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    Ben Maher

    i don't know.... somehow i doubt it.... we might have to wait for him to post a bit more before we judge.
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    Insurance question

    [ QUOTE ] Why not just ring the NFU and ask them...... [/ QUOTE ] Have done. we are just waiting for them to get back to us. Just thought in the mean time i'd ask on hear and see if anybody had been in a similar situation...
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    how many times did you try your horse before buying

    Christian- tried twice... 1st time schooled him and just got the feel, second time hacked him out and jumped him. Finnie- twice again. First time schooled and jumped, and saw her ridden, second time i hacked her out. usually mum insists on going back a second time to see what they are like in...
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    B test result

    Brill well done!!! my riding is in October...eep! already done horse care
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    Trailer issue sorted (thanks!)

    A while ago I posted this..... Serious Trailer Issue post Bsically if you don't want to read it all my mare kicked a hole in our trailer floor (she always kicks in trailers) but travelled fine in a lorry. Following YOUR suggestions, we replaced the trailer with a 3yo ifor and removed the...
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    2012 olympic site under review & danger of EQ being dropped in future

    even worse- the shame of living in the first country to NOT have equestrian sports in the olympics....
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    What clip would you recommend??

    I said blanket, but blanket or trace would be fine I imagine. I usually manage to get by clipping twice in a winter, once in october time and once after christmas, but my mare has it all off and has a very fine coat, even in winter.
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    Think I've been had - Ebay - what to do next?

    yeah get in touch with ebay. This happened to my sister she won an Ipod about 6 weeks ago and hasn't got it yet.
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    Insurance question

    I was wanting to team chase my loaned mare but she isn't insured for it. Her owner says she will need to go up to cover 2 insurance before I can take her, and the first one is in a few wekends time. I was wondering if anyone could tell me approx. how much this would cost? She is currently...
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    martinvast CIC***W

    aww wow thats a fab result (if that is the result!) i'm thrilled for her! (love the pik too thanks for sharing MG) Pity about Ensign's 1 down though...
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    Rider Fitness.. running.. advice??

    i don't run as its boring! I cycle!! Its more exiting! when i was training for tetrathlons i went running a bit but tried to avoid it at all costs. If you dislike running so much, there are othe, more fun ways to get better CV fitness (cycling, swimming...)
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    How much is hunting?

    I hunt with the Barlow in Derbs. and its £10 cap for all subscribers, £25 for visitors.
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    he just WON'T halt! Surely Anky must have spent ages working on it as it is his main fault? But when it gets to the important bit he just won't. If a horse decides it doesn't want to do something it won't and theres nothing we as riders can really do about it. They aren't machines. They have a...
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    If you could have a lesson with a pro rider who would it be and why?

    Pippa Funnell- she is already an inspiration to me and I like her determined attitude and her way with horses, and i'm pretty sure she would tell it just how it is, which would suit me down to the ground. A lesson with her would absolutely be a dream come true. Alternatively- William Fox-Pitt...
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    i'm thrilled she won it! i think i can forgive them for the inability to stand still just beacuse she is sensational in the music!
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    Do Polevaulters need to wear bikinis?!

    its practical and theres fewer clothes to get in the way as they have to be flexible buttt i agree it seems a bit.. inapropriate. they all do it though!
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    Ben Maher's clear - WOW.

    agree! he looked absolutely super, really relaxed and beautifully ridden. He has been incredibly impressive. Good luck Ben!
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    Cheating in the Gymnastics

    Its like with the badminton when the Chinese pair clearly double hit against Emms and Robertson but were still allowed the points. I think the Chinese clearly have a lot more on their side then luck and talent in these games.
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    Pony club mounted games team disqualified - sour grapes comment

    sorry... my mistake. Didn't mean to cause offence i'll be more careful when posting next time. TripleSandH, basically in the litter race the boy missed the changeover in the box and failed to hand the stick to the next team member. He then smacked his pony with said stick and thumped it in the...
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    Pony club mounted games team disqualified - sour grapes comment

    [ QUOTE ] do wonder what exactly happened but there must have been SOMETHING along the lines of cruelty [/ QUOTE ] read what the witness said. Helen Sear. She is my sister. Even if the boy hadnt beat his pony with the stick and merely just smacked it, he should STILL have been...
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    What do you use on your SWEET ITCH sufferer?

    A fly rug, a mask and Naf D-Itch works a treat. She hasn't had any sweet itch at all this year (touch wood)
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    Jumping wire fences.... views?

    Wow this is suprising. I'll jump ANYTHING out hunting, unless theres wire involved, either over it or even running through it if its a hedge, but neither will our field masters so we never really have to.
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    Commentators - BBC Olympic coverage

    Agree about Desi Dillingham she was fabulous at Gatcombe explaining the dressage displays. Really good. I loved Ian Stark he was hilarious! 'I apologise in advance if a swear'! and MT- well i suppose I can forgive his mistakes because of his endless enthusiasm!
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    Amy Tryon hospitalised.

    [ QUOTE ] No, neither do I. I was glad when she was eliminated, (but *braces herself* then I was with AN too ) [/ QUOTE ] Haha me too!! mini celebration went off in my living room.... *runs and hides*
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    [ QUOTE ] i'd kill myself if OT got the place - that would be kissing away any chance of a medal IMO! [/ QUOTE ] what makes you think that?? Flint Curtis is a good horse... very. He shown good form this year at Chatsworth... i saw it, and when it all comes together Oli and FC can really...
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    Oliver Townend

    what is it with OT? why is everyone so quick to criticise? I'm sure he knows the capabilities of his own rides better then any of us do.
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    Serious trailer issue

    ooo thats interesting. sounds like a good idea. may have to talk to the rents about giving it a go... its a much cheaper plan then buying a new trailer, and i just want to sor ther out because yesterdays incident was like a wake up call.
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    Which Body protector do you use?

    Rodney Powell... its safe and secure, and very comfortable. Looks good too
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    Serious trailer issue

    no she had definately kicked the floor through. she allways kicks on corners so we are used to it. backwards? really? is that why she prefers the lorry? because its less... forwards?
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    Serious trailer issue

    Went to a hunter trial yesterday, and about 30mins from home on the way back, Finnie kicked (as usual) on a roundabout. Just as we pulled off a car came passed yelling so we pulled up straight away to find that she'd kicked her way through the floor of the trailer. I was absolutely heart...