x
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    Stallion being gelded at 8 years old...will he loose his instincts?

    Probably not at all ever.. He might mellow slightly but thats about it.. Sorry too old. Lou x
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    I am the worst owner ever.

    I read the title and got an over whelming urge to slap you Mrs M! You are not a bad owner and never will be. You love them neds a hell of a lot, sometimes too much. and they break your heart! I did the same with Cate not long ago, its one of those things and she will be fine later! Go have a...
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    Just a bit of fun . . . horsey lingo

    Mrs M you brokened down!!?!! how naughty! You okay my dear? Lou x
  21. N - anyone used?

    We use westgate.. would recommend them till the cows come home. they are professional and quick! Lou x
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    Castrate or not?

    No brainer. castration. I dont get what differance being castrated with have on his coat?! He will walk like john wayne for a couple of days then be fine, the hysterectomy is a much larger op and posses much more problems. Loux
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    Michale Morpurgo-says horses 'stupid'!!

    But they are a bit stupid really.. and they only learn and copy they dont really think for them selves.. so yeh.. they are not the brightest of fireworks. At the end of the day they are prey animals and prey animals tend to be less intelligent and controlled by there flight or fight...
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    It's CONFORMATION not CONFIRMATION. (Pedantic thread)

    Laminitus *shudders* And BARE FOOT.... its bloody paired!! argh!! Lou x
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    CJF - certified journeyman farrier?

    It is as ferrador said the American equivilent, however the course is not as intensive, and th DipWCF is a more rounded qualification.. AWCF is a whole diferent ball game. these are farriers who Excel in remedial farriery. Lou x
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    How would non-novice cope with this everyday situation?

    I would of yelled to slow down and been slightly annoyed that just because they are ok with it that they think everyone can cope! lou x
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    hypothermia in elderly horse

    My 11 year old mare got HYPOTHERMIA in JULY.. she was stable over night due to bad weather, with a fleece rug on, her temp was 33 degree's when I got to her the next morning.. SO NO... there doesnt not have to be neglect there! Once a day.. winter or not is better than some horses get! Lou x
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    Showing societies - why are you sooo expensive ?? :(

    I cant be doing with showing.. way too much pomp, circumstance and bloody cheating!! Lou x
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    Mixing straw & shavings...yay or nay?

    ERGH.. NO WAY!! Horrible.. and a pain to muck out.. (ps.. i have ocd i thinks) Lou x
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    Avoid buying a horse with these names

    Teddy's are the best!!!