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    Did I read somewhere you can use deosect for red mite?

    Yes dilute it, I use the same dilution I use for the horses, I stick it in a spray bottle and use it fast as it corrodes rubber and plastic so the bottle won't work for long!!
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    Did I read somewhere you can use deosect for red mite?

    I use it, but you need to use it first thing on a dry sunny day and keep the chooks out of the hen house as it's pretty strong stuff, repeat again in 14 days time and make sure you really spray it on under all perches! I would also move the broody hen into a clocker box and run, and treat her -...
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    Salt licks in field..

    Mine have always had a large salt lick in the field/stable/barn all year round as they can't migrate like wild horses to find naturally occurring salt, they definitely need it just like we do, I replace when needed, in winter they get a molassed lick too once every 2 weeks or so.
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    Equine ghosts?

    One of my cats jumped on the kitchen table once while my sister and i were doing our homework, my parents were standing cooking supper, we just stared at him, he leapt off the table and over the dog gate and onto a table by the kitchen door, he knocked the vase off it and raced off upstairs...
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    Need some help. Very inexpereinced looking after a horse?

    Hmmm - call me sceptical, but what's to say this 'friend' will let you pay to have her teeth, feet etc done, get her handlable again and maybe even ridden, then sell her on after all the money and time you've spent on her - sounds like a dodgy friend to me! I know it's hard not to care but I...
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    How young can a colt cover a mare?

    Yes they can, they're technically fertile from 6 months old onwards, even if you don't see them interested in the mares, they maybe doing the deed at night when it's cooler!!:D I would separate the colt ASAP, get the mares checked to make sure there are no accidents next year, he needs to be in...
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    What breed is my loan horse?

    Hate to tell you Aabri, there's no such thing as 16.5, hands are measured in 4 inch increments from 0 upwards, so after 16.3 it goes to 17, 17.1,17.2, 17.3 then 18 hands etc.etc. It looks like a cob x TB, hard to say and something you'll never know unless it's on his passport so could be a mix...
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    Having a foal before breaking

    I wouldn't breed from a 3yr old either, irrespective of how mature the animal 'looks' on the outside their skeleton matures at the same rate as every other horse, so technically the weight bearing growth plates don't fuse until they are 4 so could be damaged by carrying the extra weight, also...
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    Vet or no Vet

    Looks normal to me too, some colts just like to let it all hang out!!:D
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    4 days and counting - is there anthing I've forgotten?

    Lovely mare and foal TheMule!:) To the OP, I wouldn't go on text book signs either, I've had maidens and experienced girls pop with absolutely no signs at all and bag up after foaling, they certainly do keep you guessing! If there is no-one there at night i.e.. from 11pm till 7am, which is...
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    Coltish Behaviour?

    Poor foal being stuck in a stable for so long!!! Sounds like a very bored baby to me who needs buddies to play with to burn off his excess energy, youngsters need to socialise to learn to be normal horses and how to behave, isolating one on it's own is the worst thing you can do and will only...
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    Melanoma in cat - any experiences please?

    Not come across it either, but glad to hear your cat is recovering well!:) I have had a mammary tumour and then a whole load of other weird tumours taken out of a cat, the mammary ones were when she was about 9 and the others were when she was 14 - she had 4 different kinds including...
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    What should a correct bag look like?

    Every mare is totally different so no right or wrong bag!:) Some mares don't bag up until after they foal, and some weeks before and look like a cow rather than a horse!;)
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    Hormonal 3 yo

    Agree with the others I wouldn't put in foal as it will solve nothing at all, youngsters go through teenage phases and phases where you just want to shoot the little darlings, but they do grow out of it as they mature and become adult, yours is still a baby!! My sisters friesian filly I could...
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    Using my mare as a broodmare?

    Agree with the above totally, I wouldn't be breeding from a rescue mare unless you get her doing a job and she's really good at it to prove herself, irrespective of how good she is on paper and even with good conformation, off the track TB's are 2 a penny and with so many going for meat it...
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    golden guernsey goats

    I had 2 that we used to milk, Delphi and Dusty, Dusty sadly died after having quads one year, but Delphi we had pts last year as she was 14 and was just too creaky to go through another winter, she retired long before that though, sadly we only ever got billy kids from her so never had a nanny...
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    Try The Company Of Horseman -, they do all sorts of stunt/trick/jousting type stuff, really nice people and very knowledgable, they have 2 of my boys, a friesian and friesian x TB, on long term loan!:)
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    Opening a Tack / Equestrian Shop

    Def make it a destination type shop, a friend of mine set up a small equestrian shop a couple of years ago, it's booming, they sell mainly clothing like Joules, riding wear etc and a bit of horse stuff too. I sell greetings cards and prints to her, as I do funny horsey ones, and they sell...
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    Part two of 'dangerous dogs'

    Dry Rot definitely agree!!!:D I think english law is also to blame partly - these dog wardens/RSPCA etc have no legal powers at all so cannot remove animals even if they are being kept like the fat moron family with the hoard of pets who she couldn't care less about, I don't think I'd have the...
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    Gelding affect growth?

    Personally I've found those that are gelded before the growth plates are fused i.e. before 1yr old then they do tend to grow a little taller than full siblings left entire till 5 or 6, testosterone inhibits growth but enhances muscle mass, so I think a gelding maybe a bit less inclined to have...
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    Please help, gelding not peeing

    I'd be calling the vet asap if it were my horse as not peeing would be on my list of emergencies!! OP you are sharing this horse and so you do legally owe this animal a duty of care, get the vet out, as the horse must be registered with a vet and get them to send the bill to her. And I...
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    Dementia in dogs??

    We had an elderly JRT who although was the picture of health at 16 her cheese had slid off her cracker well and truly, we'd find her at 2 in the morning just walking in small circles and you'd stick her back in her bed and she'd go back to sleep, she started to ask to go out when she had just...
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    A Buzzard ate my chicken!!!

    Made me laugh - 'killer birds eating cats, dogs and lambs' - what kind of buzzards are living in your area and where are they getting their steroids from!!!:p We have one at the mo who wanders about after our horses picking worms out of the hoof prints or even steals the chicken food and worms...
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    Where to find a bitch

    You're not sure wether he's been hip and elbow scored?! - not exactly something you forget, or at least your wallet forgets!!:rolleyes: If he's not health tested, and that means more than just a vet look at him!, then I would get his nuts off and buy a pup from a reputable breeder who has done...
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    Caucasian Shepherd

    I have one, called Bear, he'll be 3 in august, all I can say he's totally different from any of your normal breeds of dog, no matter how much experience you have with other breeds they are just so different! They are far far more independent for starters, not food orientated at all so forget...
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    Broodmares on a diet, help!

    Agree with Alec, I have friesians and a cob who just blob out looking at grass and every year is a struggle to get the flab off before spring, when I did breed from them before they retired they only got add lib hay/haylage and a vitamin lick all winter, no hard feed even for the last 3 months...
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    female pygmy goat won't stop crying

    My old golden guernsey used to do that, we had to sneak around the farm when she was in season otherwise as soon as she heard us she'd scream for an hour non stop, thing is she never really liked the billies but did have a thing for my old suffolk ram!!!:p
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    the sound of the wind and rain.....

    I don't feel guilty, I've had the barn open for years and they never go in it even in the worst of storms and when we used to put hay out (mine are all too fat at the mo to feed!!), and we live on a hill near the solway coast so it gets the poop blown out of it most of the year, so now they sort...
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    What weight rug are yours in?

    2 friesians and an old cob are all really fat so still naked and are on just grass and will remain so even if we have 50ft snow drifts and it drops to -30!!:D, the 2 TB's are in rain sheets as they also could do with loosing some flab before spring!!:rolleyes:
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    What beds do your dogs have?

    Mine are rough tough farm dogs.... yeh right - the sofa, or 3 sofas to be precise as there are 3 ridgies and 2 terrors - they have us well trained!!!:p My ovcharka has a toughie with vet bed over it, when he can be bothered to sleep on it, he's quite happy sleeping on the concrete in the middle...