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    Moving to France avec chevaux!

    Bonjour! Hello! My husband and I are considering moving to france. He is a passionate angler, and I, a passionate equestrian. We’ve come across properties which could satisfy both these needs but would like to hear from fellow brits who have taken the plunge and moved to France. All of the chats...
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    Moving horses to France.. help

    Been reading this other thread with interest but didn't want to hijack it with my own queries!! Planning (hoping!) to move to France this year with 2 horses - if anyone has any useful info re horses for the...
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    Moving horses to France

    Hi Just wondering if anyone has moved to France with their horse? We are looking at buying a property with land and gites to rent out. We also have a mare and foal, my daughter likes to show jump her mare so was wondering if there is much going on in equine terms over there especially with...
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    Moving Horse to France

    Can anyone give me an idea of how much it would be to get a company to transport my horse to France (Dordogne Region). We will be moving at the end of the year and I just need a real ball park rough idea of what it might cost. I have a 15hh Gypsy Cob, I've emailed a couple of companies but...
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    Moving to France

    My parents are trying to convince me to move from South Africa to France. They are trying to do this by buying a gite and equestrian business (no horses means no move for me). I would be taking my KWPN gelding with (I know that there are quality horses in Europe but my boy is super special)...
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    Moving to Limousin France - anyone else there? Enjoy Competing?

    Hi I am moving out to the Limousin in Sept 2015 and taking my 2 horses, one of which I have competed at affiliated eventing and dressage. My mare has no papers so can only compete at club level, but I wondered if there was anyone near me that also enjoys riding and possibly the odd...
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    moving to france - anyone taken the plunge?!!!

    Me and the OH are in serious discussion about moving to France this year. We would be taking our 3 kids 9, 11 and 2 and we are expecting a baby in May. We are both self employed and lucky that i can take my business with me (online based) I have a cat & 2 horses - cob and welsh D which we...
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    moving to and keeping horses in france or spain

    following on from the "best area " thread , i saw 2 posters voting for france . im sick of the weather, and many other things , and if i won the lottery would love to go somewhere else , but how easy is it ? can i hear from you brave people that have done it without loads of money ...
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    Moving our horse from the UK to France

    We are moving to France and are planning to move our horse with us by driving her in our 2-horse van down from Scotland to Folkestone, car train to Calais and drive home to Maine et Loire. Does anybody have experience of moving their horse to France? What paperwork is needed? Do you know...
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    Moving to France

    My OH is determined to retire us to France, he speaks excellent french but I'm still at the translating / franglais stage. Horse & pony will come too & they will continue to live with us. Although we have a number of french friends in various regions in France we don't know anyone with, or...
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    Moving to France

    We're seriously toying with the idea of moving to France - largely as we can get a house with land out there which we can't in the UK. Question is - is it fair to travel my horse down there? I'm hoping it'll be only a one way trip. But it's south of france - so probably a good 13-14 hour...
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    moving horses to france

    There is a slim chance that I may re locate to France, to Fontainbleau so loads of riding through the forset very horsey area Has one elsed moved aboard and moved horses as I can only do the move if I take horses with me!! There would be stables and paddock at the house so not to worried...
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    Moving horses to France?

    My partner has been offered a years job in Marseille. I speak good French and can work there, so would really like to go too. However, I won't be going unless my two cobs can come with us. Does anyone have any advice or experience in moving horses to France? They are very easy going, ideally...
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    Moving to France

    We are looking to re-locate to the Poitou-Charentes region of SW France. Does anyone have any experience of competing in this area - or anywhere in France? Is it comparable to UK? Any info would be great about competing, training, management, vets etc - or if anyone could point me in the right...
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    Moving to France

    Am planning to move my Warmblood Stud to France (specialising in Dressage Horses). Is there anyone who lives or has had experience of living in France (with horses) who could give me any information.
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    Moving to France - Any tips or advice

    We have a close friend thinking seriously of relocating her family and two horses to France. I suggested a post on here might prove helpful as shes worried how the horses will cope and what the best method of transporting them will be. I think the region shes looking at is the Jura region...