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    Clarendon Boots

    I looked at a few older posts about clarendon boots and they seem to have mixed reviews. What is the general opinion on them? How much water do they collect? Would they be better than sweaty neoprene?
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    passport laws for horses at livery

    What do you do with your passport if your horse is at livery? Currently i have my passport at home which i'm sure most people do. However my yard has just asked to see all passports and photocopy pages of the passport to prove to any inspector that they have seen the passports. Surely a...
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    Weather for Blenheim this weekend

    Anyone know what the weather forecast is for blenheim theis weekend? Do i need to go in full wet suit or will the sun shine (PLEASE!)
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    Eventing Question

    When looking at a horses record on the british eventing website there is something called TOTAL FP. Can someone please enlighten me as to what this is.
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    Knee blocks for kent and masters saddle

    I'm in big, big trouble. I've managed to loose one of my sister's knee blocks that i was borrowing. Can't seem to find anywhere that sells them online. Any help would be welcomed!
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    energy wanted!

    Could anyone recommend me a feed or suppliment that will give my good doer cob more energy but not gain weight?
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    recommend me an instructor east/west sussex

    as title really!
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    My dog is addicted....

    ..... to horse and country t.v. He espically likes the jumping!
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    Carl Hester Calmer

    What are people's views on it? did it work for your horse?
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    dog training sussex

    Hi i was wondering if anyone could recommend me somewhere i could take my partially trained gundog training in the sussex area. Thanks in advance.
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    does anyone know what this freeze mark is for

    if anyone could tell me anything about this freeze mark i would be greatful. sorry for bad drawing i drew it in paint!
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    how much question (sorry)

    how much would you expect to pay for full and part livery?
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    i'm currently looking after a horse on my yard with someone else. All was fine until tonight when the horse went dog lame with what i suspect it laminitis. I also think that she has lymphangitis (sp). I want to call the vet out but other person doesn't. Its not my horse so therefore i don't want...
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    flooded school

    When down the yard this morning to do my pony. All was very wet, 1 yard had been evacuated cause the stables were flooded!! Naturally i would have though that the outdoor school would have been under water, but no it was ok. Looked at the other schools and the INDOOR was under water how funny...
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    suffering with the heat

    My boy is really suffering with the heat this year. he is constantly hot and is often sweated up. He has already coliced once the other night. He is in over night and out during the day with a fly rug on. I know that having him out over night would be the best thing but he's not allowed out. is...
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    Dressage Horses

    Why are they so expensive?? I looking to buy one later on this year. However looking around a the prices of a horse working a novice level BD people are asking around 10k if not more! Why are they so much more expensive than showjumpers? grrrr
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    I dislike my pony quite a bit atm. He has managed to get me covered in mud twice today in the space of 3 hours! First time wasn't too bad as just kind of happened. Second time he was out to get me. I was bringing him in from the field, he decided to go "play" in the biggest muddiest puddle he...
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    types of hounds

    Fellhounds Foxhounds Beagle Bassets Minkhounds Harriers Staghounds Bloodhounds Draghounds are there any other types of hounds?
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    getting a sharer, advice needed

    After having an accident and still not riding after two months and my jockey letting me down i have thought about getting a sharer. I really have no idea how to go about it. What would be good terms? do i need a written agreement? Do i charge them any money for the upkeep of the horse? any words...
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    Breeding question

    I was reading my friends essay last night and in it she had said that hot blooded horses have a longer breeding season than cold bloods. I asked her why and she didn't know, checked the journal she got it from and that didn't help. Any of you lot know the answer?
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    I bought some clippers a while a go and it has come to the time when i need to get the blades sharpened. Go to undo the screws, stuck really,really stuck. Have you wonderfull people got any idea's how i could get the blades off?
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    What would take down a deer in the wild? Found a deer skeleton in my field the other day and was wondering what might have killed it.
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    BD Question

    This is on behalf of a friend. If you are riding in an unaffiliated dressage competition thats run under BD rules are you allowed a whip? Oh and this is for a prelim test
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    I really really need to clip my horse but i have the problem of not having a pair of clippers or any access to any. However i would like to buy a pair as he is hogged and has his legs clipped out all year and has a full clip in winter. I'm a student so i don't have a lot of money, so i was...
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    My 5year old is currently in a loose ring but i'm having HUGE problems with control and him leaning on the bit and my hands and arms are really suffering. Don't really want to put him in a stronger bit. Any suggestions?