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    Home Alone

    Thanks guys to help put my mind slightly more at ease. She does have a dog flap too so she can go out into the garden if she needs a wee. I'm probably a bit of a worrier ~ just love her to bits and want what's best for her (like everyone on this forum I guess)
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    Home Alone

    I've got a 3 yo parsons bitch and love her to bits. Every morning I drop her at Mum's on the way to work so she's not home alone during the day, and pick her up on my way home. Very sadly, Mum is now very ill and at some point soon, will no longer be able to look after Mia. I am obviously...
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    Yard experiences - PLEASE GET IN TOUCH

    Well I've found my perfect yard !! I love it !! Cannot think of anything I would change if I could.....
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    Can anyone recommend a decent schooling/dressage whip?

    Did you see the one in the H&H yesterday ?? A new ergonomic design. Looked nice.
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    Help me please!

    I was on the Premier Equine site earlier and they have some fab deals at the moment (heavy weight with detachable neck). Never had one but friends have and are impressed.
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    Somebody stop me ...

    Ha ha me too !! You shouldn't have asked us !! Sounds very exciting !
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    Locking stifle

    Thanks for that. She gets turned out for around 9 hours per day at the moment, but longer in the spring/summer.
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    Gumpy Old Horse Syndrome

    IMHO I think the behavourial changes are too radical just to be down to old age. Sorry, but I would think something else is the reason and would get him scanned.
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    Recommend me some boots!

    Loads of manufacturers are making ' Dubarry style' boots but much cheaper. Dublin River boots look really nice and they're 100 quid instead.
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    Advice needed (Very Long - sorry!)

    I think I would have to just turn up to be honest. Be polite (not that she deserves it) and at least try to see him, so you can see what state he's in. I don't think you have a choice if she refuses to take any of your calls. Take a friend for moral support ~ somebody very calm.... Good Luck...
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    Locking stifle

    Thanks for your reply. She has dropped weight (like yours, she's fully clipped but is currently wearing 2 heavy weight polys with neck tonight) but is actually better for it as she was a bit porky before (very good doer) I am happy with her weight.... just wondered if the temperature could also...
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    Advice needed (Very Long - sorry!)

    Is there no way you can 'drop in' and say you were passing by ?? Sorry, don't know the situation...... guess it's not really about the £150 but more about the welfare of the horse now. Could you call her and say you've heard he's for sale ? Can you buy him back and deduct the cost of the...
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    recommend me a bit?

    I find myler bits very good. They are extremely helpful on the phone and you can borrow them too so you can try them.
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    Advice needed (Very Long - sorry!)

    Has she actually paid you for the foal ? If she hasn't paid you I would take the foal back (after making sure he doens't have strangles). People like that don't deserve animals. At the very least, you can report her anonymously to the RSPCA ??? What a sad situation. Hope it gets resolved.
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    What make lorry do you drive?

    Marlborough Hunter on a Vauxhall Movano chassis ~ absolutely love it ! However, if you have a large horse, it only carries one !! (unless you upgrade to 3.9 t which is easy enough). Drives like a car and really easy to go out by yourself.
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    Locking stifle

    My mare suffers from locking stifle but literally a few times a year and until today has not had it for about a year. My vet said it's nothing to worry about and the more work she does, the better she will be (which has certainly been the case). I think therefore that due to the weather she's...
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    Getting a mare and always had geldings. what do I need to know??

    I never had a mare before until my current horse !! I can't say she is any different particularly to the geldings I have owned. I am lucky in that you can't even tell when she's in season. She is not mareish at all. I love her to bits !
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    where to sell saddles?

    Hi Stacey ~ how are you ??? ebay ??? I sold mine on there very quickly x
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    Saddler in Surrey

    Martin at Penfolds Saddlery 01444 454164
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    Best quiet clipper/trimmer

    I use the Moser Avalons ~ clip well, very quiet (battery pack). My mare wouldn't let the Mustangs near her so I sold them. They clip brilliantly but sound like aircraft taking off !
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    Dressage saddle

    Hey all, Umming and ahhing over which dressage saddles to investigate as I am thinking about buying one for my mare. In the past, for other horses' I've had an Isabelle Worth and an Albion ~ both of which OK, but didn't blow me away. Lots of people have mentioned Ideal Jessica..... any...
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    Beaten, dead pony dumped in essex field

    Makes me sick to the stomach
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    Pet hate

    One of mine is seeing people riding on road smoking .... dunno why it just grosses me out
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    Best, cheap lightweight turnout rugs?

    Have you looked on Mole Valley Farmers website ?? They have ridiculously cheap offers sometimes. I bought a LW turnout from them last year.
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    Baileys Lo Cal

    Oh dear ! Watch this space !! I started her on it at the weekend but no loopiness yet !!
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    saddle fitter in kent?

    Martin at Penfolds Saddlery is fab. He is quite a way from you but should still cover your area.... I wouldn't use anyone else.... he also does most of the adjustments on site (unless major)
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    Baileys Lo Cal

    Thanks guys ~ think I'll get a bag tomorrow and see how she does on it..
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    selling new saddle - well almost

    I sold my nearly new saddle on ebay.
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    Baileys Lo Cal

    Anyone used ?? My mare is a very good do-er and is subsequently on hardly any hard feed. This has been recommended to me....
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    What do you do with your Rosettes ??

    Think it might have to be a pinboard in the loo !!