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  1. kbsaff

    Reputable Transporters - Buckinghamshire

    I'm planning to move a horse 20 miles from his current yard to my own in South Bucks this weekend. Unfortunately, my trailer floor is being replaced and it's unlikely to be finished on time so I'm having to look at alternative options. Does anyone know of a reputable transporter in the area...
  2. kbsaff

    Should I charge or expect payment?

    I suppose that's where I'm confused. I still want to be involved with him so am reluctant to go for a "loan" at the moment, perhaps in a few months when i'm confident that I've found the right person for him. I guess then I would expect all of his costs to be covered.That would allow me to take...
  3. kbsaff

    Should I charge or expect payment?

    I'm 5 months pregnant and unfortunately have come to the conclusion that I am far too big for my pony. In fairness, I was much too tall for him when I wasn't pregnant! I absolutely don't want to sell him but at the same time, he's only 8 and I don't want to see him wasted either. As a result...
  4. kbsaff

    Help with on going cough

    Thanks for this, looks like a vet visit is on the cards. He is a particularly "allergic" pony, he reacts to anything and everything so it does sound likely that this is the cause. I hadn't even linked the cough to the allergies as usually he reacts with a colic or Urticaria. Seems so obvious...
  5. kbsaff

    Help with on going cough

    I'm looking for some advice. My Sec D has had a cough for the last couple of weeks which he can't seem to shake off. It's pretty sporadic but worse in the evenings and early mornings. The cough doesn't sound like a choke, it's literally like a regular tickly cough but it breaks my heart. He...
  6. kbsaff

    Help with Irritating cough

    I'm looking for some advice. My Sec D has had a cough for the last couple of weeks which he can't seem to shake off. It's pretty sporadic but worse in the evenings and early mornings. The cough doesn't sound like a choke, it's literally like a regular tickly cough but it breaks my heart. He...
  7. kbsaff

    welsh d temperaments - your opinions please

    Hooligan, Sounds like I've got your D's clone! By Derwen Replica and like a small child with ADHD!
  8. kbsaff

    Horses Who Have Come and Gone

    I'm having a pensive moment reflecting on the horses that I have owned and who have had an impact on my life and my riding career. Although I no longer own them, I feel I have learnt something from each one. I just wanted to pay tribute to them really... Tilsdale Top Gun (Tilly) - 1 ton of...
  9. kbsaff

    Post Operation Boredom - Any Ideas?

    I had an operation on my arm yesterday to have some excess tissue taken out. Thus meaning that I'm banned from playing horses for at least a week for fear of getting knocked. I'm so bored! OH has been amazing, he's been down, mucked out taken a photo and done goodnight kisses. But I feel...
  10. kbsaff

    As requested Herbie Pics.

    What a handsome boy! You both look proud as punch. Well Done hun!
  11. kbsaff

    Can you buy a horse for a novice for under £1000?

    Alarm bells ringing about the roan mare. I have a feeling it's the very same Rosie (also known as rolly) who was in a riding school that I used to be stabled at. She was sold from the school as she couldn't be caught and kicked my in the stomach sending my flying across a paddock when I did...
  12. kbsaff

    Has anyone turned out 24/7 for summer yet?

    I'd love to be free of the mucking out but my pony would combust if he was at grass 24/7!! He's currently muzzled during the day and in by 4. I'm very jealous of those who will have a stable free summer.
  13. kbsaff

    A plea to those breaking their horses

    What a responsible approach to working with your youngster. I think it's admirable that you're modest enough to ask around for advice/ experience. I agree, everyone must start somewhere so don't be put off by people tell you "if you haven't broken a horse before then you should start. I'd...
  14. kbsaff

    Am I too big to be taken Seriously?

    Yes I find that the Hendrewens that I've seen are rather compact. He's my first registered welshie so I'm rather proud of him.
  15. kbsaff

    Am I too big to be taken Seriously?

    His Dam is Hendrewen Royal Lustre, his Sire is Clyngim Deryn Du
  16. kbsaff

    Am I too big to be taken Seriously?

    Thanks Pastie2. He's a Sec D. just a diddy one!
  17. kbsaff

    Am I too big to be taken Seriously?

    Thank you all for your lovely comments. He really is a gorgeous looking boy, perhaps that's why he gets away with so much! I agree, looking at the picture again I do look at bit lanky. I'm not sure how because I'm a bit stumpy when I'm not on board! I've taken your advice and just ridden...
  18. kbsaff

    Am I too big to be taken Seriously?

    So I bought this manky little thing as a "project" and a bit of time out from competing after my Show jumper sadly passed away. However, I quickly became absolutely smitted with him and although totally different from my usual type, he's ended up staying and has now been with me for four...
  19. kbsaff

    My new horse Hugo - ID

    Mmm yummy! Enjoy him, I'm very jealous. Of course no on will ever replace Charlie and no one is trying to. Hugo is lovely and you'll have a great time with him. I found it hard when I lost my mares within 6 months of each other. I had to keep reminding myself that my new boy didn't know...
  20. kbsaff

    Dealer recommendations south east

    Nice little Sec D?
  21. kbsaff

    Would this be a bad idea?

    I'm hoping that the date on the camera is incorrect. All of the photo's are dated 2008. If the mare is currently 2yrs & 4 months, she would've been 2 months old when those photo's were taken!!! Barge Pole springs to mind. If the people who break these horses so young think there is a market...
  22. kbsaff

    Summer Fly Relief - Your Opinions/Recommendations

    During the summer, my boy suffers horrendously with irritation from flies and midges, He doesn't get sweetitch but rubs and rubs constantly particularly in his ears. He can't bear them on him and figdets and crashes about the place. I noticed that the bugs were out in force last night and he...
  23. kbsaff

    Why not have your horse freezemarked?

    Possibly a cr4p excuse, but I wasn't sure whether the Freeze Mark would detract from him in the show ring. He is microchipped though in my defence and if anyone did pinch him, I'm sure they'd soon bring the thug back!!! **Runs for cover as most sensible pepole tell me that my horse's safety...
  24. kbsaff

    Those horses of the past you wonder about

    I always wondered the whereabouts of Emma. She was my first pony who was completely mine. She taught me EVERYTHING! From the importance of a well fitting riding hat to not forgetting to double check the bolts on stable doors. She was a spotty little 14hh ish welsh x something or other...
  25. kbsaff

    Surrey equestrian

    Previously, Anything that I had ordered from S.E turned up fantastically fast. This impressed me so much that when I needed something at short notice, I turned straight to S.E, confident that it would arrive on time. However....two weeks later I was still waiting and surprise, surprise...
  26. kbsaff

    Happy note lets see your showing pics!!

    No nice showing pics but one of lenny showing off his rosette after having come 4th in his first ever youngstock class. Oh and a rather windswept mum trying to sort his rug out!
  27. kbsaff

    Does this Horse look like too much of a bargain

    Sorry, I'm not keen. Looks a bit like a "cut 'n' shut! Back end looks weak and although it's supposed to be eight, she looks like she needs to grown into her front end
  28. kbsaff

    Help - what on earth should I do??

    I'd give them a call and find out what the story is. They could've had a complete change in circumstance e.g. Job loss etc. and there really is a genuine reason for sale. When you sold him, was he worth £1500? Did you just ask for £500 to secure a reasonable amount of commitment to him? If...
  29. kbsaff

    Update on New Horse Damaging My Horse/Belongings

    Thanks for all of your thoughts and support on my problem. I've kept him in today with adlib hay and his Boredom Breaker Football just to give him a break. He was VERY subdued yesterday evening and he's normally an absolute whirlwind. I'll turn him out for an hour when I finish work si he can...
  30. kbsaff

    Update on New Horse Damaging My Horse/Belongings

    Following on from my post earlier this week regarding a new horse attacking my pony, I arranged for my boy to be brought in at the same time as the older horses in the field to elimanate the issue of him being left on his own and consequently being attacked However, I got to the yard today...