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    Robinsons Robust Jodhpurs!

    Hi guys, hoping you can help. I love these jods, for those who arnt familiar with them they are a ribbed polyester type fabric and therefore much more flattering than the usual plain cotton jods, well, when youre a size 16/18 they are! Anyway just gone to order some beige ones online for...
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    Hi there if anyone knows this user or if you see this post SAM888, please can you contact me asap. Ive just seen a PM you sent me back in January 2012 saying you had my horses full brother, ive been trying for years to find him and somehow your message must have been lost in the system. My...
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    Help with Irish Draught Feet PLEASEEEEEE!!

    Hi folks, Right here's the latest saga! Ive a 4 year old RID that ive backed and broken myself, he's a total star and a saint to learn new things so we are now spending the winter hacking out. My farrier shod him back in August just fronts only as he really feels his front feet out on...
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    Bumps under saddle - Advice Please!

    Hi folks, I have a 17.2 trotter/cob cross who is quite fine and high withered. I have a 18" hawk event saddle from my previous horse that I use on him. Right, I had my saddler out to make adjustments and fit this saddle to said horse, saddler made adjustments and had it fitting lovely to...
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    IDHS Breed Show & Major Confidence!!!!

    Hi folks, Oh god i'm sure you'll all just agree with me that i'm being a woos and pathetic but am having a major confidence crisis about this weekend!! I'm taking my 4 year old pure bred ID to their Breed Show at Arena UK this weekend. We went last year and got a 4th in the in hand...
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    Messrs Flynn & Gahan (ID Breeders)

    Hi there, I am trying to find a contact telephone number for the above Irish Draught Breeders in Ireland and am having no luck at all!!! This is the info I have, Messrs Flynn & Gahan, Kellistown, Rathoe, Co Carlow, Ireland. They bred my RID and also bred his full brother who I am trying to...
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    Check Ligament Injury/Cutting!!!

    Hi folks, Just wondered if anyone has experienced this procedure before as I hadn't, before today, even heard of it! Right i'll try and cut a long story short! My 17hh 15 year old ID mare went lame Spring last year with what ended up being scanned as a check ligament injury, she was...
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    Crosby Event Breastplate

    Hi folks, Anyone have a Crosby Event Breastplate in size full, havana, in good condition, they would like to sell? Thanks folks xx
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    Oosing wound on hind cannon

    Hi folks, Just after a bit of advice. One of our horses came in on Fri with a small cut about half way down the side of his hind cannon between the hock and fetlock. There was a bit of swelling around the cut so I hibiscrubbed it and applied some antibac gel presuming he'd just had a kick...
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    Showing Hunter Classes/Irish Draught

    Hi there, Just a quickie for all you showing bods. Ive started doing alot more showing etc with my ID, I show him plaited up, my mane plaiting is average but my tail plaits are diabolical!!! Obviously I hope to get better with practice but dont want to lose marks cos my plaits are so...
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    Horsebox servicing in Co Durham

    Hi folks, does anyone know of a reputable company near the Durham area who services horse boxes? We've recently bought a DAF 7.5t wagon and would like it to have a good service before its put into use. Thanks, any help would be much appreciated. Luv Jayne xx
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    Height in hands please!

    Hi folks, as title says really, please could one of you kind people tell me what 165.0 cms is in good old fashioned hands? Thanks luv's xx
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    Tack Room Heaters

    Hi folks, I have an old brick outbuilding next to the house that is boarded out and used as a tack room. Every year at this time of year we start to suffer with mould growth on the tack (especially tack that isnt used). Anyway, i have just been reading someones post about using Milton...
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    Testing Siggie

    Hi folks, Just testing my fab siggie that Elizabeth_x very kindly made for me. Luv Jayne xx
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    Check Ligament Injury

    Hi guys, My 16.3 ID mare has had 5/6 months off with a check ligament strain. I rode her on Sunday to see how she was doin (has been field sound for a while) and she was fine. Anyway i'm taking her back up to the vets today to have it rescanned. What I am wondering is, is there any type of...
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    Showing In Hand

    Hi folks, This probably makes me sound very thick but i'm possibly showing in hand my pure bred 3 years old Irish Draught in their Breed Show next month and havent a clue what to do, wear, horses turnout, tack etc so was hoping some of you clever people could help answer my questions!!! Anyway...
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    Robin Dearing Limited

    Hi folks, Anyone had any dealings or any info good or bad about the above dealer/breeder in Hull. Cheers, love Jayne xx
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    Badminton Red Button BBC1 URGENT!!!!

    Hi folks, anyone know what number on the BBCi multiscreen badders is going to be on at 11? Hubby and I have to leave the house in about half an hour and wanted to set the DVD up to tape badders from 11 til 5 but obviously dont know which one of the screens it'll be on to tape!!! Help, folks...
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    Any Farriers on here? Advice please xx

    Hi folks, I'll keep this as brief as I can. I have a 17hh ID mare who has dinner plate sized feet, they are also quite flat! Anyway she is shod religously every 6 weeks by my farrier of 15 years who has recently started a lovely guy who is newly qualified and is working with my farrier. A...
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    Attaching a martingale to a girth!!!!

    Hi folks, think I might be being thick asking this but here goes! I am thinking of ordering Harriet a new leather girth which has a metal ring in the middle for you to attach your martingale to rather than slot the girth thru it as normal. Anyway any ideas how I would attach some sort of...
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    Hi folks, just wondering if anyones heard from Dani since last week? I hadnt seen any posts from her and just wondered if she ok and coping alright? Love Jayne xx
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    Sheepskin Lined Brushing Boots

    Hi folks, anyone know if you can actually get these and if so who and were sells them? Ive seen loads of sheepskin lined tendon, fetlock and bell boots but not brushing boots! Cheers me dears xx
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    Wormers and Lice/Mites

    Hi folks, just after a bit of advice off any worming/lice/mites experts out there! I run a small livery yard, have three horses/two shetlands which are mine and hubby's and I have five livery horses/ponies. My old boy (he's an ID) started scratching something terrible a few weeks ago, anyway...
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    Pelvis and Possible Scan URGENT PLEASE

    Hiya, Please can someone give me a link to the post where someone was having problems with their horses pelvis and it possibly having a bone scan. Thanks xx
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    Saddle Fitter Co Durham

    Hi folks, I am trying to find the number of a saddle fitter who comes out to your yard as i need three of our saddles checking over. I think his first name is Hugh and he's from somewhere in or around Consett!! Sorry not much info to go on, but has anyone any ideas? Thanks loads, Luv Jayne xx
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    Worming Wall Planner

    Hi folks, I run a small DIY livery yard at home with six liveries. Does anyone know where I can get a worming wall planner to go on our tack room wall. I dont know if you can even get such a thing but I was wanting to do this so everyone can just glance at the planner to see when the horses...
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    Joules Padstow Hoodie

    Hi Folks, I'm really fancying one of these to ride in as theyre cooler than a fleece but bit warmer then a gilet. Anyway does anyone have one of these and if so whats your opinion on the sizing? I'd have to order the largest one they do which I believe is a size 18, but I would say i'm a good...
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    New Equetech Denim Jods for the fuller figured amonst us !

    Hi there, Just seen these in Rideaway catty and they apparently go up to size 38 ladies!!!! Anyway just wondering if anyone has a pair and what the fit is like? I take a size 36 in their prima jods so was wondering whether the 36 in the denim ones would be the same. I am always on the look...
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    Extra full bits!

    Hi there, does anyone know where I can get a loose ring sweet iron snaffle, with the lozenge in the middle, in either six and a quarter or six and a half inch! Ive tried the 6" on my ID mare and i'd say its ever so slightly too small. Ive tried the usual shop4bits and the larger stores but...
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    Cleveland Bay Peeps!

    Hi there to all the Cleveland Bay experts out there. Ive been to a local show today and spent some time with a pure bred CB, he was beautiful and had a nature to die for. Ive always been strictly an Irish Draught person myself (I have one 17hh mare and a 16.1 gelding who looks like hes probs...