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    How did you know your horse was "the one" ha?

    I was riding Rosie and a couple of other ponies to help her owner out, after replying to an ad in the paper. She had me quite worried the first time I rode her, and I prefered the woman's quieter pony at first. But Rosie has a buzzyness about her I've never felt with another pony before. She...
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    Saddle help!

    The Width is sometimes printed on the stirrup bars.
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    Can i please see photos of 5'8" people riding 15.2/3hh please?

    I'm 5'8 and not a small built lassie and I ride a 14.1hh Highland.
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    What to do with an old decrepit saddle?

    Sell it. Someone will buy it. I'm looking for a wee one at the moment for my welshie, just purely for lungeing/long reining, so not bothered about how old/skanky looking saddle I get as long as it's cheap and the tree is sound. Leather can always be worked on with a bit of elbow grease.
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    My, My, where did this confidence come from?!

    Well Done you. I am a total wimp when it comes to jumping. A total wimp when it comes to lessons as well, I like to do my own thing. Have been brave today and booked a lesson with a local dressage lady before my youngster comes back from being backed. Is not till next week but am nervous...
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    querie for those that ride next to railways?

    I work for the railway. I wouldn't ever try and second guess the train times as although there is a passenger timetable, there is also a seperate time table that takes into account other services, freight trains, and re routing due to problems. I would never take a risk crossing a line without...
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    Mike Barker...?

    I just wondered if anyone knew anything about a natural Horsemanship trainer called Mike Barker? He did some work with a pony that I own and I just wanted to find out a bit more about him and the work that he does. I've never seen one of his demo's or met him, but my pony was used for a demo...
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    Anyone Have A Husband/Partner In The Army? Or Joining?

    My other half is in the army. It's not easy sometimes. He lives away from me and we only see each other for a few days a month. It's hard work but I wouldn't swop him for the world.
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    Horse Transport?

    Does anyone have any suggestions of people/companies that would be able to transport a pony from Ayr to Perth before the end of the month?
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    Project Horse / Companion / Broodmare ?

    It May be worth having a chat with your vet re embryo transfers etc if that is the way you want to go, as he will be able to tell you all the ins & outs. Have you discussed with your vet what the likely outcome for the future will be, eg could she be a hack, will she stay sound even as just...
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    Farriers In Perthshire...

    I'll give them a try. I would rather get recommendations off people than just ring random numbers off the website. Just because have had a few bad experiences with farriers so quite wary.
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    Farriers In Perthshire...

    Can anyone recommend a farrier that covers Perth area? Mine appears to have dropped off the face of the earth, and after a month of trying to get hold of him I'm giving up.
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    Which should come first

    Yard. You would be gutted if you found the right horse then lost him because you had no where to go.
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    Livery/Grazing Urgently Needed Perthshire Area.

    I am desperatly looking for livery or grazing in the Perthshire area for my 2 ponies. Where I am at the moment isn't working out. I've been looking for weeks but I've not managed to come up with anything. Does anyone have any suggestions or yards or local farmers who I could contact. I've...
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    Meet Finella, my new pony

    She's lovely. Once you've been bitten by the Highland Bug you never go back.
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    What's the best flyspray?

    Bioforce stuff.
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    Highland Ponies - any comments on the breed?

    There is also a Highland Pony For sale section on There is also sometimes Highlands on here If you look on you will find a sales list that is updated every Friday, and lots of links to breeders websites...
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    Doing a BLING pony turn out at show..any ideas

    Is this bling enough?
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    am i being unreasonable?

    Toby if I could I would trust me... However YO needs the help a lot more than she needs the money. She also works full time. Shall be all change this winter though. After 2 winters of absolute hell I am finally moving yards. Am starting a new job with a lot of shift work, so need to move...
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    am i being unreasonable?

    GigglePig speaking from experience of being in this situation you need to talk to her. I own 2 ponies, pay livery for one and help out instead of paying my £10 a week for the other one. YO has 7 horses, 4 of these live in at nights. It has got to the stage now that if I don't muck out no one...
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    I am so happy!!

    Well Done. Glad that you and Callum are getting on well at new yard.
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    1st ride since Oct 06!

    That's great. Hope he continues to go from strength to strength.
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    cant get his bridle on

    asbo I used to have this problem with a horse I rode at college. What I used to do was un hook the bit at one side, put the rest of the bridle on being careful not let the bit bang him in the face, then once I had done the noseband up you can have your right hand under the noseband, and use...
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    how many horses did you look at...

    I never looked. I gave up looking when I started riding Rosie, then bought her as soon as I waqs offered her for sale. Bought Fiadh from the same lady. I have known her since the day she was born and think she's always been destined to be mine.
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    What breed/type of horse would you recommend....

    I would recommend a Highland. I have two and they are lovely quiet ponies. At 14.1 my mare is strong enough to carry me but I feel closer to the ground and very safe. Having a big neck in front also helps. Is she does decide to look for a Highland give me a shout and I can tell you the best...
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    Does every horse have a price?

    I've not read all the replies to this but I know that there is no money in the world that could convince me to part with my Rosie.
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    OMG OMG!!!! help with in hand showing please

    Yes you need hat/gloves. Make sure long hair is tied back neatly and isn't hanging over your face. Don't forget show stick/cane. Good Luck!
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    My new HORSE ....

    He looks lovely. Hope you have a lot of fun with him.
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    Following on from recent Parelli post!

    I have looked at some NH methods whilst at college. I have tried some of the different methods and techniques for certain circumstances, however don't religiously follow NH methods in everyday life. I think with all things in life there is no harm in trying and learning new things, then...
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    My YO (long rant) - what do you think?

    MOVE! She sounds like a YM I used to work with. Eventuallyy I left because liveries/Riding School customers were coming to ME with problems and ended up in a situation of having to try adn relay things back to YM & YO or having to spend extra time doing them myself.