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  1. Spring Feather

    Foal height comparison/obsession

    Okay, here's my update on the two I mentioned in my post back in 2012. The two youngsters are rising 4 years old now. The filly stands at 16.1hh at the moment. She still has a fair amount of growing to do though but I'd say she'll finish out at 16.3hh. The colt (now gelding) is 16 1/2hh and...
  2. Spring Feather

    How old to spay?

    None of my bitches are ever spayed before they reach 2 years of age. I personally wouldn't consider spaying a puppy of just a few months old.
  3. Spring Feather

    *warning* graphic pic of what a bite can mean ...

    Ooh you poor thing. That looks very sore.
  4. Spring Feather

    Good bye

    Beautiful dog and I'm so sorry for you. It's bloody awful when we have to say our final goodbyes to our dogs xx
  5. Spring Feather

    Rugging a yearling?????

    He should be absolutely fine. I wouldn't be chopping and changing who comes in and who stays out though, stick to a routine and the same horse comes in every night and the others remain out.
  6. Spring Feather


    Oh lol there's nothing awesome about our snow ... we all sit here waiting for the darned stuff to melt in about ooh 3 months time :D Yours on the other hand is pretty and will be gone in a few days. I like that better :smile3:
  7. Spring Feather


    Lovely photos! But ... heavy snow? It's just a dusting :smile3:
  8. Spring Feather

    Whits end with winter!!!

    Well we won't see the ground, let alone flowers coming up, for at least another 2 to 3 months. We do have light mornings and lighter evenings than you have though and lots of blue skies and sunshine.
  9. Spring Feather

    Saddle fitting in the US

    It's not really so different from the UK and Europe. Most people here who only own 1 or 2 horses generally have saddles fitted to those horses however many people over here own loads of horses and in those circumstances they generally have a number of saddles, with each saddle fitting a few...
  10. Spring Feather

    Have any of you ever filmed your horse in stable?

    I have cctv too :smile3:
  11. Spring Feather

    can a mare abort one twin but still carry the other

    Well it seems this is so, judging by your mare. I've personally never heard of it, but hey nature is a marvellous thing! Best of luck and hope all goes well :smile3:
  12. Spring Feather

    Would a scar put you off buying a horse?

    Cosmetic blemishes are of no significance to me providing the horse can do the job I require of it. I don't 'show' so not an issue.
  13. Spring Feather

    Would you buy a quality horse with an injury?

    Yes I would, and have done. I totally lucked out with 2 showjumpers I bought for not insignificant amounts but a heck of a lot less than if they were IFWO.
  14. Spring Feather

    Foal aborted

    I'm so sorry. It's awful when they lose them at this late stage.
  15. Spring Feather

    Issue with my livery neigbours

    This is quite a strange question. I handle all 50 horses who board on my farm and they all behave nicely for me. I do have some owners who aren't quite as capable and sometimes their horses might take opportunities with them that they never would do with me. It doesn't seem to make any...
  16. Spring Feather

    connie stallions- Jumping bloodlines

    All of my mares are bred AI. All of them have had exactly the same success when bred with frozen and with fresh. The trick to breeding mares is to have a very good equine REPRO vet, not just a bog standard equine vet. Oh and a good mare who has no trouble conceiving helps loads :smile3:
  17. Spring Feather

    Wood pellets v shavings?

    I have been mulling over using pellets but they're not that commonly used over here, and I've never seen a pellet bed in my area at all. Can someone please post a photo of pellet beds for me please? :smile3:
  18. Spring Feather

    What is proof of ownership?

    The last Bill of Sale is proof of ownership. So if you have a BoS from the person you purchased horse from and loan people do not have a Bill of Sale from you, then you own pony in law.
  19. Spring Feather

    irresponsible horse owner

    By that rationale, you'll never get your money back for the wasted wormers you gave yours.
  20. Spring Feather

    What would you have done ?

    Because of where I live, my farm is in a central location between two big vet practices (I use both practices) and I often have people ask the same because they know I hold a very well stocked vet room. I am more than happy to hand over drugs to these people in emergency situations however...
  21. Spring Feather

    Other livery feeding my pony haylage when I've asked him not too

    If he has to go through your field to feed his horse then perhaps he's just giving a small amount of his horses haylage to keep your pony away from him to allow him to get to his horse unhindered?
  22. Spring Feather

    Why can't they get the forecast right?!!!

    It's because you live on a little island with a great big ocean on one side and sea on all the other sides. Where I live it's easier for the forecasters to predict (fairly accurately) what will happen as they are tracking weather patterns across vast expanses of land.
  23. Spring Feather

    Anyone ever taken on 2 puppies at the same time?

    I'd never buy (or sell) more than one puppy from the same litter, however I have had 2 puppies from different litters at the same age twice now. Both times was fine but I spend a LOT of time with my dogs as I have a farm so they are with me constantly and my dogs do not live in the house with...
  24. Spring Feather

    Should I move yards

    What sort of things are they saying?
  25. Spring Feather

    Help needed regarding valuation for insurance from breeder

    Find yourself an AI, a breeder or an equine appraiser; someone with a business name, and ask them to do a written valuation on what your horse would have been worth. I do equine appraisals for horses over here and I always give comparables to show how I reached the valuation of the horse. I've...
  26. Spring Feather

    NFU renewal has gone up an extra £30/month!!!!!

    Good lord! That's insane. I don't insure any of my horses for vet fees. I just pay as I go along. Have done it like this for many many years and it's saved me an absolute fortune.
  27. Spring Feather

    Connemara Prices

    Connemaras have always been expensive. I've owned Connemaras (and still have two) for over 40 years and they are just the most wonderful ponies ever! They are super-capable of doing whatever you ask and in my opinion most are worth every single penny you pay for them.
  28. Spring Feather

    Replying to adverts to criticise or compliment?

    No, never. I only contact seller to arrange viewing or to purchase horse.
  29. Spring Feather

    advice required

    An equine vet is not the same as an equine repro vet. A run of the mill equine vet often does not know correct breeding and reproductive stages or protocol.