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    Stinky Stuff

    As far as I'm aware it's just 100% neem.
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    William Fox-Pitt

    I saw Emily King had posted about awful news about their dear friend WFP....lots of people asking if things had changed after the previous statement and her post has now been deleted. Bit worrying.
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    Ruby Walsh jumps a moving car?

    I can't help but think you'd have to be a bit simple to think this is real....
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    No food before neutering question...Help please!

    Took him in and explained he was given food early in the morning before I went to work to help himself to as normal but that I was home late so couldn't guarantee when he last ate except he definitely had no food left at 11. Vet was unconcerned and no issue whatsoever. He's home and happy like...
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    No food before neutering question...Help please!

    A google search has come up with so many different times....6pm, 8pm, 10pm and midnight. Pretty sure most food will be gone by now anyway and he trickle feeds rather than eats a big meal at once but really don't want a dead kitty!
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    No food before neutering question...Help please!

    Thank you! Seen some places say they are fine after midnight but I did have a panic!
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    No food before neutering question...Help please!

    My cat is booked in to be neutered tomorrow. He's on adlib dry food which I filled before heading to work today. I was told no food night before after 8-9 by one nurse. The text I had today says 6pm. I've been unexpectedly called out and won't be home until probably 11 so can't take food away...
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    Cats, vets, good value?

    Yeah think I may do that after I have checked how long you are tied in for :)
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    Cats, vets, good value?

    As you say, long term I'm not so sure though my friend has signed hers up and says it's great value. I'll be starting from scratch so first vaccs etc. for kittens I think it's good but not sure once they are older...
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    Cats, vets, good value?

    Local vets run a scheme where you play a smidge over £12 a month which covers all wormers, flea treatments, vaccinations, microchip, annual urine test, twice yearly health check 20% off neutering and 20% off any lifetime medications. One pound discount on second cat. Does this represent good...
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    Pro-equine Products/supplements

    Sounds all good so far!
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    Pro-equine Products/supplements

    I've been recommended their Ulsa-soothe product for a horse I've been working with and wondered if anyone else has tried it, or any of their other products for that matter? Not heard of them before. Thanks
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    Would you ignore advice from a saddle fitter ?

    Absoloutley listen to your horse, everytime.
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    DIY livery - Lichfield, drayton Bassett, tamworth

    Brookhouse Farm is between Lichfield and Rugeley. Lovely facilities and people :)
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    The Sheriffs Ride - Lichfield

    Elsbells there is usually information in local publications. I think you book your place through Lichfield city council. I may be wrong but I think that's how you book a place :)
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    The Sheriffs Ride - Lichfield

    Not far at all PMP! Are you on a livery yard there as have a few clients your way, pm if you prefer! Loved the video, is really lovely to see the city from a different perspective and has made me determined to do it next year!
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    The Sheriffs Ride - Lichfield must be very local to me. I really wanted to take part this year but without a mount that proved tricky! It's a lovely tradition, for such a small city to still have such a thing is really very unique.
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    "Back Men"

    There are an awful lot of charlatans out there! Someone who claims to be putting slipped discs back is a con man plain and simple. Did he ask you to gain veterinary consent before his visit? If not he also broke the law. I work in equine therapy, have spent time and money qualifying, paying for...
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    Scam - small business owners be aware.

    Yeah that scam is linked to the same group of people. How on earth are they allowed to get away with it?
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    Scam - small business owners be aware.

    I won't say what I do as don't want my wrist slapped for 'advertising', but I've recently advertised in a couple of regional equine magazines. I had a voicemail the other day from a gentleman who said he had seen my ad in his favourite magazine, was working for a charity (couldn't exactly tell...
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    Would you class her as dangerous?

    Not dangerous...but bad mannered. I had a highland on loan who had clearly been allowed to get away with throwing his weight around. One day when I tried catching him he turned his fat backside on me, ears pinned back and started backing up. I wasn't standing for his bullying and stood my...
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    Have you ever bought a horse without your OH knowing?!

    I have a bit more respect for my OH to make such a big commitment without discussing it with him first.
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    What is napping?

    I'm sorry MrsD123, but if its a completely new behaviour then I'd be asking myself why and not assuming it's just naughtiness. If that makes me a fluffy bunny then so be it :)
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    What is napping?

    Napping can also be caused by pain so if this is new behaviour I'd probably be trying to find the cause.
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    Flies, are they worse than ever

    Yep. Pretty sure they are worse!
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    Your opinions- Ruby Walsh comments about the death at Cheltenham

    I think the difference between your average horse owner and a jockey is that generally you and I have a one to one bond with a horse and interact with it on a daily basis. A jockey rides multiple horses in a week for a few minutes each. Of course a death of a horse would affect you or I more...
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    You don't want my custom then?

    I think you have over reacted. Probably could have avoided missing the appointment had you emailed them to ask them to hold it for you and you'd confirm Monday.
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    Following on from Strictly no cobs.....

    If you ran a yard and were advertising livery what would be your 'Strictly no....' clause? Just a bit of fun. :D
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    Strictly no cobs!

    Some of these replies are genius :D
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    Strictly no cobs!

    Can vouch for that with my lad. He's massive and has giant feet!