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    Baileys Ease and Excel

    Looking for feedback on Baileys Ease and Excel, particularly feeding it to an exracer. My newest boy is 5, 17hh and growing, and still adjusting to civilian life in some ways. He's not always the greatest eater and can seem overfaced by huge buckets of feed. His current weight is OK, but he...
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    Retracted Soles - Any Experiences?

    Horse is a big TB, barefoot 6 years, has had other issues - gut problems, tying up, calcium deficiency - which have all been dealt with. Feet are good to look at and he has been mostly rock crunching the last few years even with his issues. Over winter he has had a build up of false sole and...
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    Chopped Straw Bedding and Deep Littering...

    I have a big Tb gelding who drinks and pee's a lot due to various issues. He is out as much as possible but as he can't cope with grass it's often better to bring him in. I have, up until now, got by on a shavings bed and more recently shavings with wood pellets under it. Not entirely happy with...
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    PDS Relief Girth - thoughts?

    I need to buy a new short girth to go on my new dressage saddle. Would love a Stubben Equisoft to try but after raiding my piggy bank for the saddle my budget won't quite stretch. I have seen the PDS Relief girth online and it looks good! Horse has gained a lot of weight and muscle after...
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    Cleft Lip/Palate

    Folks, A few months ago we took on a 8 month old Boxer x Staffy from a rescue. He has a deformity to his face that the rescue were told was due to him being kicked as a puppy, then they were told he was born with it - his lower jaw is also misshapen and doesn't quite match up and he also had...
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    Animal Friends Insurance

    I posted a while back asking about Animal Friends as my premiums had gone up excessively with NFU and I was thinking of changing. I did swap to AF in the end and saved myself over £100 a month for my 4 horses. I've had to put my first claim in and they have been brilliant. All done online and...
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    Natures Menu frozen raw food.

    We have an 7/8 month boxer x staffy pup that we got through a rescue 2 weeks ago. He has damage to his upper jaw which could be either a birth defect or as the result of a kick/trauma, either way the vet has told us to make sure his wet food is fed in large chunks to reduce the chances of him...
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    Training tips/recommendations for rescue pup.

    Folks, A week ago we took on a 7/8 month old pup from a rescue. He's had a tough start to life - we are the 4th home he's lived in already - and has been battered about a bit. He has damage to his face and jaw from being kicked that is currently under vet attention and has burn marks on his...
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    Animal Friends Horse Insurance - yay or nay?

    Has anyone insured with Animal Friends and if so are they as good as they sound? MY NFU policy is getting ridiculous so I am looking into other options and AF have been suggested. NFU have been superb through various claims - I have 4 horses with them - so I'm wary to look elsewhere but I do...
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    Barefoot trimmer - Surrey/Hants border?

    Can anyone suggest/recommend a barefoot trimmer who covers the Farnham area? I've had a good google but I'm struggling to find names. Would prefer a UKNHCP trained trimmer but it's not essential. Cheers! ;)
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    Sharing opportunity - how does this sound to you?

    Basically I have 3 horses, all exracers, who are all very different. I enjoy riding all 3 but due to time constraints and OH working away a lot I'm struggling to keep all 3 in a decent level of work and get everything done each evening. I've put up an advert advertising a share of all 3 -...
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    Horses with hind gut issues - whats your routine?

    There seems to be a few horses being diagnosed with hind gut issues (ulcers/flora imbalance/inflammation/acidosis etc) recently. My vet certainly thinks that due to how horses are kept/fed it's actually a bigger issue than thought previously. I have a gelding with inflammation of the hind...
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    Frank Baines Dressage Saddles? Or other suggestions?

    I recently bought a Frank Baines Elan CC jump saddle and love it. It has a flat seat, small blocks and puts me in a good position, I also love the close contact feel I get and I'm looking for a dressage saddle that provides a similar feel. I have an ancient Passier Grand Gilbert that I love...
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    Livery for yearling in Surrey - Guildford/Farnham/Haslemere

    I have a yearling filly, she is currently turned out 24/7 in a nice field in Pirbright, however due to a house move, my other horses moving yards and now her field companion moving I need to find alternative livery for her. I need somewhere where she will be out 24/7/365, in a herd or with other...
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    HHO'rs horse on Rockley Blog?

    Is this your boy Toomanyhorses26? Dylan? Am hoping it is and that this is the start of his recovery. Looking forward to following his progress.
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    Need some help - need to rehome a Golden Retriever??

    Hello peoples... I need some assistance/suggestions on who to contact to get some help rehoming my Mums dog. He's a 12 month old Retriever, they adore him but he's too much for my Mum and my brothers change in circumstances mean he is no longer about to help her. I think it would be better he...
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    Barefoot trimmer recommendations - Aylesbury area...

    One of my herd has gone off on loan to a friend in Aylesbury, he's barefoot and we'd like him to remain that way. Can anyone recommend a good trimmer that covers the Aylesbury area, pref UKNHCP if poss. Cheers! :)
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    Help finding turnout for mare and foal.

    Hello peeps. I have a mare with a 2 month old foal at foot. The filly was born on the yard we rent and has stayed with us these first 2 months, as this is the only foal I plan to breed it's been an opportunity to get to know her and handle her etc which has been pretty awesome. The time has...
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    Muck heap removal Guildford...

    Hello! I need to have my mountain of muck removed while the ground is dry, but my usual guy is busy cutting hay and is unable to do it. Can anyone recommend someone else who would be able to do it? We are based between Woking and Guildford. Cheers!!
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    Share your views on barefoot/unshod horses with the FRC.... :) A step in the right direction, hopefully....
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    Where to look for grazing for a mare and foal.

    Afternoon all.... Am looking for grazing for my mare and foal over the summer where they can join a herd of other mares and youngstock, but I'm struggling to find something suitable as it's not the sort of thing that is readily advertised. My own grazing has been wreaked by the weather and...
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    Feeding a lactating mare.

    Morning everyone. My TB mare had her filly on Monday night. All is well after the initial drama and mare and foal are settling into their new routine. My vet thinks the mare is looking a little poor - she went 2 weeks over her due date and foal took a lot out of her - and needs a change in...
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    What a night - we have a new arrival.

    We have a foal - woooo! Day 353 of my mare Pinks pregnancy today (13th). We've had a close eye on her for over a week now, she's looked close but not quite there, until tonight. As usual it didn't go quite to plan - I brought her in as usual, she had a little wax on her teats but was happy...
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    TopSpec Cool Condition Cubes - anyone feed them?

    Have been suggested to try the TopSpec Cool Condition cubes for one of my lads who is barefoot. He's had a bad few weeks with the grass coming through and will be tested for IR once things settle down. He's TB though and has lost weight, he also wont eat soaked feeds so getting calories into him...
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    Feed Suggestions - Barefoot IR Horse.

    My boy is showing all the signs of a mild lami attack which, thankfully, is improving greatly now he's in 24/7 on soaked hay. He's a TB, 7yo and my vet believes we should test for insulin resistance which I'm arranging to do. I've had him 18 months and he's had footiness and swellings in his...
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    Insulin Resistance Testing.

    Having some reoccuring issues with one of my TB's. Have just spoken to my vet who has suggested having him tested for insulin resistance and is getting me an idea of costs put together. Horse is a 7yo TB, barefoot, each spring/autumn grass flush he comes down with laminitic symptoms and...
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    Indy Training Update - Jumping Progress!

    So... after my last post about Indy and our efforts to try and improve his flatwork we had a bit of a breakthrough after his second acupuncture session on his neck. The treatment didn't fix whatever was going on there but it did give us an opportunity to push the flatwork - with the help of a...
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    Can anyone recommend a gallops in Surrey/Hants?

    Morning all... Can anyone point me in the direction of a decent gallop for hire, pref in the Guildford-ish area? Cheers! :)
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    Feed Companies - why the lack of information on ingredients and nutritional info?

    Just reading the various feeding threads on here and it's got me wondering. So many people now are more aware of what they are feeding, especially with the seeming rise in barefoot horses, gastric ulcers, Cushings etc, so why do we still have such a lack of information from the feed...
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    Kauto on the ITV News last night. :D :D :D Doesn't he look fantastic? Love it.