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    Wintec Stirrup Bars

    Yes I have a brand new wintec 2000 ap. Have had it 2 months and I have exactly same problem !! I thought it was just me !!!
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    Snuggy hood/ heads

    Ooh thank u prices r v competitive!
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    Snuggy hood/ heads

    Ahh thank u. Are the snuggy hood brand best?
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    Best horsey memory of the fantastic summer!

    Awesome trip to thetford forest !!! I'm nervous rider but absolutely loved cantering up hills through trees!!! Had fab summer!!
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    How many horses did you view?

    1st!! Loved him and now had him 2and bit yrs. absolute star!!
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    Genuine rugging question...

    My boys does drop off weight wise even tho he's ish. But he's been in rain sheet, yesterday I put him in 200g with a no fill neck as he'd lost small amount of weight!
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    Snuggy hood/ heads

    Are these Any good? My horse really is mud monster of all mud monsters. Livery yard owner says he's always the muddiest and prob worst she's ever had!!!
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    Noo I'm in gorefield and we have a v friendly livery yard. Wisbech riding club is supposed to be v friendly!
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    Rug wardrobe!

    Uh oh... 1 rain sheet derby house 1 200g turnout with detachable neck PE 1 300g turnout with detachable neck PE 1 420g turnout with fixed neck derby house 1 light fleece rug amigo 1 400g full neck stable rug shires 1 exercise rug mark todd 1 sweat rug amigo
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    Wintec 2000 ap

    Yes I'm having that prob with thorowgood, gullet is good fit and that's where it ends really!
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    Wintec 2000 ap

    Ah thank u. Umm will be brand new as getting new style tree is mission impossible!
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    Wintec 2000 ap

    My horse is needing his third saddle in 18months due to changing shape.... Ekkkkk!! Only had brand new one in jan!! Anyway saddle fitter has recommended the above saddle (new one) opinions? ( I have thorowgood t6 which just won't fit :-()
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    ANGRY, buying online and delivery.

    This happened to us and we never saw a penny! Was delivered to totally wrong address :-(
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    Are you rugging your horses that are in overnight?

    Yes just lightweight
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    XC Schooling and a very pleasing Hunter Trials Report! Vids & Pics!

    Aww enjoyed watching ur videos. He looked lovely!!!!! What an achievemt, I'd be over the moon with that!!
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    I've just killed a pony

    Omg u poor thing. Sending hugz
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    What a difference a good instructor makes....... Happy post!!!

    Having had a rubbish winter, felt as though riding was becoming a battle with my ned and had kinda hit brick wall. I then had car accident meaning I couldn't ride for two months :-(. I took plunge and booked for first riding lesson in well.. Erm.. Yrs... I actually felt sick warming up. But I...
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    Ebay purchase!

    I would contact the seller and see what response you get. If not satisfactory then report. This is why when I sell horse stuff on eBay I encourage ppl to ask me questions as ppl's opinions and exprctations can differ.
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    Outlyne body protectors - velcro

    I have one too and never had this problem
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    Little xc schooling session with the midget highland - cc welcome...

    Aw he looks lovely!! What a good little pony!
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    Snuggy hood sizing?

    Umm how big is ur horse? The one I'm looking at is in the sale!
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    Snuggy hood sizing?

    I am giving in with my ned, he is the muddiest horse I've ever met. Today my poor sharer couldn't ride due to my ned being covered in wet mud.. Even in his ears! This is becoming regular! So I'm looking at purchasing snuggy hood, how does sizing come up? My ned is 16.1 chunky draft x who takes x...
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    do dealers budge on prices or are they set?

    I got 500 off!
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    Online competitions... have you ever won?

    Nope never
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    dually headcollar shoeing problems

    Sorry above in error wrong thread lol
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    dually headcollar shoeing problems

    Erm never
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    How much money do you actually save by doing DIY...

    As per above my Full livery includes everything except riding, tack cleaning and rug washing. I am a shift worker so when I do have time off its for pure riding!
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    How much money do you actually save by doing DIY...

    Yes I have often calculated this. I'm on full livery for £70 per week which includes everything! I was previously on livery somewhere else and I found I was spending nearly same but more hassle of buying in feed etc
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    red fleece with gold?