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    Ariat Windermere

    I think off memory, Ariat discontinued the Windermeres a while ago? You may just have to google for old stock. If you email where I work, we might have the odd size left? Sorry im not in work today or could have checked for you xx
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    What make of bridle is this?

    I think its Northumbrian leatherwork, think shires stocked them but it was alot of years ago xx
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    Waterproof jods

    Hi guys, whats the sizing like on the decathlon kipwarm, im a good 34 thats all and find not all 34's are that generous lol Thanks Jayne x
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    Trimmer hunting

    We use Carl Greenwell on our yard at Oakenshaw, near Willington, Crook.
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    DAF owners

    Yep same as Red-1 above, large dial to the left of the dash and the big screen in the middle lights up with a menu xx
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    cleaning brushing boots

    I wash all my horsey stuff, boots, brushes, numnahs, girth sleeves the lot with nuumed, nuuwash. Brilliant stuff xx
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    Robinsons Robust Jodhpurs!

    You didnt get the Robust ones in beige by any chance did you WindyStacks, cos if so, ill happily buy them off you?! The Requisite Robust ones are the only ones of theirs I like I must admit, I generally get the size 34" but could probs get away with a 32" and I find being the ribbed poly...
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    Robinsons Robust Jodhpurs!

    Ooh thanks cronkmooar, ill go and have a look now. Think ive found something similar here too, Gorringe 400 range, with or without a proseat, they arnt ribbed but are 100% poly, so thats a start!, Grrr, gutted about Robinsons, they are the best most comfy jods ive ever had, oh and the cheapest...
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    Robinsons Robust Jodhpurs!

    Hi guys, hoping you can help. I love these jods, for those who arnt familiar with them they are a ribbed polyester type fabric and therefore much more flattering than the usual plain cotton jods, well, when youre a size 16/18 they are! Anyway just gone to order some beige ones online for...
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    Xcountry courses/unaff events? We did this series last year it was fab. If you contact Janice Mews on facebook she'll give you all the details for this coming year xx
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    DIgitalangel Support Thread

    Again, another silent follower. Youre attitude to this situation is out of this world. You are a truely kind, compassionate and responsible owner, hats off to you. Big big hugs and hope everything goes well for you. You are in my thoughts xxxxxxxxx
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    Northern Show x Final

    Well done, it was great wasnt it. Janice, Ian and Alan are so lovely and supportive, when I went to my first showcross with them back in April I think it was, I couldnt even jump 50 cms confidently I was terrified!!! Theres a few of us doing their indoor showcross series at Catterick Saddle...
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    Northern Show x Final

    hi there, just seen your post! Yes, i qualified and came overall 4th in the 70 cms so was chuffed to bits. How did you do? xx
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    Colours for my Chestnut Lad??

    Ive a chestnut ID with flaxen mane and tail and must agree with Montyforever, green all the way, he's in bottle green, stunning xx
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    So who went mad shopping at Badminton?

    Oh brill thats a really good deal, you'll not be disappointed, enjoy! xx
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    Hi there if anyone knows this user or if you see this post SAM888, please can you contact me asap. Ive just seen a PM you sent me back in January 2012 saying you had my horses full brother, ive been trying for years to find him and somehow your message must have been lost in the system. My...
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    So who went mad shopping at Badminton?

    Hi Broadford Queen, I have 3 of the brass tacks leather headcollers for 3 of mine which are lush dont get me wrong, wanted another one for the new horse and looked on their website but are far too much money I just couldnt justify it (the other three were bought as show offers at Olympia and...
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    recommend me some reins

    Second bio-grip from Jeffries, love them! x
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    4 x 4 drivers (especially Shoguns), advice please .....

    I have a SWB 3.2 DiD Equippe that ive had from new (its an 04 plate), and have regularly towed (until had to upgrade to a wagon cos of a new horses loading issues....long story!), an IW 510 with a 17.2 HW ID and a 16.1 cob/trotter in it with no adverse effects!. Just to add, its also been lent...
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    lee pearson...arrogant much...

    I cant stand him!!! Sorry folks to be brutal but watching that documentary last month finished me off completely! I am actually over the moon he didnt get gold, and yes, I agree, thats a horrible unpatriotic thing to say but sorry, I cant stand the man!!!! xx
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    Worm slaughtered by Robin.

    Sorry but had to have a very small chuckle at this one! Bad mum! xx
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    Help with Irish Draught Feet PLEASEEEEEE!!

    Hi again Foxy, Oh right yes that might be something worth thinking about too, he's actually really good when he's out for gawping, even for a baby bless him. I tend not to have any problems with tripping tho thank god (having had a shattered shoulder, mine not the horse!, rebuilt about 12...
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    Help with Irish Draught Feet PLEASEEEEEE!!

    Hi Janet, ive got some keratex that ive been putting on his soles so hopefully that'll help too, thanks xx
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    Help with Irish Draught Feet PLEASEEEEEE!!

    Hi Mainpower, ive never seen one pulled off but he does get chased off his haynet in the field (yes he's 17.1, like a brick s**thouse and is about the lowest in the pecking order!) so I suspect he's pulling them off sideways like you say when he moves quickly if he's getting chased. There's...
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    Help with Irish Draught Feet PLEASEEEEEE!!

    Hi Glosgirl, thanks, yes I must admit, he hasnt had these short heeled shoes on for long and I wouldnt want another pair cos its really made a difference to his stride, its gone all short and choppy so I dont think they can be doing him any good anyway. Oh well thanks for your advice, i'll...
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    Help with Irish Draught Feet PLEASEEEEEE!!

    Hi Foxy, thanks for that. He's 4 year old, 17.1 and extremely gangly and all legs!!! I think i'll probs try him just on the very flat tarmac for a bit and see if he improves and if not then its gonna have to be school work til Spring and youre right, me being patient!! They are such lovely...
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    Help with Irish Draught Feet PLEASEEEEEE!!

    Hi there, thanks for your reply in Devon!, the imprints are glue ons tho arent they and my farrier recons he'll just do himself more damage pulling glue ons off rather than nails (he always pulls the shoes off cleanly so far *touches wood*). Farrier and myself think its just a young horse and...
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    Help with Irish Draught Feet PLEASEEEEEE!!

    Hi Lisa, Mmm, now I did read that the original boot was ok for wide feet but I just dont know, its a hell of alot of money to fork out if they dont work. Thanks tho, its probs worth me readiing up on them again xx
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    Help with Irish Draught Feet PLEASEEEEEE!!

    Hi Glosgirl & Lexie, I must admit on flat tarmac he is relatively ok, its just any stony or shingly ground that you'd think someone had broken his leg!, so I think maybe persevering in the way forward, I just dont want to hurt him thats all and dont really know anything about barefoot as have...