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    Lameness advice please...

    I have broken my pony....stupidly jumped on grass without boots yesterday, fine when we got home, didn't give legs a full check this morning (stupid) all tacked up & ready to ride out for a hack with my neighbour this morning, set off down the road at trot....pony lame...near fore, heat and...
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    Irish Peeps, Eventing or XC trainers?

    Looking for someone good to help me get over some XC issues, anyone used anyone they'd really recommend? Happy to hire course & pay for travel etc. if it will help sort us out as otherwise we may end up parting company. I'm based in Kildare but happy to travel - PM me if you prefer Thanks!
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    Irish peeps

    probably considering advertising but anyone have any good Irish sites for buying ponies - need to find a shetland gelding as a companion - nothing on any of the rescue sites Ta
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    British Equestrian Federation

    Anyone have any dealings with them, opinions on what they should be doing better/what they do well....just doing some research and would appreciate any comments people have.... do they have any power or ability to make a difference to equestrianism in the UK? Or is it just a talk shop with too...
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    Competition dress - what do you wear?

    Just a quick poll about various dress codes & etiquette - I know what the rules say about everything but just wanted to see what you guys wear for various comps.... Forgot to add in 'other' so if something else then please let me know!!!
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    Irish peeps - festival times are up

    For Saturday and Sunday - I'm only going on Sat so have performance Hunter at 10.58 which is nice & civilised....Dressage at 14.15 (gives me plenty of time for cool-down, lunch & re-warm up) and then team SJ not till 16.56 which is a bit of a pain... Looking forward to seeing you all...
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    Checklist for competing....packing the truck

    I know there's been a few of these checklists done one here...anyone remember who started one or what the title of the thread was - first ever ODE tomorrow & want to make sure don't forget anything.... in case no-one does know - have I missed anything? For me: jacket, shirt, tie/stock, jods...
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    medical armband

    As a complete competition virgin with my first riding club ODE on Sunday I have a dumb question - where do I get a medical armband, what information does it need to contain & when they say it has to contain photo ID does that just mean it needs a passport photo in it? Thanks!!
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    Irish Peeps - RC ODE in STradbally Hall

    Anyone going? Thinking of first ODE! Will also coincidentally be my first dressage test!! Have decided the best way to approach that is to consider it schooling!
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    For those who enjoyed my fall video last week.....sorry!!

    But we didn't fall today - wooo hoooo!! Ended up going round twice in the novice class (3ft) - first time was v v nervous after fall last week - we stopped at the drop into the 1st water (they reversed the direction of the course & it felt much more technical, & both waters were drops...
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    Best way to approach a drop xcountry??

    Anyone any tips? I have conquered (I hope) my issues over jumping a fence on a downhill slope.......despite my fall on Monday - but TBH I'm still not totally sure how I should ride a drop - should I maintain the same pace as if I was approaching an upright fence - then get myself right back in...
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    Anyone need a unplanned dismount from HT today!

    Courtesy of Niamhy....who managed to video my fall! OUr first hunter trials together & my first time round a novice HT course....most of it was fine - we had two stops (both had drops involved in them - not v good with them) but we jumped all the heavy fences really nicely - the second...
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    PLease cross your fingers for me.....

    First hunter trials on Sid tomorrow - and my first time ever round a novice sized point taking him in the PN they are mostly small logs on the ground & we'd gather so much speed in between I'd be home before I started BUT some really scarey fences in the novice (it's supposed to...
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    xcountry - checking vs steadying advice please!

    We're heading off to our first Hunter Trials on Monday - going to enter in the novice (which is about 90cm) and then pick my course - probably do some of the pre-novice course (70) dependinding how scarey the fences are....there's no point in me taking him in the pre-novice as it will be no work...
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    Closa contact saddles - opinions/benefits

    I've been faffing about and considering buying a 'proper' saddle for a while now - challenge is I've v long legs and neddy has a v short back (oh and not a very big budget!!)- I rode last night in YO's close contact saddle (have never ridden in one before) and really liked it...she uses it for...
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    BTW thanks everyone who responded to the correct vs overbent post - really interesting stuff...had an excellent lesson last night, warmed up with draw reins which I have been using for the past 2 weeks or so and he settled into proper work immediately (as opposed to two weeks ago where he'd faff...
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    Irish Peeps - Annaharvey Monday 10th April?

    Anyone going? Truck isn't going to the Laois HT on Saturday but is going to Annaharvey on Monday....if anyone is going let me know!
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    picture challenge.....overbent vs correct....Dressage 101 for amateurs

    OK another post got me thinking about what is overbent & what's a 'correct' outline.... my boy is very compact, relatively short neck, when he goes into what I perceive to be a good outline I am pretty sure the poll is the highest point but it still feels like his head and neck are pretty...
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    Irish Peeps - Laois Hunter Trails Moved from Stradbally

    Just heard confirmation that the HT due to take place next Saturday in Stradbally hall has been moved to Borris-in-Ossory (where it used to be held up to about 6 or 7 years ago I think) I haven't had official confirmation but i think it's because of a case of strangles in the Stradbally area
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    Really good day xcountry schooling (self indulgent)

    Loving my boy today - probably cos we didn't do any flatwork! Xcountry schooling with a few from the yard over the course across the road...had to move to the second ring on the 3 ring (we were just on the big ring but he had a few 'I'm half TB therefore actually a racehorse' moments when we...
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    Working from behind/rounding up.....practical advice please is very capable, rounds up really nicely for my YO, uses himself very well & has lovely paces (when he tries)....I am relatively novice, have never competed at dressage, am advanced primary riding club but would love to do an ODE (Riding Club) this summer With me we are at...
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    This week's Irish Field

    For those of you who get my name in it for the first time...just in the results section for a riding club show (Greenhills in Coilog) and a mention in the para about the show.... It's a first for me so am a little chuffed with myself (we won our class in our first proper competition...
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    General Bit advice!

    OK - my current bits (for small mouthed Sid) are borrowed from my previous YO and I need to go ahead & buy my own now so really just wondering what brands etc people recommend & what kind of money I should be paying....(and a few more questions - sorry!)....we have no bitting 'issues' as...
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    good vibes please.......first 'proper' show tomorrow

    Well the shirt is ironed, jacket (ratcatcher don't have black or navy) & tie ready to go, clean jods, boots are clean (mine & his) though I do have blisters starting at the back of my knees as am breaking in a new pair of leather ones...tack is clean, horse is clean....have my RC card...
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    Opinions please - non-horsey OH dilemma/guilt/selfishness...(warning l

    Horses are my passion & my main reason for moving back to the country (bought house & moved out of city last summer w. OH) - OH doesn't have a similar rural diversion in fact at the moment he doesn't really have any huge 'hobby or interest' but was fully on board with the move to the...
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    anyone know where I can get a padded headpiece?

    Mate of mine looking for one for her horse who has a rather sensitive poll but doesn't want to buy a whole new bridle Thanks
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    xcountry schooling (self indulgent)

    In October/November we did some schooling over the xcountry across the road - then the rain came & we haven't been let on it since! I was pretty nervous back then & tended to jump the littler fences when there was an option & had a paddy one day with a roller in & out of a water...
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    First aid kits - what's in yours?

    Just curious about what products people carry with them to comps etc., or have to hand on their yard - need to start building up one as to date have been on full livery and haven't travelled myself (always hitched a ride which was complete with fully stocked kit)..... the obvious ones to...
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    Irish peeps...saddles?

    as I may (don't want to speak to soon though) have enough money after all my manic saving for my stables (god bless the SSIA) for a new saddle have any of your used an ROI based saddle fitter who comes out? I'm not a big fan of berneys but definitely want to try before I buy & the only one...
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    breaking in long boots...

    anyone got an easier way of breaking in new rather stiff leather boots than hobbling round the house with your trackie bottoms tucked into them and whipping them off when the doorbell rings in case someone thinks you're up to some kiny role play with your OH???